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BECOME STRONGER AND MORE ATHLETIC FOR YOUR SPORT! Whether you are an athlete, a trainer or a coach, this course will teach you the main principles ...
2 total hours
Exercise Science, is one of the most important aspects in order to understand how the body functions and how we can use science to improve our trai...
2.5 total hours
Health & Fitness
Looking to Build a Rock Solid Core? Core Strength is the most important prerequisite for fitness, sports, and posture, and by training Core Strengt...
1.5 total hours
Coach Rod Mosby, currently #2 ranked Coachup trainer in Arkansas, has developed a course that makes learning to shoot a jump/set shot easy.  Over t...
1 total hour
Hello and welcome to PE Buddy’s Athlete Development Program!   This course is design to equip you with the knowledge to improve your per...
1 total hour
Athletes vs Regular People Do you wonder what separates athletes from the general public? What makes athletes move faster, jump higher, and change ...
1 total hour
In Sports Massage: Learn Self Massage and Deep Tissue Massages, Jorge explains how he developed his groundbreaking approach to long-term fitness by...
12 Lectures
34 total mins
₹39.99 ₹28
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