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Other Health & Fitness

Welcome to “1000 Touches!” My name is Bishoy. I am a skilled and experienced professional massage therapist with over 8 years of experi...
2.5 total hours
The information in this course is to to provide a framework for an in-house training program in oral healthcare settings, and to serve as a resourc...
1.5 total hours
Based on Dr. Sinclair’s Groundbreaking book, “Why We Age & Why We Don’t Have To”, not only provides the key concepts in...
16.5 total hours
Included in course purchase: hour video, 80 page eBook and an audio book. How to assess and treat sacroiliac joints, misaligned hips-low back and m...
1 total hour
Welcome to the Essentials course ​Great to see you want to invest time in a healthy, and peaceful state of being. In this 7-day course you will lea...
6 total hours
Welcome to the “Understand Research in Nutrition and Fitness for Health Coaches” course on Udemy! As a health and fitness coach, you...
2 total hours
The course aims at developing basic understanding about nutrition, its effect on human health and newer advances in food technology. This course en...
6 total hours
Health & Fitness
Every day we breathe over and over, and sometimes we have to catch our breath. But are we breathing right? Are we breathing with the maximum effici...
1 total hour
Do you struggle with the symptoms of stress and anxiety? Are you looking for a drug free, natural alternative? This step by step online course teac...
2 total hours
HAVE YOU EVER DREAMED OF BECOMING A PROFESSIONAL HERBALIST? If so, this is THE place to start! This online professional herbalist course includes t...
6 total hours
Living a healthy lifestyle is something that we all strive to do, but unfortunately it is not the easiest thing to do when you do not have anyone t...
37 total mins
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