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Google Ads: Avoid pitfalls & Optimize your campaigns

Learn how to avoid bad settings recommended by Google Ads. It's time to stop wasting your budget
Margaux Rouault
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How to choose the good campaign settings upon creating it
How to improve your KPIs on Google Ads (Quality score, CTR, CPC, impressions, conversion rate, CPA)
How to audit your own Google Ads account in order to optimize it
How to optimize your budget towards useful spending

In this 60 minutes class, you will learn how to avoid traps on Google Ads and how to improve your KPIs in order to optimize your campaigns.

Are you looking to launch campaigns on Google Ads but you are scared to make the wrong choices? Did you have a bad experience on Google Ads but don’t know what went wrong? Are you a marketing professional looking to improve your skills? This class is for you.

As a digital marketing consultant with over five years of experience on Google Ads, I can tell you that even junior marketers have already done these mistakes. The thing is, Google Ads recommends some settings that are a really REALLY bad idea if you want to keep a tight control over your campaigns. Unfortunately, when you don’t know that they exist, it would only be through luck that you would avoid those pitfalls.

After having taken this class, you will be able to review your campaigns settings for any problems on your own and you will be able to optimize all your KPIs.

So, if you’re a business owner and you want to learn how to not waste your budget on Google Ads, this class is for you. If you’re a marketing professional and you’re looking for new ways to optimize your campaigns, I will also have some tips for you.

What you WON’T learn in this class

  • Step by step videos on how to create an account or a campaign on Google Ads online platform

  • How to create a campaign from A to Z

  • How to create ad copy and ad extensions

  • How to set up the conversion tracking

  • How to choose a landing page

  • How to use bidding strategies

What you WILL learn in this class

  • The settings you should know about when creating a campaign or when managing one

  • The most common mistakes made on Google Ads and how to correct them

  • Improving your KPIs (Quality score, CTR, CPC, impressions, conversion rate and CPA)

  • My opinion about some choices over others

  • + a PDF of all the solutions to improve your KPIs

  • + a complete list of generic keywords to add on your own campaigns

What you will need

  • Unless you have very good eyes, I would advise watching this class on a bigger screen than your smartphone’s

  • Basic knowledge of Google Ads (it’s an advertising platform where businesses bid on keywords to make their ads appear. There you go)

  • You don’t need a Google Ads account



Avoid pitfalls on Google Ads

Introduction to this section

Introduction to "Avoid pitfalls on Google Ads".

Target the Search network

Make sure that you are targeting the right network for your search campaign.

Target location options

Target location options are traitorous, so beware! Check that everything is in order today on your own campaigns.

Manage your devices

Managing your devices depends on the type of business you run (work for). Make sure to review your cost in the device report.

The problem with Broad match

Broad match is the widest match type and the most dangerous if you don't know how to use it.

Introduction to negative keywords

Introduction to the negative keywords:

  • What are they?

  • How to find them?

Make use of the negative keywords

Learn how to exclude irrelevant keywords (theory) and grab your free list of generic negative keywords I'm providing you with.

Make use of the negative keywords - Step by step

Learn how to exclude irrelevant keywords step by step on the platform. Learn the two methods to do so.

Exclude even more irrelevant traffic

Do you want to exclude even more irrelevant traffic? You will wonder why you didn't think about that earlier.

Final thoughts

Final thoughts about "Avoid pitfalls on Google Ads".

Avoid pitfalls on Google Ads

In this first quiz, I ask you 4 questions, based on every lesson so far. No stress, no rush, I'm only trying to help you check with yourself that you understood every topic in this section.

Good luck!

Improve your KPIs

Introduction to this section

Introduction to "Improving your KPIs".

Improve your Quality Score
Improve your CTR
Improve your average CPC
Improve your average position
Improve your impressions - Campaign level
Improve your impressions - Keyword level
Improve your conversion rate
Additional - Blink landing page
Improve your CPA
Final thoughts

Final thoughts about "Improving your KPIs". Don't forget to download the complete list of solutions to use in order to improve your metrics!

Improving your KPIs

This is the last test, the one you need to take to check with yourself that you understood every concept we talked about in this class.

4 questions.

Ready, steady, go!

Manage your Brand

Introduction to Managing your Brand

Introduction to "Manage your brand".

Should you bid on your brand's name as a keyword?

Bidding on your brand's name or not is all about the strategy you choose. In this lesson, I will try to give you pointers as to when you should bid on your brand.

Isolate your brand from your other campaigns

Learn how your brand should be managed on Google Ads. There is ONE right method and it's the one I'm giving you. No more wasted budget, no more brand's incidents.

Develop your branded campaign

Learn how to optimize your brand's campaign to add even more relevance to your ad copy.

Protect your brand

In case of attack, protect your brand!

Protect your brand - Useful resources

In this written lesson, you will find useful links in order to:

  • fill in a trademark complaint

  • authorize some advertisers to use your brand's name

  • learn more about Google Ads trademark policy

Final thoughts

Final thoughts about how to manage your brand or your client's brand on Google Ads.


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