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Bitcoin Trading Course: Cryptocurrency Never Losing Formula

Easy System for Bitcoin Trading - Always be on a Profit, or Worst Case Scenario on Zero.
Petko Zhivkov Aleksandrov
6,031 students enrolled
How to handle a losing trade and not have losses in the account
Build your account by adding every time $200 of profit and never a loss
Trade the Bitcoin - the most volatile cryptocurrency from any device with internet
Learn to calculate an easy formula for Bitcoin trading and avoid losses
Identify the trend of the Bitcoin and trade always within the right direction
Recognize the most important levels and learn when to avoid trading
Use price action to determine the right moment to buy or sell the Bitcoin
Take quick profits and avoid the long waiting on exchanges

Bitcoin trading course will teach you to trade the Bitcoin in both directions. You will learn to take profits when the price is going up, and when the price is going down.

In this course, Petko Aleksandrov – Head mentor in EA Forex Academy,  will provide you with the cryptocurrency Never losing formula that he has calculated for the Bitcoin trading and the other cryptocurrencies.

This formula can be modified for any trading asset, but it works just brilliant with the Bitcoin. No matter, you are a beginner or advanced trader or you do not have any experience in Bitcoin trading, and you are just curious about the cryptocurrencies that everybody is talking about, Mr. Aleksandrov will go through each step and show you all you need to know in details in order to trade cryptocurrencies and especially the Bitcoin without losses.

The Mentor will share a fantastic formula that he calls “Never losing formula,” which you can use to handle your losing trades with Bitcoin trading in a way that you will end up always on profit or worst case scenario on 0. Also, you will see live examples of Bitcoin trading.

In this course, Petko teaches a simple Bitcoin trading course using price action analysis, and with 2-3 simple drawings over the chart, you will know where and when exactly you need to enter the market.

What will you learn in this Bitcoin trading course?

  • the most critical levels for the Bitcoin price which improves a lot the trading

  • where and when you need to avoid buying the cryptocurrency to avoid losses

  • how to recognize the trend which is an essential part of the Bitcoin trading course

  • use trend lines and counter-trend lines as great places to recognize upcoming moves

  • the Never Losing Formula, which protects the traders from having any losses

  • trade the Bitcoin even when the price is going down and take profits when it gets cheaper

  • how to be on the profitable side in both directions by eliminating the losses

Petko Aleksandrov will provide you with many examples where he demonstrates the complete system. There are examples of a positive and negative market(long trades and short trades). Also, he shows with examples of how the formula should be used properly, and how to exit the negative trades in the worst case on zero.

“Buying at the right time and place, and taking your profit, just when the others are buying, will make you a winner,” says Mr. Aleksandrov in the course…

That is why in this course, you will see his Bitcoin trading course for always having $200 of Take Profit on each trade, which is just enough, according to him. 

Contents and Overview

This course is aimed at teaching traders how to eliminate the losses in their trading accounts. This way, adding even a small profit will build the account consistent with the time.

You will start with the basics of recognizing the major trade direction and using it as a filter for the entries. As well, by combining the trend with the essential levels as support and resistance, you will have an idea when you can trade the Bitcoin and in what direction.

You will learn about the trend lines as powerful tools that help to identify the upcoming moves. Also, the counter-trend lines give the trader great entry points, and you will see live examples with those.

So you can quickly start trading with this Bitcoin trading course, in the course you learn step by step how to analyze the chart and place pending orders on the right spot. This way, you will not wait in front of the screen for the moment of the entry.

By the end of this Bitcoin trading course, you will examine many examples for the trading system, which will help you understand better its concept and application.

Who is the instructor?

After the University, Petko Aleksandrov graduated from the London Academy for trading, where he developed his trading strategies with surprising profit. He was invited to stay as a mentor, but he decided to move on his own with cryptocurrency and algorithmic trading because he already knew that this was the future. During the last year, over 12 000 students joined his courses.

The Bitcoin trading course is a result of many tests and trading before it was presented in this online course.

Petko believes that the only profitable traders are not the ones that are the most knowledgeable, but the ones that are not greedy and have no fear to trade.

He established EA Forex Academy, where he teaches algorithmic Bitcoin trading to avoid the two feelings in the students – the fear and greed. Also, he has manual courses like the Bitcoin trading course,  where he depends on mathematically proven formulas and robust statistics and researches.

Make sure to practice the formula first on Demo/Virtual account before using it with real funds. It is vital to master the system.

Together with all his other courses, you will receive full support personally by Petko Aleksandrov within 12 hours.

The best thing – you receive lifetime access, which means that all improvements of the Bitcoin trading course from Petko you will have at the moment!

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee for the course if you decide that this is not the course for you.

We can’t wait to see you inside the class!

Enroll now, and get a better Bitcoin trader!



Learn what we will cover in this course.

Introduction to the trading platform

Which platform do we use and what are the costs

Course Bonuses

Bitcoin trading strategy

The trend with the Bitcoin

How to recognize the trend direction and learn to trade only with the direction of the trend.

Counter Trend Line

How to draw exacly the Counter Trend Line and how do we use it.

The Аggressive Counter Trend Line

Learn how to buy at cheeper price and sell at more expensive price.

Important levels with the Bitcoin

Learn how to avoid trading around the important levels or take advantage of them

Strategy Set Up and execution of the trades

When, why and how exactly we place the orders for the trades.


Let's do a QUIZ!

The never losing formula

The Never losing formula

Learn to stay only on the profitable side.

Live trading example

Placing the pending order

At what moment exactly you need to place the order.

Forming the mid zone with another pending order

Learn what pending order you need to place after the trade is opened.

Price close to the Take Profit

Learn not to touch your TP even you are close and afraid to lose the gained profit.

TakeProfit reached

See the final result and the influence of the swap on the result.

Live trading example 2

Placing the pending order

Trade example with the first counter trend line formed

Forming the mid zone with another pending order

Learn how to protect your trade once it is opened without using a SL

TakeProfit reached

See what results you can acheive with the Bitcoin trading system

Live trading example 3

Quick Trade Profit with the strategy

You will see a live example with a quick 6 hours trade.

Live trading example 4

Live trading example

See another quick Take Profit with the system

Selling the Bitcoin - Example 5

Short trade opened
TP reached


Strategy Update and Еxamples
Let's practice together!


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