This course is about using Google Sheets to analyze and understand systems around you. In this case, the lottery system. Google Sheets is a free sp...
1.5 total hours
Are you interested in learning how to design unique and memorable characters for games, comics, or animation? Look no further! This course, titled ...
4 total hours
Hey there!           Do you ever feel like people are too focused on the serious stuff related to ChatGPT and not having e...
2.5 total hours
Welcome and thank you for your interest in my course. Are you a regular Pokemon Unite player but aren’t sure what you can do to reach a higher leve...
1 total hour
CREATE LEGO CUSTOM CREATIONS WITH SIMPLE PIECES VIDEO TUTORIALS MOC = MY OWN CREATION In this course you will learn how to master building simple y...
5.5 total hours
Chess 101: Learn how to play chess for newbies Lets learn how to play chess. This mini course has been created to teach you the basics to learn how...
1 total hour
Prepare to dominate the battleground. Tanner “WhiteLiqu0r” Evans takes you thru the basic functions of playing PUBG, then shares his wi...
12 Lectures
3.5 total hours
Hi and welcome to this course. I’m super excited to be here teaching you all about Chess endgames. Now, why a course about Chess endgames? Most peo...
3.5 total hours
Within just 15 Min, You’ll have all of the knowledge required to solve your own 3×3 Rubiks Cube from any random scrambled order. This Co...
12 Lectures
30 total mins
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