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Strategies to manage your emotions in a workplace setting.

About The Course

Rewire Your Brain For Success & Personal Wellbeing is a science-based programme designed by Mindful Leadership Advisor & Transformative Coach Palma Michel, combining elements of mindfulness, neuroscience and positive psychology.

It is targeted at senior executives, high potentials and anyone wanting to ace their inner game to thrive at their outer game.

The course is designed to help you make your mind work for you rather than against you. You will learn how to manage your inner critic, drop out of worst-case-scenario thinking, rewrite the story of your life and gain strength from your past.

You will also learn how to use the power of acceptance to experience increased clarity and wellbeing. We will look at counterbalancing the negativity bias of your mind though gratitude practice and how to create positive images to help you navigate through challenging situations.

Who is Palma Michel?

Palma Michel advises organisations and individuals on successfully navigating the space of not knowing. She is a sought-after mindful leadership advisor, executive and life coach, mindfulness teacher and public speaker. Her global clients include CEOs, founders, philanthropists, start-ups, universities and multinationals. She also supports many clients who have been diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses or burnout.

Palma strongly believes in giving back and has been supporting a number of impact accelerators on a pro-bono basis. Her volunteering work with the mental health charity Mind and St Joseph’s hospice gives her a unique perspective on living life right now with purpose and meaning.

Palma’s first book The Authority Guide To Mindful Leadership offers simple evidence-based techniques to manage yourself and others and effect positive change during times of uncertainty. She is also supporting a variety of research projects that investigate the effects of meditation and peak states on overall wellbeing and mental health. Palma is the host of the Explorer’s Mind Podcast and her meditations are featured on two of the most popular meditation apps, Muse and Insight Timer.

Before making her passion her profession in 2013, Palma was trained as a lawyer, had a stint in strategy consulting and spent 10 years as a board-level head-hunter for two of the top 5 global executive search firms. She has 16 years of experience in advising CEOs, boards and investors on leadership and human potential issues.


What's In It For You & Why Managing Your Mind Is Crucial

In this initial lecture, Palma extends a warm welcome to the course and introduces herself. She explains why learning how to manage your own mind is key for performing at your best, while also improving your overall wellbeing. Using the example of a tennis player with negative self-talk who lost a game, Palma discusses how, for many of us, your biggest opponent is often in your own mind.

Course Overview & How Best To Use It

Palma provides an overview of how the course is structured and instructions on how to use it. You will get out as much as you put in, therefore the invitation is to try your best to give the course your full attention and really do the exercises/reflections. She also leads a guided reflection with journaling on your motivation for this course and your expectations.

Download the 'Workbook' supporting document.

The Power Of Thought

The Power Of Thought

In this lecture, Palma speaks about how we are creating our reality through our thoughts. She shares a surprising Harvard study on the power of the mind and invites you to a few thought experiments to demonstrate the power of thought.

The Negativity Bias of The Mind

Palma speaks about the in-built negativity bias of our minds and how that affects our wellbeing in daily life. She also speaks about the fact that uncertainty is very difficult for most people and shares two scientific studies from Harvard and Stanford that illustrate how well we are equipped to adapt to uncertainty and change.

Your Inner Critic

Do you have an inner critic? If you do, you are not alone and this lecture addresses the nature of the inner critic, including what it is and where it comes from. Palma offers a practical exercise to increase awareness about your own inner critic.

Managing Thought

Rewiring Your Brain & Saying Goodbye To Your Inner Critic

In this lecture, Palma offers an exercise on how you can actively work on 'rewiring your brain' and create new neural pathways to overcome your inner critic.

The Power Of Acceptance

Palma provides an overview of the power of acceptance for increasing your overall wellbeing and life satisfaction, based on a study from Deakin University in Australia. Palma also addresses common misperceptions when it comes to practising acceptance and introduces the 'STEP' formula, designed to help you "snap out of toxic mind states".

Exercise: Rewriting Your Story

Palma explains how the stories we tell ourselves about our lives can massively impact our wellbeing. She shares personal examples from her own life and those of her clients. As Steve Jobs famously said, "we can only connect the dots looking backwards, never forwards". Palma discusses how looking back can make us feel bitter or better, but ultimately that choice is yours. She leads a guided reflection and journaling exercise that invites you to look back at your own life and rewrite your narrative.

Exercise: Gaining Strength From Your Past

Palma invites you to reflect on moments in your life that were challenging, as well as obstacles that you have already overcome. The learnings and insights from these experiences can help you as you look ahead into your future. She explains that taking your attention away from catastrophising or giving your power away to external circumstances is the first step towards actively changing your future.

Gratitude Practice

Palma explains the research behind gratitude practice and how to use it to 'rewire your brain' for positivity and to counteract the negativity bias of the mind. She will also guide you through a gratitude practice.

The Power Of Visualisation

Palma shares a visualisation technique as a powerful tool to shift out of negative mind states in order to help you to move towards a positive future.

Summary & Conclusion

Recap & Thank You

Palma invites you to reflect on your main insights and takeaways from this course.

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