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Customer Service Excellence: 6-In-1 Customer Service Bundle

Uncover The Secrets To Exceptional Customer Service & Enduring Customer Loyalty With Our All-Inclusive Mastery Course.
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Understand how various business areas influence your customer's experience, guiding you to make better decisions.
Uncover the 6 pivotal elements that create a fantastic customer service experience, enabling you to deliver top-tier customer interactions.
Learn innovative strategies to skyrocket customer satisfaction and make your business a favorite among customers.
Discover how to cater exactly to what customers want, helping you to attract a flood of new customers.
Become proficient at mapping customer journeys, enabling you to anticipate needs and enhance their experience.
Unleash powerful techniques to augment sales, accelerating your business growth to new heights.
Master the handling and resolution of customer complaints, turning potential crises into opportunities for connection.
Gain a deep understanding of why customer experience is the key to business growth and how to consistently improve it.
Implement ways to make your business more sustainable, both financially and environmentally.

Are you set to electrify your career or propel your business with unparalleled customer service skills? Your search ends here with our Customer Service Excellence Bundle!

This bundle has been meticulously curated to furnish you with indispensable knowledge, powerful strategies, and immersive hands-on experience, transforming you into a formidable force in the realm of customer service. Whether you’re a novice eager to learn or a seasoned pro ready to level up, this bundle serves as your launchpad to extraordinary success.

This course enables you to place your customers at the epicenter of every business decision, guaranteeing consistently exceptional service that not only meets but surpasses expectations, thereby distinguishing your business.

With us, your learning journey transcends conventional boundaries. You cultivate an in-depth comprehension of your customer’s journey, empowering you to deliver personalized and impactful service that leaves your customers feeling genuinely cherished.

We don’t stop at just that. Master the art of transforming obstacles into opportunities. From navigating the most complex complaints to converting critics into loyal advocates, this course fortifies you to handle any situation with poise and dexterity.

Whether your aim is to leave a lasting impression on potential employers, elevate your professional prowess, or propel your business to unprecedented success, our customer service bundle is your trump card.

Seize this opportunity to invest in your growth and future. Enroll today to step into the realm of customer service excellence, where every interaction is a golden chance to shine.


Course 1: Exceptional Customer Service
Course 2: Handling Customer Complaints
Course 3: Customer journey Mapping
Course 4: Customer Experience & Service
Course 5: Customer Service Standards
Course 6: Customer Retention Amidst Recession



In this introductory lecture, customer service expert Nigel Greenwood shares an overview of his 30-year career creating great customer experiences. Despite being a successful author, presenter and lecturer, Nigel mostly likes to keep things simple. He says it as it is, knows what customers want and loves making a difference.

A Warm Welcome From Your Instructor

Here, Nigel offers an introduction to Customer Experience and Brand Personality.


What Is Customer Experience?

In the first lecture of the course, Nigel lays the foundation by giving us a proper understanding of the meaning of 'Customer Experience' and explains why a good understanding of it is critical to success in business.


What Customers Want - 1: Make it Easy

Nigel explains why making sure your business is as easy as possible to do business with is a critical component success. He also discusses how viewing your business through your customers' eyes can be a good approach to understanding things from their perspective.

What Customers Want - 2: Set My Expectations

In this lecture we are told that a key part of the customer's journey is setting their expectations. We do this by making sure we let them know:

- What will happen?

- When will it happen?

- How will it happen?

- How long will it take?

- What will you do?

- What do I need to do?

What Customers Want - 3: Keep Your Promises

As in all aspects of life, trust is important. It can be difficult to earn and quick to lose. In this lecture, Nigel explains how pivotal is to be aware of which promises you are making and how you can make sure to keep them. He discusses two different types of promise, 'implicit' and 'explicit'.

What Customers Want - 4: Keep Me Informed

Customers want different things from you at different points in the customer journey. Being aware of this can help your business to properly engage with your customers, and ensure that you are building a strong relationship with them.

What Customers Want - 5: Treat Me As An Individual

As businesses get bigger it inevitably becomes harder and harder to engage with your customers on a truly personal level. This can often lead to a significant drop in customer loyalty and engagement. In this lecture Nigel explains how you can ensure to build a business that is based around customer needs as opposed to business needs.

What Customers Want - 6: Put It Right If It Goes Wrong

Every business has to occasionally deal with complaints, issues, problems and breakages. In this lecture Nigel explains how pivotal it is to ensure they are dealt with proactively and properly.


Summary & Final Thoughts

In this final lecture, Nigel summarises what we've learned on the course.


Why You Should Welcome Customer Complaints

In this lecture Nigel explains why you should welcome customer complaints and how they can help you make your business better. He also explains the three key reasons why customers do complain: 
1 - Price
2 - Product
3 - Service

How To Handle Customer Complaints

In this lecture Nigel explains how to handle complaints properly and how to turn a complainer into an advocate.

How You Can Improve Your Business Based On Customer Complaints

In this final lecture, Nigel explains how you can use the customer's complaints and the four key questions you need to ask the customer:

  • What do we do well?

  • What can we do better?

  • What else could we do?

  • How do you feel at this moment about doing business with us?



In this opening lecture, Nigel introduces himself and tells us what we are going to be looking at throughout this course.

Preparing To Map The Customer Journey

Before we dive into the 4 stages of the customer journey it is important to prepare properly. This preparation may be different depending on what type and size of business in which you are working.

The Customer Journey Mapping Workshop

In this lecture, Nigel tells us how to setup the workshop in which you and your colleagues map the customer journey. It is important to set out the objectives of this process and to invite the relevant people who are involved in the customer journey.

How To Design Your Customer Journey Map

Now that we know how to setup the workshop and who to invite, Nigel describes how to go about actually designing your own customer journey map.

How To Use the Customer Journey Map To Identify What Changes To Make
Delivering Change

Change can be difficult, but it's critical to success. Now it's time to capitalise on our the hard work we've put into the customer journey map and to really implement changes in our business.

Summary & Final Thoughts

Having covered the key topics of the course, Nigel wraps things up and offers his final thoughts.



A warm introduction from Andy, who explains what the programme is all about. He highlights the challenges facing businesses today when it comes to customers and increasing expectations.

What Exactly Is Customer Delight & Why Bother?

Andy introduces the principles of customer delight and why it's so important in today's competitive world. He highlights what this looks like and what it means for your business - and your customers. Download the 'Create Customer Delight With 3D Service E-book' supporting document.

What We're Up Against

This module gives you a chance to understand why customer delight is so important and to take time to evaluate the challenges you are up against when it comes to dealing with today's modern customers.

What's Involved, How Do You Measure Up & Prioritising Your Actions

Introducing the 4 stages of creating outstanding customer expectations. 1. Being Easy To Buy From; 2. Exceeding Expectations; 3. Dealing With Disappointment; and 4. Doing It All Consistently. You will use an assessment tool to help you see how you and your business measure up, then what steps you need to take to deliver those outstanding customer experiences. Download the 'Create Outstanding Customer Experiences With 3D Service Assessment Tool' supporting document.


Why 'Being Easy To Do Business With' Is Key: How 'Easy' Are You?

Andy poses the question 'How easy are you to deal with' and advises how to identify the barriers and blockages to excellent customer service in your business. He introduces the principles of the 'Sales Prevention Officer' - those things that irritate or annoy your customers and stop them buying/using your products and services - and helps you to eliminate them from your business. Download the 'Stand In Your Own Queues' supporting document.


The 6 Ingredients Of Customer Delight

This module introduces the '6 Ingredients Of Customer Delight' and gives you lots of real examples of what the concept looks like in a wide range of different businesses. Crucially, Andy provides you with proven tools and techniques to apply to your business. He shows you how to develop a plan to build 'Customer Delight' throughout the customer journey of your business.


From 'Delighted' To 'Devoted': It's All About Consistency

'3D Businesses' empower and enable their people to deliver outstanding customer experiences consistently and this module explores how they do this. Importantly, it provides you with processes to make it work for your business.

Spotting 'Disappointment': Maximising Customer Feedback

Even in the most customer-focused businesses, things can go wrong. How you 'deal with disappointment' says a lot about your business and it can have a huge impact on what your customer does next. This lecture highlights the benefits of having effective feedback systems, both formal and informal, and using them to spot and deal with disappointment. As well as introducing the principles and 'mechanics' of Net Promoter Score, Andy will share with you the 'one question' that will help you measure and monitor customer satisfaction. Download the '2 Questions To Ask Your Customers' supporting document.

Foster 'Devotion' Through Consistency

Andy brings the section together and helps you take a proactive approach to explore the key stages of your customers' journey. He takes you through a proven process for enhancing every customer touchpoint to create a consistently 'outstanding' customer experience and explains how to build it into the way you do business. Download the 'Customer Journey Mapping Tool' supporting document.


Creating Outstanding Customer Experiences With 3D Service Plan

Andy recaps the key challenges facing businesses and encourages you to revisit the assessment tool with a 'fresh pair of eyes'. It also offers a fantastic chance to create and shape your very own 'Creating Outstanding Customer Experiences With 3D Service Plan'. Download the 'Create Outstanding Customer Experiences With 3D Service Assessment Toolkit' and 'Develop Your 3D Service Plan' supporting documents.

Your Next Steps

Andy's concluding thoughts and suggested next steps, plus details of his additional courses.



In this lecture, we'll set the foundation for the course and discuss what customer standard services are and how effective they can be when implemented correctly.

Download and complete the Setting Customer Service Standards Worksheet.


The Foundations Of Working With Customers

In this lecture we will look at how you begin your journey to creating a solid foundation for your customer service. We we will also look at how this can be implemented in your business.

Download and complete the The Foundations Of Working With Customers Worksheet.

The Ultimate Goal

Here, we'll talk about the ultimate goal of ensuring your customer service standards are kept consistent and high at all times. We will also look at what different goals can look like.

Download and complete The Ultimate Goal Worksheet.

Why It Is Important

Here, you'll discover the importance of customer service standards and how you can ensure you have both happy and repeat customers. We will also uncover the importance of being consistent with your customers.

Download and complete the Why It Is Important Worksheet.

Getting Into The Shoes Of The Customer

Here we will learn the importance of putting yourself in the place of the customer to gain perspective on the service you would want and expect in their situation.

Download and complete the Getting Into The Shoes Of The Customer Worksheet.

Setting The Standard And Sticking To It

Here we will consider the most important points of customer service and devise a plan that will enable you to set customer service standards in your business or organisation confidently. We will look at how customer service standards relies heavily on the way you employees see the business and their role.

Download and complete the Setting The Standard And Sticking To It Worksheet.



In the concluding lecture, we will reflect on the knowledge and skills you have acquired during the course and how you can utilise them in real-life scenarios.



In this lecture, we'll introduce the goals of the course and discuss what customer loyalty means, as well as define terms such as economic crisis and inflation.

Download and complete the Introduction Worksheet.

Sustain Customer Loyalty

Here, you'll learn how an economic crisis affects consumers and some key buying trends of customers. We will also reflect on the benefits of "localness" and establishing your business's USP.

Download and complete the Sustain Customer Loyalty Worksheet.

Combat The Issues Your Business May Be Facing

This lecture will concentrate on the business implications and strategies for luring in new clients. In order to make your product or service a requirement for clients, we will investigate a cost-of-living business plan and best practices.

Download and complete the Combat The Issues Your Business May Be Facing Worksheet.

Understand The Struggles Your Customer Will Be Having

Here, you'll learn how the cost of living might affect customers. Moreover, we will look at buying trends and how businesses can effectively react to them. Here, we will identify buying trends and potential "cutbacks" that customers make to save money.

Download and complete the Stuggles Your Customer Will Be Having Worksheet.

Supporting Your Customers

This lecture will examine the best strategies for you to assist your clients. We'll assist you in feeling more knowledgeable about viewing situations from the perspective of the consumer.

Download and complete the Supporting Your Customers Worksheet.

The Role Of Loyalty In An Economic Crisis

This lecture will examine the reciprocal nature of loyalty, how it can be fostered and its social implications. We will discuss a list of ways your business can draw in and build loyal customers and demonstrate real-life examples.

Download and complete the Role Of Loyalty In An Economic Crisis Worksheet.


In the concluding lecture, we will reflect on the knowledge and skills you have acquired during the course and how you can utilise them in real-life scenarios.

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