Everyone has been hurt in one way or another. Few people are able to let that pain go so they can move on with their lives without the past interfe...
1 total hour
KUNDALINI REIKI (1-2-3 MASTER TRAINING) The course is accredited by the IAOTH, International Association of Therapist, which ensures that the certi...
2 total hours
Welcome to How To Draw DYNAMIC ACTION for Comics!! In this course we’ll help you bring your drawings to life! adding dynamic posing and actio...
3 total hours
The “Masterclass of Animal Drawing: Beginner to Advanced” is an extensive course that provides a comprehensive guide to drawing animals...
10.5 total hours
Enhance your drawing skills with this comprehensive course on rendering techniques. Our team of experienced instructors will help you take your art...
9 total hours
Welcome to Soundwave Healing Therapy! This is an Internationally ACCREDITED course on understanding all 10 of the healing frequencies that can be u...
11.5 total hours
From the Coffee House in the heart of London’s Coffee Culture, this is the complete coffee course from bean to cup and beyond taught by two c...
2 total hours
Welcome to the “Masterclass in Figure Drawing Techniques and Human Anatomy“! This course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of d...
7 total hours
Home Improvement & Gardening
Forest School and Woodland Pedagogy Diploma Overview and Curriculum ​ What will I benefit from this course? ​ Forest school education is based on a...
1.5 total hours
Esoteric Practices
Learn Self Hypnosis Practitioner Course Divided Into 28 Days Self hypnosis is a process where an individual uses hypnosis on themselves to influenc...
5 total hours
Do you want to learn how to design characters for games, comic books, or animation? Well, HERE is where you start!! Welcome to How To DESIGN C...
4 total hours
Make your meetings with your friends meaningful and take charge of your own social life. Sure, bars may be closed, but your new HOME Bar will soon ...
4 total hours
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