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Node.js Certification Training (beginner to expert) 2020

Master Node.js from scratch and become a Full Stack Web Developer (MERN and MEAN stacks). Integrate Node.js with MongoDB
Uplatz Training
5,697 students enrolled
English [Auto]
Complete knowledge of NodeJS technology
Become Full Stack Web Developers - MEAN and MERN stacks
Introduction to Node JS and Installing Node JS
Var Hoisting and Functional Scope
let and const, let vs const
Function Expressions and Arrow Functions
Default Parameters, Rest Operator and Spread Operator
String Templates
JavaScript Modules Export and Import
for... of loop
Objects and Object Literals
Destructuring Arrays and Objects
Global Objects, Exporting Classes and Functions, Promises
NodeJS Modules, Module Patterns, Shared Memory Modules
Node Package Manager (npm), Installing and uninstalling modules
How to generate package json using npm
NodeJS Events, File System, Inspector, URL Module
Installing Nodemon, Client and Server, Create a Server
Streams and Buffers, Pipes
Serving HTML Pages, Serving JSON Data, Routing in Node JS
Node Js Uploading Files
Sending Emails in Node JS
Node JS With MongoDB Database and MongoDB Cloud
NodeJS with MySQL

NODE.js – Course Syllabus

  1. Introduction to Node.js

  2. Installing Node JS

  3. Var Hoisting and Functional Scope

  4. let and const, let vs const

  5. Function Expressions and Arrow Functions

  6. Default Parameters, Rest Operator and Spread Operator

  7. String Templates

  8. Java Script Modules Export and Import

  9. for… of loop

  10. Objects and Object Literals

  11. Destructuring Arrays and Objects

  12. Global Objects

  13. Exporting Classes and Functions

  14. Promises

  15. Node.js Modules, Module Patterns, Shared Memory Modules

  16. Node Package Manager (npm)

  17. Installing and uninstalling modules

  18. How to generate package.json using npm

  19. Node.js Events

  20. Node.js File System

  21. Node Inspector

  22. Node.js URL Module

  23. Installing Nodemon

  24. Client and Server

  25. Creating a Server

  26. Streams and Buffers

  27. Pipes

  28. Serving HTML Pages

  29. Serving JSON Data

  30. Routing in Node.js

  31. Node.Js Uploading Files

  32. Sending Emails in Node.js

  33. Node.js With MongoDB Database

  • Connecting to MongoDB

  • Creating Database

  • Creating Collections and Dropping Collections

  • Saving Data

  • Selecting Data

  • Deleting Data

  • Updating Data

  • Querying Data

  • Sorting Data

  • Limit

34. Node.js with Mongo DB Cloud

35. Node.js with MySQL

Installation of Node.js and First Node.js Application

Function Expressions and Arrow Functions

Default Parameters, REST Parameters, Spread Operator

for loop, for...in loop, for...of loop

Node.js Modules and Module Patterns

Node.js OS, Path, URL Modules

npm, Package.json, Installing and Uninstalling Packages

Uploading Files in Node.js

Node.js with MongoDB Database

Connecting to MySQL Database from Node.js

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21 hours on-demand video
11 lectures
Full lifetime access
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