Learn How To Create And Make Jewellery: The Basics In Design

Create Incredible Boutique Quality Gemstone Jewellery To Sell, Gift or Wear! Perfect For Business, Friends & Family
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Jewellery Making: For Beginners
Learn to make unique boutique quality gemstone and pearl jewellery to sell, gift or wear.
Make 3 different types of earrings using wire and gemstones ( or your choice of bead) to wear, gift or sell.
Make 3 different styles of bracelets using 3 different stringing materials: 1 charm, 1 elastic and 1 beaded.
Make 3 different styles of necklace: 1 pendant, 1 floating pendant and 1 bold statement beaded necklace.
Inspiration for designs and secrets on making your jewellery standout.
Learn to create basic jewellery making components and how to use them in a way to create your own designs.s
Learn to make a boutique quality cohesive story of jewellery that sits beautifully together.

Welcome to this fantastic beginners online jewellery making class. Come join me in this class to master these skills so that you are able to unleash your creativity within. Once you start with the basics there is no end to where this could take you, there are truly so many benefits.

  • Learn to repair jewellery quickly

  • Create beautiful gifts for loved ones

  • Make yourself bespoke pieces in minutes

  • Create a jewellery business and work from home

It is so satisfying when you buy a new outfit and wish you could have a pair of earrings, bracelet or necklace to match or give your outfit that pop it needs. I cannot count the amount of times i have quickly whipped up accessories to wear for a special occasion or night out with friends, it is so satisfying that i have made them. Especially seeing the look on an admirers face when you tell them that it was YOU that made them. That always makes me smile and feel proud of myself.

Another skill this class will teach you is how to repair jewellery. We all have a few pairs of earrings that are missing a hook or a favourite necklace that just needs a clasp replaced. Well after this class you will be able to do exactly that and you’ll be amazed how simple it is once you know how. The only thing is you’ll have a queue of friends asking you to fix things!!

You will also be able to make inexpensive gifts for friends and family with your new skill. I have saved a fortune over the years by making my own gifts for my loved ones. Not only is this more special as it is handmade by you with your time and love, you can also personalise the jewellery too, to match an outfit or make a necklace length perfect for them using their favourite gemstone. It’s a great gift to have and to use it to give. It also means that you don’t need to fight the masses so much at the shops!! It’s a win win.

I must say though that my favourite part of being able to create your own jewellery is that you can live your love and work from home, whether it be a side hustle or launch it into a full time career. It allows you to chose your own hours of work, be creative, have flexibility with family commitments and to do something you love! Who doesn’t want that?

Jewellery making is a wonderful skill to have, practice and grow with so come with me and have some fun while i take you on a journey towards creative freedom.

You will learn:

  • How to master the tools

  • What components are

  • What a cohesive jewellery story is

  • About stringing materials

You will learn how to make:

  • Simple drop earrings

  • Dome stud drop earrings

  • Hoop drop earrings

  • Chain charm bracelet

  • Elastic bracelet

  • Clasped beaded bracelet

  • Pendant chain necklace

  • Floating pendant necklace

  • Bold statement beaded necklace



In this video you will learn a little bit about my journey into jewelery design and making.

Why did i start?

What inspired me?

How i improved my skills and learnt how to create beautiful boutique quality jewellery.

Important Course Information & Contact

This short description explains my availability for student Q&A.

Introduction to Tools, jewellery Components/Findings

Introduction to Tools for jewellery making

This video is an introduction into how we hold, use our jewellery making tools and what they are individually used for.

Time To Test Your Tool Knowledge.

Do you know which tools are used for what? This is so important as you could damage your jewellery or hands if you don't.

Introduction to jewellery Components/Findings

Here i will give you a brief run down on terminology used in the beading world and what we call various components. I have also given you a list of my favourite suppliers with links to their websites from Australia to America.

Do you know your components?

This will test your knowledge of jewellery components to allow you to easily identify which components are needed for my tutorials.

Basic Earring making Tutorials: Learn to create three different types of earring

Up Close Tutorial: How to create wire loops and eyepins.

Here is an up close tutorial on how to master those headpins and eyepins. We learn how to create loops, fix up mistakes and to create our own eyepins from leftover wire so we can save some $$$ and go and buy more beads!!! Yahooo!

Go Loopy making Loops!

You've learned a lot now, it's time to practice making loops!

Basic Pearl Drop Earrings

There really isn't a more classic earring to start with than a simple pearl drop earring. This will build the foundations to making all sorts of jewellery for your lobes! Come on be a Lobe Lover.

Basic Dome Stud Turquoise Earring Tutorial

How about it STUD? Isn't that what Sandra Dee said to Danny? We all love a stud......I'm talking earrings here guys, come on stay with me. Here we learn to create another way to adorn our lobes with beautiful things. Once you've mastered this you can go forth and unleash your imagination.

Basic Silver Turquoise Hoop Earring Tutorial

Last but not least here we have a fantastic way of creating an earring that has proved ever so popular across the ages. A classic hoop, the best part about these beauties is that you can keep the hoop and just keep creating your own drop and swap them any day or time to match your outfit. I LOVE the versatility of this design. I hope you do too.

Woahhhhhh check you out! Lets recap your new earring making skills.

In this short lecture let's do a quick recap of everything you've learned!

Bracelet Jewellery Tutorials

Simple Bracelet Sizing Guide

In this brief lecture, I provide helpful bracelet sizing charts.

Up Close Tutorial: How to open and close jump rings.

After watching this up close tutorial you will have mastered the art of opening and closing jump rings, a basic move but a necessary one.

Up Close Tutorial: How to use crimps and end your bracelets.

Here we have another up close tutorial where we learn how to end a beaded tiger tail necklace. Again once this is learn you can create chokers, lariats, opera length necklaces, flappers, GOOGLE all of those you won't be disappointed.

Practice your crimping, adding your wire protectors, attaching your clasps.

You've learned a lot to this point, it's time to practice!

Basic Elastic Bracelet Tutorial: Learning how to knot

Here is a step by step guide on how to make an easy elastic stretch bracelet BUT this is no boring elastic bracelet. This is a beauty that any lucky lady would want to wear and once the knot is mastered there will be no stopping you.

Beaded Pearl Bracelet with coin charm Tutorial

This tutorial is a perfect starter as it is a simple classic pearl piece BUT when altered to your choice of beads is limitless. It's a great place to start and create something classic with a removable charm. Customers love jewellery that is versatile.

Chain Charm bracelet with feature clasp tutorial

This really is such a simple bracelet to make. If you needed to accessorize an outfit in less than 15mins this is the bracelet for you. Chain, a striking clasp and a unique charm and your ready to strut your stuff! The amount of times i have whizzed up one of these before going out ......

Bracelet Conclusion: The love for Arm Candy begins.

In this short lecture, we'll conclude the bracelet portion of the course.

Basic Necklace Tutorials: Learn how to make three different styles of necklace.

Necklace Sizing guide

In this lecture, I provide necklace length information.

How to create a unique chain pendant necklace in less that 15 minutes

In this tutorial you will learn to make this beautiful turquoise feature pendant on a simple chain. The simplicity of the pendant teaches students how easy it is to make their own pendants and then they can become creative in their own way.

How to create a beautiful faceted gemstone floating pendant in 15 minutes

For this tutorial all you need is a glorious piece of gemstone to steal the limelight and you can create a beautful floating gemstone necklace for yourself , a friend or to sell. The options are only limited by your imagination.

Create a bold chunky statement necklace that will wow everyone

Where do i start with this incredible statement piece!! Probably one of my all time favourite pieces. It's a real show stopper. Made all different types of beads and components, it's a great way to use up those odds and ends that you have at home in your beading stash. This really shows you can make something spectacular from leftovers!!

String Materials Overview: Learn about Tiger Tail and different Elastics

This is an in depth guide to all different Beading wires i.e. tiger tail and beading elastics. Here students will learn what tiger tail is made from and all about the dimensions and how to understand them.

They will also learn about all the different types of beading elastics so they are able to select for themselves what works best for them.

Necklace Conclusion: Welcome to your new bead life.

In this short lecture, we'll conclude the necklace portion of the course.

Closing Notes & Thank You

Closing Notes & Thank You

A few closing notes from me and a thank you!


In this lecture, I'll provide some extra special bonuses for my students!

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