TikTok Marketing Strategy for Business: Beginners Guide

How TikTok Works and How You Can Use It for Your Business, Should TikTok be part of your video marketing strategy...
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How TikTok Works and How You Can Use It for Your Business
Should TikTok be part of your video marketing strategy moving forward
Step-by-Step Introduction to TikTok for Business
Getting started with TikTok, How to Use TikTok, how to create a video and lots more...
The Parents' Corner: What are its dangers and to how to protect your kids
Characteristics and Development of Self-Media Era
Why Your Business Should Be on TikTok
Brands That Will Inspire Your TikTok Strategy
Analyzing Your Audience and Competition
Creating Content for TikTok: Formats, Elements, Activities and Tips
Content Creation: User-Generated Content and Professional User-Generated Content and Tools
TikTok Hashtags Strategies
Introduction to TikTok Marketing
Building brand awareness
TikTok Marketing Strategies
Developing the TikTok Marketing Strategy
ASSIGNMENT: Your Turn to Be On Camera
TikTok Influencer Marketing
Introduction to TikTok Ads: Getting started, Types of ads, TikTok Ads Manager, Ad Campaign Structure
Create a Campaign Blueprint
Create an Ad Group
App Event Optimization (AEO)
Create an Ad + Creative Tools
TikTok Analytics: Native TikTok Analytics, TikTok pixel, Tiklytics, Pentos
TikTok Tips and Tricks: Ads Tips, Content Marketing Tips, Creating a brand community Tips, Driving Sales Tips
Simple TikTok Sales Funnel

This is the most comprehensive TikTok for Business course on the Market. It reveals all important aspects of TikTok Marketing Strategies for Business and how TikTok Works and How You Can Use It for Your Business. This course also answers the question: Should TikTok be part of your video marketing strategy moving forward.

There is also a Step-by-Step Section on how to create a TikTok Ads Campaign and lots more…

This course is perfectly structured, well organized, and well-focused.

  1. If you want to know How TikTok Works And How You Can Use It For Your Business. This course is for you.

  2. If you are still not sure, how powerful is TikTok and Should TikTok be part of your marketing strategy, This course is for you.

Please check this Course Description regularly because it will be continuously updated as the platform is changing every day.


  1. Introduction

  2. What is TikTok and Why Should you Care?

  3. How did TikTok grow so quickly?

  4. The emerging TikTok strategy: Global platform dominance

  5. Growing pains with AI-based platforms

  6. Getting started with TikTok

  7. How to Use TikTok?

  8. How do I create a video?

  9. What’s in the Home feed?

  10. How to search for specific accounts or videos?

  11. TikTok Direct Messages

  12. Your Profile

  13. What’s a duet?

  14. TikTok Livestream

  15. Virtual Items

  16. The Parents’ Corner

  17. Why do teens love TikTok?

  18. Are there parental controls?

  19. What are its dangers?

  20. What can I do to protect my kids?

  21. Characteristics and Development of Self-Media Era

  22. Who is on TikTok?

  23. First, Define Your ‘Why’

  24. Why Your Small Business Should Be on TikTok

  25. Brands That Will Inspire Your TikTok Strategy

  26. Other Success Stories

  27. Analyzing Your Audience and Competition

  28. Analyzing Your Target Audience

  29. Analyzing Your Competition

  30. Creating Content for TikTok

  31. TikTok Formats

  32. Supplemental Elements

  33. Additional Activities

  34. Creative Tips

  35. Content Creation

  36. TikTok formats and Tools

  37. User-Generated Content (UGC)

  38. Professional User-Generated Content (PUGC)

  39. TikTok Hashtags Strategies

  40. Start Tagging!

  41. Hashtag Challenges

  42. Introduction to TikTok Marketing

  43. Establishing a Professional Team and Improving Content Quality

  44. Clear Positioning and Promoting Accurate Marketing

  45. Integrating Channels and Aggregating Audience

  46. Reimagining Your Brand Personality

  47. Who Will Represent Your Brand on TikTok?

  48. Building brand awareness

  49. Personalities Need Brand Content

  50. TikTok Marketing Strategies

  51. Personality-Driven Strategy

  52. Performance-Driven Strategy

  53. User-Generated Content (UGC) – Driven Strategy

  54. Repackaged Content Strategy

  55. Message-Driven Strategy

  56. Cooperating with TikTok’s Web Celebrity

  57. Developing the TikTok Marketing Strategy

  58. Challenges / Hashtag Campaign

  59. Duet

  60. Scarcity

  61. Authenticity

  62. Community

  63. ASSIGNMENT: Your Turn to Be On Camera

  64. Your Turn to Be On Camera

  65. TikTok Influencer Marketing

  66. Choosing the Right Influencer

  67. Choose the Right Song

  68. Use The Right Tone of Voice

  69. Introduction to TikTok Ads

  70. Getting started with TikTok Ads

  71. Types of TikTok ads

  72. TikTok Ads Manager Introduction

  73. Ad Campaign Structure

  74. Create a Campaign

  75. Choose the Right Advertising Objective

  76. Budget

  77. Create an Ad Group

  78. How to create an Ad Group

  79. Ad Targeting

  80. Bidding 60

  81. App Event Optimization (AEO)

  82. Create an Ad

  83. Creative Tools

  84. TikTok Analytics

  85. Native TikTok Analytics

  86. Track Website Events with TikTok pixel

  87. Tiklytics

  88. Pentos

  89. Final Words about Analytics Tools

  90. TikTok Tips and Tricks

  91. TikTok Ads Tips

  92. Content Marketing Tips

  93. Creating a brand community Tips

  94. Driving Sales Tips

  95. Simple TikTok Sales Funnel

  96. Final Words

Hi everyone, my name is Dejan. I am a Master of Computer Science and Information technology, digital entrepreneur, and trainer of trainers with more than 50 international certificates in different areas of information technology.

Based on my previous experience, I have created this User-friendly Course so I can help individuals and teams to get better results with Digital Media Market.

This course saves money, and it is short and clear enough.

I promise you that I will not waste your time. We will be very productive and efficient. So let’s start building your digital presence RIGHT NOW.

Welcome to TikTok Marketing Strategy for Business Course




This is a short introduction to the Course.  Before you start, please check the description for the Course content, because it will be updated continuously as the platform is changing every day. Let’s get into it.

Before we start

If you want to know How TikTok Works and How You Can Use It for Your Business. This course is for you.

If you are still not sure, how powerful is TikTok and Should TikTok be part of your marketing strategy. This course is for you.

Please check the description for the Course content, because we will cover a lot of things here and I am pretty sure that you will get tons of value from this course.

IMPORTANT: Course content will be updated continuously as the platform is changing every day and you can access it since you will have lifetime access to it.

TikTok Introduction
  • TikTok Plays an Active Leading Role in Short Video Advertising Market. User profiles Are More Diversified, More Active, and Frequently Used.

  • Birth to the “Web Celebrity” Economy.

  • New Marketing Economic Model

  • Becoming one of the most profitable and downloaded apps in the world...

What is TikTok and Why it is so Important?

A lot of people have never heard of TikTok. A lot of Marketers that spend advertising money on social media platforms still do not know anything about it or the potential that it provides. That’s great news for you because it means that there is less competition for you to worry about.

How did TikTok grow so quickly?

The platform has taken a lot of people by surprise with its significant growth in such a short period.

What do you think are the main reasons for such significant growth?

TikTok Strategy
  • TikTok relies on AI technology in two ways...

  • ByteDance combines prediction-based AI and network effects on its vibrant multi-sided platform...

  • Advertisers and vendors follow with well-targeted ads and offer...

AI-based platforms Growing pains

Growing at breakneck speed isn’t without difficulties... Let's check them...

Getting started with TikTok

Getting started with TikTok

Every marketer wants a special channel to promote brands to target audiences. This is exactly one of the benefits TikTok brings. Through TikTok, brands can easily market products and services to their target audience by creating unique marketing videos to send their messages to potential customers.

How to Use TikTok

Introduction to TikTok’s main features: Video Creation, Effects, Messaging, Video Viewing, Profile Viewing, Livestreaming...

How to create a video?

Step-by-Step Guide on how to create a video on TikTok.

What’s in the Home feed?

The Home feed is the default tab that appears any time you open the app...

How to search for specific accounts or videos?

Next to the Home feed is the Discover tab. By tapping on that, you’ll see...

TikTok Direct Messages

You can access TikTok’s direct message system via the tab second from the right. This is also the place where you access notifications (like how many people have liked your video or, when someone is live streaming) and Direct Messages...

Your Profile

You can access your profile at the bottom right corner of the app, and there are many options for customizing a profile...

What is a duet?

What is a Duet and how it works...

TikTok Livestream

Characteristics of TikTok Livestream...

Virtual Items

Emojis in a TikTok Livestream work a little differently: They cost real money. You can pay for them by going to TikTok’s Settings and tapping on Wallet...

The Parents' Corner

The Parents' Corner Intro

Even though this course is for business, I decided to have one small portion of it dedicated to the parents because almost every businessman is a parent too.

Why do Teens Love TikTok?

Understanding why teens love TikTok can help as parents to see what is out there but also from a business perspective especially if our business is targeting a younger population.

Are There Parental Controls?

What is your option as a parent?

What are its dangers?

It’s impossible to mention all the things that might be considered dangerous. But here are the 3 most dangerous.

What can I do to Protect my Kids on TikTok?

We can do these 8 things...

Characteristics and Development of Self-Media Era

Characteristics and Development of Self-Media Era Introduction

In the Self-Media Era, short video covers different types of video content from life skills, clothing and makeup, IT Internet, outdoor entertainment, professional evaluation, and homemade short plays. The content here is mainly selected and published according to the hobbies and occupations of video publishers. Learn more about it n this section...

Who is on TikTok?

Who is on TikTok is important for our marketing plan, let's see who are the users...

First, Define Your Why

Your brand needs to have a ‘why’ clearly articulated if you want to see TikTok success. Learn more here...

Why Your Business Should Be on TikTok?

To help you give a better understanding of why you should be using TikTok we will go through these important points.

Brands That Will Inspire Your TikTok Strategy

There have been several successful use cases already on TikTok despite the platform being fairly new.

Analyzing Your Target Audience and Your Competition

Researching your target audience and your competitors will help you to understand the whole landscape. Here is what is important...

Creating Content for TikTok

Creating Content for TikTok

Here are the basics of content creation on TikTok...

Creative Tips

Figuring out what to post on TikTok to earn audience engagement can be intimidating. But TikTok makes it easy for any user to create content and to start to build their brand intentionally, and through experimentation and optimization. Learn more in this lecture...

Content Creation

The key to creating popular TikTok videos, as with any other type of marketing, is to create content that will hook the interest and engage your viewers.  Learn more in this lecture...

TikTok Formats and Tools

If you aren’t a video pro and don’t have one on your staff – have no fear. One of the appeals of TikTok is that users create organic video content that they generally edit themselves. It’s meant for users from all levels of video experience.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

One of the best organic strategies any brand can use on TikTok is to get the platform’s users to create and share content for them, which is referred to as user-generated content. Learn more...

Professional User-Generated Content (PUGC)

Casual entertainment now requires a team of professionals who can balance fun and influencer management, and one of the best ways to do this is by using PUGC marketing.

TikTok Hashtags Strategies

Like most other social platforms, TikTok allows its users to tag their content with hashtags. The practice of hashtagging is most commonly seen on platforms like Twitter and Instagram, however, hashtags can also be used on Facebook, LinkedIn, and, of course, TikTok.

Hashtag Challenges

Currently one of the most effective hashtagging strategies on TikTok is to create a hashtag challenge for your followers. Essentially, these challenges are the way that brands can get their followers to create and share user-generated content for them. Learn more about it here...

Introduction to TikTok Marketing

TIKTOK MARKETING - Establishing a Pro Team and Improving Content Quality

Welcome to the new Section of this course, Introduction to TikTok Marketing. As you can see, different sections, different background colors. And of course a different shirt. I am just kidding, let’s keep going with the course.

Clear Positioning and Promoting Accurate Marketing

The target users of TikTok, currently are young people who like music and a short video. The group has a superior life, independent. Through the accumulation of fans in the early stage, TikTok will turn the brand effect and traffic into resources of other brand marketing communication. Learn more here...

Integrating Channels and Aggregating Audience

This type of marketing activity plays an important role in enterprise marketing strategy, and it is an important part of the enterprise marketing mix.

Reimagining Your Brand Personality

Reimagine Your Brand Personality in this lecture...

Who Will Represent Your Brand?

There are a few choices when choosing the right personality that represents your brand.

Building Brand Awareness

These are the ways to let people know about you on TikTok.

Personalities Need Brand Content

Brand personalities can create every single post on their own. But they need material, videos, and photos to start—the core stories that are important to your brand. How to automate this process?

TikTok Marketing Strategies

TikTok Marketing Strategies

Let’s talk about concepts you can start with.

Personality-Driven Strategy

Many organizations have their brand reins over to individual creators, letting their unique personalities drive the content sending the brand’s messaging in all kinds of different ways. This approach works well for brands seeking to truly humanize themselves and make their message more relevant to TikTok’s younger audience.

Performance-Driven Strategy

If you’re looking to activate a group of brand advocates to extend social proof and reach new audiences, using TikTok challenges could be the right approach. Depending on how the challenge’s ‘act’ is constructed, promoted, and executed, it can and should reflect the brand’s personality.

User-Generated Content (UGC) - Driven Strategy

Many organizations have built their TikTok audience around a growing collection of user-generated content that they’ve organized. Selection and sharing of other creators’ content that is on-brand is a popular approach (as long as appropriate attribution is given).

Repackaged Content Strategy

For brands that find it harder to create original content for TikTok, a repackaged content strategy can make sense. Repackaging means compiling or re-editing existing media to make it more fun, shorter, snappier, and better suited for a younger audience.

Message-Driven Strategy

For brands that are already established on TikTok but haven’t seen tremendous success, it may be time to activate around a single, specific message.

Cooperating with TikTok's Web Celebrity Strategy

TikTok web celebrity refers to users who often post short videos on TikTok and have a certain number of fans. They are called TikTok web celebrities.

The first way of cooperation with TikTok's web celebrity is customization...

Developing the TikTok Marketing Strategy

Developing the TikTok Marketing Strategy

With creative teens as its fuel, TikTok is an engine that’s driving hit songs, products, and marketing campaigns. Let's try to develop your first TikTok Marketing Strategy together.

Challenges - Hashtag Campaign

TikTok is full of challenges as we saw in the previous lectures. Creating a challenge is a great way to spread brand awareness and encourage engagement.


This feature enables you to record yourself beside another person, reacting to what he or she is saying, showing, or singing.


Stitch allows users the ability to clip and integrate scenes from another user's video into their own.


Creating scarcity in your marketing efforts is vital in encouraging participation and engagement. If your partner has no time constraint to complete a task, he is less likely to ever do it.


If you’re planning to do something viral, it needs to be an extremely high level of authenticity or you will be avoided by the TikTok community.


TikTok community is very important because no matter which type of marketing strategy you choose, it should not just be a single challenge or use of influencer but you should be building a presence on the platform and a community around your product/service/brand.

ASSIGNMENT: Your Turn to Be On Camera
Again ASSIGNMENT: Your Turn to Be On Camera

Your assignment is to record a couple of videos, pick one that you think is the best one, add some music and some special effects and share it to students' Q&A section and wait for the personal feedback for me and our community.

Your homework, build your creator skills by creating new TikTok videos every day. So I want you to record it, and then I want you to watch it. And try to figure out what did you like and what do you not like. And on the next day, try to avoid things that you didn’t like yesterday or the day before. Also, for every new video, try to add a tiny improvement. Do this for 30 days.

Publish your result in the Q&A Section or in this FB Group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1599780080214795

TikTok Influencer Marketing

Of course, like other social channels, influencers on TikTok and can help promote your campaign to millions of their followers. Authenticity and determining the piece of content is a critical factor when picking an influencer.

Introduction to TikTok Ads and Placements

Introduction to TikTok Ads and Placements

Introduction to TikTok Ads and TikTok Placements. In the resource section, please check 2 important documents.

Getting started with TikTok Ads

Types of TikTok Ads in detail.

TikTok Ads Manager Introduction

TikTok Ads Manager provides powerful tools for you to launch campaigns, manage ad resources, monitor data, and optimize your advertising. Let's see him in detail.

Ad Campaign Structure Introduction

Understanding how your campaigns are structured will help you better set up target audiences, allocate your budget, and design „creative“.

Campaign Structure

Learn more about Campaign Structure in this lesson

Importance of Ad Groups

An ad group contains one or more ads that share similar targets. You can use ad groups to organize your ads by a common theme, such as the types of products or services you want to advertise. Learn more here...

Ad Structure

Learn more about Ad Structure here...

Create a Campaign

Now, let’s see how to properly set up your campaign.

General Marketing Objectives

Before you create an ad, now is the time to decide what your business goals are. Your advertising objective is what you want people to do when they see your ads, so selecting the right objective is extremely important for the campaign.

TikTok Marketing Objectives

Here on TikTok, all objectives fall under three categories: awareness, consideration, and conversion. Let's check them all in this lesson.


Budget is the total amount of money you are willing to spend on running ads and can be a great tool for cost control.

Ad Delivery Type

You may choose between the "standard" or "accelerated" delivery types within the "Bidding & Optimization" section when creating or editing an ad group.  What to choose if you are just getting started...

Create an Ad Group Introduction

After creating a campaign, you will need to set up your ad group. At the ad group level, you can define your ad placements, ad details, target audience, budget, schedule, bidding method, and delivery type.

Create an Ad Group - Step-by-Step

Let’s check 6 easy steps on how to create an Ad Group.

Ad Targeting Introduction

Nobody needs convincing that targeting is one of the most important aspects of any marketing strategy, and by far – a key component of any campaign’s success.

Everything matters. The tiniest details that we tend to overlook can be the common characteristic of your typical customers, and thereafter – the cornerstone of your audience.

Ad Targeting options - Audience, Demographics and Devices

This way you can pinpoint the exact audience you want your ads to be displayed to...

Bidding Methods

Bidding is an important part of the overall ad creation process. There are various types of bidding methods available that depend on your overall strategy and objectives.

Figuring out which method is right for you can be a challenge, but it is important to take the time to understand all methods before running a campaign.

Bidding Strategies

Bidding strategies can affect both the way the system manages your daily spend and how your cost per result is calculated. Your choice of bidding strategy will help the system achieve your expected delivery outcomes.

App Event Optimization

App Event Optimization is one of those tools that help advertisers more efficiently acquire users who have a greater chance to trigger a selected event. Acquiring these high-value users is a key consideration for businesses when improving lifetime value LTV and ROI.

Create an Ad

Creating your ad is super easy. Upload your edited videos or images, or design eye-catching ads in minutes with TikTok easy-to-use video creation tool or you can use free software like canva.com

Tips and Tricks for Optimization and for Getting Started with Ads

Creativity is an important consideration when building out high-performing ads. You don't have to be a marketing guru or video editing expert to produce ads that capture your audience's eyeballs and grab their attention. Let's see these powerful tips.

TikTok Creative Tools

Marketers are figuring out that TikTok Creative Tools are an advertisement goldmine for their brands, and many of their campaigns have gone viral, increasing sales. I want to introduce you to 2 of my favorites.

TikTok Analytics

TikTok Analytics

When you are promoting your business on any social media platform you need to regularly check how you are doing. It should never be a case of putting content out there and hoping for the best. You need to know what is working and what isn’t so here I will give you a overview of the TikTok analytics.

TikTok Tips and Tricks

TikTok Tips and Tricks

Although TikTok is a fairly new platform several tips and tricks have already emerged through different marketers experimenting with the platform. So here you have the best tips and tricks for you to follow to get the most out of your TikTok marketing.

Simple TikTok Sales Funnel

Simple TikTok Sales Funnel

Even though this is not a real sales funnel, I would like to call it anyway because it shows 3 simple steps that we as marketers can do right now with TikTok. I have another course dedicated just to sales funnels so you might want to check it out.

Final Words and Congratulations

Final Words

Here are a couple more tips and guidelines.

So, I hope that you found this Course valuable and useful enough. Get started today with your TikTok marketing. I wish you every success in promoting your business on this rapidly growing platform!

Goodbye. Dejan

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