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Key to Lasting Change
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How to overcome anxiety
How to overcome depression
Unlock your full potential
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I’ve found a hack not many in the personal development space are talking about. I’ve discovered the most efficient and effective way to overcome anxiety, depression and unlock your full potential. What I teach in this course can be used for Stress relief, building happy and lasting relationships, become your true authentic self, release fears and limiting beliefs. I reveal a shocking discovery that not many in the self help movement are talking about. I make some very bold claims backed by several years of research and most importantly, I’ve tested on my self and have had life changing results. I’ve made this simple so suitable for all levels.

This course will save your years of using the wrong tool for the job and will explain in simple terms why and how to raise your vibration,

Years of study has gone into this and might be the best investment you’ve ever made.

Key to Lasting Change - Part 1


Welcome and thank you for taking time to complete this course, the videos are designed to be watched in order, please do not skip through,

The videos are short and precise so if you skip through you could potentially miss a lot of valuable information,

Several years of experience have been condensed into a course suitable for all levels, to get the most from it, I highly recommend you watch all the lectures at least 3 times, apply the things taught here for a least a week then return and watch the cause again,

Here's an introduction of what to expect


Please take time to read and understand disclaimer in this lecture

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4. Medical or psychological assistance

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My Story

A bit detailed intro, here I explain my experience, what drove me to make this course and a bit about myself

I've tried and tested everything I discuss in this course and went through the trouble of working out what works and what doesn't,

All my efforts have come down to this course,

Current Paradigm

In this lecture we examine our current sets of beliefs, where we are now and what we as society have come to believe.

We need to set our starting point before setting off on a journey,

Where we are now??

My Journey to discovery

In this lecture I explain things I tried on my journey to discovering what I teach in this course

I've tried using will power and force to change and found it very difficult,

It was like swimming upstream,

Through trying and falling so many times, I eventually obtained and applied the knowledge I go through in this course,

Key to Lasting Change - Part 2


It is very easy to doubt or discount what I'm about to discuss in coming lectures,

I've included this as I used to be very left brain myself so I know there are others out there,

We live in a very materialistic society and easy to miss the wonders in plane sight,

I've included a few examples here just to get you inquisitive, curious and examine how logic is a hindrance as not all things are easily explained,

Neglected Power

Everything we've covered so far has been a build up to what I'm about to share in this lecture,

Remember, the main aim is not to debate any of the things I say here but to actually experience them yourself,

I go through facts and will go through how to apply these in coming lectures 

Cool Down

I know the previous lecture was a lot to take in, rather than go straight in to the next one, I've dedicated this for us to cool down and discuss some points from the previous lecture,

I can not stress enough that the course is experiential not to be taken as another intellectual lecture,


We've uncovered our neglected power, while awareness is a huge step, we need to know how to apply this,

Transformation is only experienced if you do the work,

In this lecture I discuss methods how to apply the things we've learnt


Congratulations for completing this course, I hope you have learnt, applied and already seeing a positive change,

What this course gives you is a good solid foundation,

Do not stop your journey here, go forward and follow your bliss 

If this course has impacted your life I'd love to hear this, please leave feedback on this site or contact me via my website.


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