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Tableau Step by Step Tutorial for Data Analyst

A Complete Practical Based Tableau course for Data Analyst from Basic to Advance Level.
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[Course Update] This course will be progressively updated (on regular basis) and we will try to cover all Tableau topics from basic to advance level, New videos will be added weekly or regularly.

Everyday quadrillion data is been added across the world, to manage that data, demand for Data Skilled professionals has been rising exponentially in the last couple of decades.

Tableau is a fast-growing platform for visual analytics, used by a variety of professionals including Data Scientists, Analysts, and executives for end-to-end analytics needs.

Learning tableau will be the smartest move in your career because among all other BI tools available in a market, Tableau standout as a No 1 BI tool in the world right now and Proficiency in Tableau can open up a range of career opportunities in data analytics, business intelligence, and data science not only that there is a huge demand and big job market available for tableau professionals in most MNC’s and in bigger firms. So to boost your career by learning Tableau Step by Step.

Why this course is BEST for YOU ?

The only real time practical-based course on Udemy that offers tableau step by step videos right from installation to exploring full features of tableau.

If you are looking for complete beginners to advance professional level practical based step by step TABLEAU course, you’ve come to right place. This course for those users looking to learn TABLEAU using real time practical based scenarios and want to take their Tableau skills to next level.

The course provides the complete preparation you need to become a data analyst or Tableau developer.

Our aim to fully prepare you transforming you into a job-ready Tableau developer through our practical based step by step videos.

What you get:

  • Complete Tableau course Basic to Advance Level

  • Active Q&A support / Query Solving Support

  • Access to new videos (Regular updates – Tableau  Advance)

  • Complete BI Knowledge – Become Tableau Expert

Tableau Installation, Features, Create first visualization, Grouping – Part 1

  • Chapter 1 : What is Tableau ?

  • Chapter 2 : Features of Tableau ?

  • Chapter 3 : Installation of Tableau Desktop/Public ?

  • Chapter 4 : Creating our first visualization & exploring user-interface of tableau, Data Source Page, Table Relationship, Sheets, Dashboards, Story, Side Bar, Shelves ?

  • Chapter 5 : What is BI, Dimensions and Measures ?

  • Chapter 6 :What is Data Blending ?

  • Chapter 7 : View Data, Data Types, Sort, Column Formatting ?

  • Chapter 8 :Saving Tableau Project and Publishing to Tableau Public Server ?

  • Chapter 9 : Live vs Extract in Tableau ?

  • Chapter 10 : Difference Between Discrete and Continuous ?

  • Chapter 11 : Understanding Aggregation and applying same in Visualization ?

  • Chapter 12 : Embedding and Exporting visualization as image, PDF, PowerPoint, Web embed?

  • Chapter 13 : Working with multiple fields, aliases, colors ?

  • Chapter 14 : Drill Down Reports using Hierarchies ?

  • Chapter 15 : Grouping in Tableau

  • Chapter 16 : Filter Cards using Conditions, Wildcards, Top, Top N using Parameter

  • Chapter 17 : How to create combined dimensions in Tableau ?

Create sets using Parameters, Joins, Create charts, Dashboards Drill Down – Part 2

  • Chapter 18 :- Sets by using Parameters ?

  • Chapter 19 :- Creating simple calculated field

  • Chapter 20 :- JOINS In Tableau

  • Chapter 21 :- Creating more charts : Scatter plots, Packed Bubble Charts, Pie Chart, Circle Views ?

  • Chapter 22 :- Maps with Lasso, Radial selections ?

  • Chapter 23 :- Creating and Understanding Dashboards using Floating and Tiled objects ?

  • Chapter 24 :- Drill Down Report using Dashboards ?

  • Chapter 25 :- Pages Card, Visual Animations, The Play Button, Annotations ?

Cross Database Joins, Filters, Interactive Filters, Data Source Filters – Part 3

  • Chapter 26 :- How to do cross database joins ?

  • Chapter 27 :- Filters by Measures and Date ?

  • Chapter 28 :- Interactive Filters and Adv Interactive Filters.

  • Chapter 29 :- Data Source Filters ?

Design Maps, Reference Lines in tableau & explain box and whisker plot – Part 4

  • Chapter 30 :- Designing World Maps.

  • Chapter 31 :- How to Design TreeMaps in Tableau?

  • Chapter 32 :- Reference Lines in Tableau.

  • Chapter 33 :- What is a Box and Whisker Plot ?

Create Gantt Chart, Waterfall Chart, Bump Chart and Funnel Chart in Tableau – Part 5

  • Chapter 34 :- Creating Gantt Chart.

  • Chapter 35 :- Waterfall Chart in Tableau.

  • Chapter 36 :- Creating Bump Chart.

  • Chapter 37 :- Creating Funnel Chart and Advance Funnel Chart.

Tableau Installation, Features, Create first visualization, Grouping - Part 1
How long do I have access to the course materials?
You can view and review the lecture materials indefinitely, like an on-demand channel.
Can I take my courses with me wherever I go?
Definitely! If you have an internet connection, courses on Udemy are available on any device at any time. If you don't have an internet connection, some instructors also let their students download course lectures. That's up to the instructor though, so make sure you get on their good side!
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