The Ultimate Painting Course -Abstract-Acrylic-Spray Art-

The only course that teaches you some painting styles, everything is professionally explained Abstract Art-Acrylic-Spray
Avi Pahima
468 students enrolled
We will touch on a lot of color types and learn how to draw in each of the styles! Acrylic, Abstarct, Spray.
We will learn how to create amazing paintings in acrylic paints and we will learn all the techniques are step by step
We will learn how to create art by spraying from 0 to professionals
We will learn how to cut a stencil using the unique method I developed. And you will learn how to cut any stencil you want without any problem
We will learn how to paint some very popular abstract paintings that practically sell themselves
We will learn how to create amazing creations in several styles in one comprehensive course!
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You will learn all the popular techniques that you see in viral videos – Puring , Painting with a brush, Painting with necklaces, Abstract painting, Spray Painting and more!

Come and become an artist in a few days and you will learn all the techniques in a variety of fields like acrylic and spray and start selling your paintings, hundreds of people who have purchased the courses from all walks of life enjoy learning and selling their painting within a few weeks without prior knowledge of painting

Come and purchase a new and exciting hobby for life, A hobby that will do you good, a hobby that gives peace of mind and lowers stress levels from your daily life. From experience.


In the country where I live I conduct creative workshops in acrylic paints and spray, each of the founders feels wonderful after learning all these techniques, the idea of ​​the course is to make accessible to you all the existing techniques in the world of acrylic paints so you too can set out on your own and create amazing creations!


I am absolutely sure that anyone who sees this course will greatly enjoy the quality of its photography, the course was produced with a company for preparing digital courses and the quality of the course is of the highest quality.

The course is in Hebrew but in art as in art you can only see the process and you will understand everything accurately! From the experience of hundreds of buyers from all over the world everything can be learned through these classes


Hey i’m Avi Pahima. I started painting from a very young age, over the years I developed in various fields of painting. I had a successful gallery in the center of the country where I live where I would paint paintings for visitors and even sell my paintings.


I have a digital store where I sell paintings to the whole world.


I conduct creative workshops for children and adults in the city where I live, I have a digital course in Hebrew that is sold all over the country where I live.


Because of all this experience I am sure that everyone who acquires the course will enjoy the learning process I created after a lot of thought.


I was able to create a professional but simple course where anyone can be a painter, no prior knowledge of painting is required. Everything is based on techniques only!


Painting also has many benefits such as relaxing from the stress of everyday life, developing new abilities, developing creativity and many other benefits.


Glad that now my course is also on this site and now everyone can enjoy these benefits and earn a new hobby for life!


Wishing you lots of success!

Welcome to the first motivational videos

Motivational video - Art and techniques in acrylic, That you are going to study
Motivational video - Spray Art, That you are going to study

Techniques lessons that will help us later

How to make any stencil we will want
How to create a star in a spray
How to create buildings by spray
How to create a moon in art
How to create the cloud stencil
How to cut paper in the most correct way

Abstract - Starting to create amazing paintings

Pouring techniques 1
Pouring techniques 2
Amazing and simple galaxy with acrylic paints
How to create 3 buildings with the help of spray

Spray Paint Art

How to draw your first star
Stars in different sizes
How to draw a wave in a spray
Sunset in the mountains
A star with a trick
Cool sunset
Summary drawing! Combining all the techniques, a cat overlooks space

Acrylic Painting

Amazing Flowers
Butterfly With A Chain - this paint can also be created with thread
A Wolf In The Mountain
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