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Search Engine Optimization Complete Specialization Course

Enter the world of Digital Marketing with this specialized SEO course covering everything with practical examples
Khushank Raj Mahawan
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Search engine optimization techniques
Organic Marketing
Google search engine
Technical SEO
Content writing & Marketing
Off page optimization
On-page Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Keyword and competitor research
Lead generation

Welcome to the World’s best specialized SEO course ever.

The course cover everything from theory to practical with case studies and examples. This is the only course in the world where you woll also learn about the technicalities of SEO and how to handle them.

The content of this course is based on real world practices and checklists used by professionals in the SEO world.

You will learn about

Google Search engine

Google algorithms

WordPress development



Tools for SEO

On-page optimization

Technical SEO

Off-page Optimization

How to get a job in SEO?

How to start your own digital marketing company?


Welcome to Search Engine Optimization Complete Specialization Course

Hello, My dear students,

Welcome to SEO and Organic Marketing Specialization Complete course. In this course, you will learn about the following things:

  • Complete SEO

  • Organic Marketing Fundamentals and Advanced Strategies

  • How to rank 1 on Google?

  • How to start a career in SEO?

  • How to start an SEO and Digital Marketing Agency?

  • How to get a job in SEO?

  • Content Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing Strategies

About Me:

I am Khushank Raj Mahawan, founder of Computer Service Solutions. We provide web development, SEO, Digital Marketing, Educational & Cybersecurity services.

I am also the co-founder of Funday Bazaar, India ka Apna Bazaar

I am Google certified Digital Marketer and FreeCodeCamp certified web developer. I have done my specialization in SEO from the University of California, Dave.

Currently, I am mentoring students in the field of Digital Marketing and also helping businesses to grow online.

Understanding Google Search Engine

What is Search Engine with example

In this lecture, you will learn about the basics of a search engine with a simple and real-life example.

Working of Search Engine

This lecture is about the complete working of search engine. After watching this lecture, you will understand the steps involved in the Search Process. Every step is explained with the help of an example.

You will understand how the user gets results for their search terms.

Google Search Algorithms and Brandy Update

Google algorithms for search

Brandy Algorithm Update 2004

Panda Algorithm Update in Google Search

Learn about the working of Panda search algorithm

Penguin Algorithm Update in Google Search

Learn everything about penguin search update in google algorithms

Hummingbird Algorithm Update in Google Search

Hummingbird search update in search algorithm of google

Pigeon & Mobile Update Google Search Algorithm

Learn everything about the Pigeon Update & Mobilegeddon Update in Google Search Algorithms

RankBrain Algorithm Update in Google Search

Learn everything about RankBrain algorithm update in Google algorithms

Possum & Fred Update Google Search Algorithm

Learn everything about Possum and Fred update in google search algorithm

BERT Google Search Algorithm Update

Learn everything about BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) algorithm update in Google Algorithms

Search Engine Optimization

What Is Search Engine Optimization with Example

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique through which any website or web application can rank first on any Search engine without spending money or paid advertising. Understand everything about the same in this lecture

How to get your first client & start your SEO journey?

Getting your first client when you are a fresher isn't that easy, but this lecture will surely gonna help you to get one and start your SEO journey.

Different approach to start with for B2B & B2C Clients

When it comes to SEO, the way to approach a b2b or b2c client is very different. This video lecture will help you to understand that approach

Everything about Keyword Research & Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Research, One of the most important tasks required when we talk about Digital Marketing or Search engine optimization. How to find the best keywords for your business? How to use Google Keyword planner? Is there any strategy to do so? This video covers everything about the topic.

How to do the Content Research?

This lecture will help you to understand, How to do the content research for website

Website Design and Development

Make a Website using WordPress

WordPress platform is a content management system used to make websites. This lecture will help you to explore WordPress

Make a Website using Bootstrap

Bootstrap framework is used to make websites. It enables the use o pre-made classes for designing. This lecture will help you explore Bootstrap

Basic Introduction to Shopify

This lecture will give you an overview of shopify

Learn everything about Technical SEO

SSL(Secure Socket Layer) Certificate

SSL is Secure Sockets Layer. Protocol for web browsers and servers that allows for the authentication, encryption, and decryption of data sent over the Internet. This lecture will help you to understand SSL Certificate


The robots. txt file is a text file that tells web robots which pages on your site to crawl. Understand everything about robots.txt in this lecture


The Sitemaps protocol allows a webmaster to inform search engines about URLs on a website. Learn everything about sitemap in this video.

Canonical Issues

The canonical issue is an important issue that helps to deal with duplicate content errors. This lecture is explaining the canonical issue.

Google Search Console

Learn everything about Google webmasters, known as Google Search Console now

Google Analytics

Learn everything about Google Analytics in this lecture

Technical SEO Tools

Check out this lecture to know more about the tools for technical SEO

Website performance optimization using Google pagespeed insights

Website UI and performance are a very important part of Optimization and SEO. Most of the courses do not cover this issue. Check out this lecture to learn about the same

Learn On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO & Content Optimization part 1

On-Page Optimization is an important part of SEO and this video lecture will help you to understand On-Page SEO in depth

On-page Optimization & Content SEO Tools

This video lecture is about some of the best On-Page SEO tools which can help you to do On-page Optimization of any website easily

Learn Off-Page Optimization

Understanding Off-Page Optimization

This lecture will help you to understand Off-Page Optimization, examples, techniques, and many more

Off page optimization tools

You will get the idea of RSS Feed, how they work. Also we have discussed few Off Page SEO Tools in this video lecture

SEO Case studies

Case 1: Job portal & Google Search Console

This video is an SEO case study of how a South Korean company increased their website traffic organically by 90% using Search Console

Case 2: Concrete product company & On-page SEO

This video is an SEO case study of how a concrete product company used On-page SEO Techniques and increased their traffic by 150%

Case 3: Fluid handling b2b company & Canonicalization

This video is an SEO case study of how a b2b fluid handling product company used technical optimization technique and google search to achieve 700% increase in website traffic organically

Final Section having few tips

Final lecture

This is the final lecture of our SEO course covering a few important tips and things you must keep in mind while working for and with your clients.

Let`s Crack it!

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