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Resume Masterclass – Professional Interview Magnet Secrets

Advance resume makeover proven tactics that gets you into every interview
Jong Sontze
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The 4 Proven Professional Tactics to turn your resume into an Interview Magnet.
Read the Hiring Manager’s Mind & understand what candidates are they looking for.
Find your inner talent and strength that matches the job requirements, even if you think you don’t have one.
How to structure your WORDS carefully that deeply connects with your future employer.
How to place many years of experience and qualifications into a Killer "One Page" Resume
How to make your Resume ‘Shine’ above the rest, even if you do not have any experience or great accomplishments.
The Story-Selling Secrets to write a cover letter that mesmerize the recruiter to call you for an interview.
Quantifying your True Value that allows you to ask for the Highest Salary.
The Actual Proven Secret that helps me land on my 6 figure income dream job, and how it can help you too.
Real Life Winning Resumes & Cover Letters Walk through and case studies
Get your resume done as soon as possible, so that you can start applying jobs now!!
There is no need to re-invent the wheels, use proven models and scripts.

Have you every wonder why your job applications never get through?

Your qualifications matches the requirements,

BUT weeks after weeks with NO phone calls or emails,

NO notification about the application status,

Not even a chance to go for an interview?

You have googled through various examples and tweak your resume numerous times, but with NO Success.

Eventually, we started to doubt ourselves:

  • Perhaps the working experience is insufficient

  • “I am not skillful or competent enough”

  • The Expected Salary was too high…..


There are many courses and books out there teaches on how to write a prefect resume,

What font size, style and margins to use, which words to underline and bold,

all the general rules and standard regulations,

& talk about all the common mistakes that people make…….


No One Tells You About:

  • How to think from the Hiring Manager’ Perspective

  • Identify the skills, experience, knowledge and talent that you never knew you had

  • Resonates the 4 criteria above to match the “INVISIBLE” Job Requirements

  • The insider information that the HR, recruiters and hiring manager won’t tell you

  • A Resume that helps you win interviews and gain better salary negotiation

  • The ONE Secret that helps me get promoted during the interview

Hi my name is Sontz Jon, i am the co-founder of DigitalQlicks and a self made millionaire who once worked in a multi-national conglomerate that helps me earn my first million income and a dream working lifestyle.

In order to get to this position, i had send out more than 500 resumes and get rejected over and over again.

One day, i asked some advice from my uncle who was a senior vice president of a large investment bank. After reading his resume, it gives me goose bump on how he can “KILL IT” with just ONE PAGE CV. I went on further to interview and consulted 37 friends and relatives of mine who was also a hiring manager of a company.  I even sat in one of the interviews to learn more about the psychology behind a hiring manager’s mind.

After months of tweaking and application……. Finally, Something Changed.

I got a phone call for an interview, then another, and another.

Job Offers Started Pilling Up. I had to politely reject them one by one for a few weeks.

As i moved forward with my career, i was promoted to become a hiring manager, as well as running a side hustle business as an entrepreneur.

Being on both sides of the table, i am able to reflect the internal secrets about hiring resources that was not found elsewhere.

Recently i had also helped 50 of my students get the dream jobs they ever wish for after getting laid off during the COVID19 pandemic.

Therefore, in order to helped more people, the RESUME MASTERCLASS – PROFESSIONAL INTERVIEW MAGNET SECRETS  was created.

In this moment i knew that i had found the Ultimate Formula to Write Resumes & Cover Letters that helps you lands on the dream job

  • Even if you do not have a lot of experience

  • Even if you do not have an MBA or a Phd

  • Even if you are trying to switch careers or industry

  • Even if you have a GAP in your career timeline

  • Even if you assume you do not have any great accomplishment worth mentioning

This will get you the One Shot towards your dream job interview or Money Back Guarantee.

– Stop sending 50 more resumes as if you ill get more response.

– Stop blaming about the economy or the government

– Stop feeling that you have insufficient qualification just because the first few application does not turn out right.

If you want to stand out against 500 other applicants who has more than 10+ experience than you,

Get a call for an interview, get paid more

and have a great future career ahead, then now is the time to enroll for this course!!

The Secrets of a Perfect Resume

What does the Hiring Manager wants to see in a Resume?

Welcome to the Resume Masterclass - The Professional Interview Magnet Secrets. I shall reveal the true secrets behind the mind of a recruiter, and how to present your best that matches the job criteria.

Resume Secret 1: Company Deep Research

Discover the secret techniques from the world class market researchers to dig into the details of a company so that you have the upfront information before writing your resume and cover letter.

Resume Secret 2: The "Mini Skirt" Strategy

How to write a short and concise sentences that resonates with the hiring manager's mind, uncover the truth behind each recruiter's inner desire and intention.

Resume Secret 3: "One Page" Killer Resume

Learn the simple strategies of how to compress 10-20 years of experience into a single page that irresistibly draws the hiring manager's attention in 10 seconds, and make the recruiters couldn't wait to call you for an interview.

Resume Secret 4: CV Bullet Point Copy Formula

A proven method that helps more than 500 students write an irresistible outstanding bullet point resume copy. A formula that will completely transform your first impression.

Resume Example Walk Through

Search Your Inner Talent & Cover Letters

What is a perfect Cover Letter?

Should you write a cover letter? How to make it really matters to the recruiters instead of being another pile of papers? Find out more.

Define your USP (Skill, Knowledge, Experience & Talent)

In this lecture, i shall reveal the techniques of how a hiring managers choose a candidate, so that you can position yourself accurately and out-stand among the other applicants.

Turn Boring Cover Letter into Engaging Write Ups

Studies shown that only 17% of  the recruiters ever bother reading cover letters, but in this video i am going to show you how to be an exception, and write a cover letter that makes readers eagerly wants to know more about you!!

How to Write With Confidence?

How a simple sense of confidence can provide a re-assurance that they have found the right fit, without being manipulative or telling lies.

Cover Letter Example Walk Through

Finishing Touches & Future Polishing

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