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Adobe Illustrator for Mobile Game Art – A Beginners Guide

Create mobile game art in Adobe illustrator just by using basic concepts, essential tools and proven workflows.
Rafael Regidor
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Learn how to make mobile game art with Adobe Illustrator
Learn the fundamentals of mobile game art creation. From concepts and theories to real world applications
Learn how to use the right tools necessary for game art creation
Learn the best practices and workflows when making game art and speed up your workflow 10x
Have the proper mindset when creating game art, be a lot more creative and look at things from a professional artists eyes.
Create mobile game art with with no in-depth knowledge of Art concepts
Appreciate Game Art creation and choose to either make it a fun hobby or one of the best jobs in the world!
Use this real world knowledge for your App Flipping Business (graphics only)

UPDATE [3/1/2015]:





"I really enjoyed going through this course. Rafael doesnt just teach you how to use some important tools in Adobe Illustrator, but he also teaches you the right techniques to use these tools to create good looking graphics in an easy way…"

-Eli Solowej, Make Mobile Game Art Student

Making mobile game art is never hard. All you need is the right mentor who can cut through the clutter and show you the core concepts, essential tools and proven workflows you only need to learn in order for you to become a mobile games artist.

Have you ever wanted to create mobile game art?

Make vector game art for video games?

But you struggle or get overwhelmed because you think there's so much you need to learn?

Questions and doubts arise.

-What are the concepts you need to learn?

-What tools to use?

-What workflows actually work?

-Do I even have to know how to draw?

-You have an idea but you just can't seem to create it the way you want it? And mobile game art creation is a bit overwhelming to you?

It doesn't have to be this way. Learning illustrator and creating professional mobile game art is EASY!

There's just to much clutter being taught everywhere and it handicaps you to actually learn and create the artwork you want. If you want to make mobile game art, improve your workflows and implement best practices to your game art creation process, this course is for you.

No shortcuts, just pure real world workflows! You can actually have the result you want in the fastest time possible and still create professional mobile game art. I have designed the course to let you have first-hand experience and be more confident in using illustrator upfront and get up and running in the quickest time possible and start making your own mobile game art.

Just practical, proven workflows to a professional mobile game art, fast and top-quality art.


Give yourself a fresh new perspective in using Adobe Illustrator and making mobile game art in this beginners course now.

Save yourself from the headaches, clutter and overwhelming number of illustrator tools by only learning the core concepts, essential tools, workflows and best practices.

Take action because the one that get's the first hand experience in anything are the one's that learn best.

All future lectures to this mastery course are free – if you bought the course at the initial price of 99$ – you don't have to pay anything to get the new lectures.

And of course, there's a 30 day no fluff no questions full money back guarantee!

This course is mainly Adobe Illustrator for Mobile Game Art, but you can still follow along and use other similar software that has similar tools.

About this course:

  • Full, free lifetime access
  • The course would be regularly updated and more lectures will be added.
  • The awesome Udemy 30 day money-back-guarantee.
  • Regular free resources to fast start your mobile game creation journey.
  • Challenging tasks that let you validate everything you will learn in this course.
  • Full support from the instructor

Getting started

Introduction- About the course and how to contact the instructor

Welcome to the course!

And Congratulations on taking action and enrolling in my class.
You are sure to get its full benefits as I will lay down real world concepts, workflows and best practices in detail here. For the entirety of the course I will go over the concepts and tool you only need to know and start creating your own game art.
I will teach you from theory to application, from planning to execution and create professional looking mobile game art. You can follow along as I implement the concepts and workflows, and I will provide actionable materials and resources which you can use to practice every skill I will teach.

After this lecture you will be able to:
-Understand what the course is about and what it is not

-Know how we will go over the course and what to expect

Meet the instructor - Rafael John

In this lecture, you will get to know me and my creations.

How to get the best out of this course
Who is the course for

In this lecture, I will discuss why you are the best person for my course. And why everyone else should take this course. If you are a complete beginner, this course will walk you through the concepts and workflows. If you already know how to use illustrator, great! But I will still walk you through the course and introduce you to new concepts and workflows.

After this lecture you will be able to:

Understand that this course is for anyone wanting to make their own mobile game art or anyone who want to be more proficient in Adobe Illustrator.

What you will become after this course

In this lecture, I will go over what will be your new skills and understanding on making mobile game art. You will be efficient in using illustrator, skip through all the clutter and have full understanding of the only tools you need and that you can implement them right away after or even while you

Understanding the Core of Illustrator - The Basics you need to learn first

The core of Adobe Illustrator

In this lecture, I will introduce you to core of Adobe illustrator what to expect upon completion of this section.

After this lecture you will be able to:

Understand more about Adobe illustrator, and what are the concepts you need to know and have full understanding first before making your own game art.

Fill and Stroke - the building blocks of any artwork within illustrator

In this lecture, I will explain what makes a vector shape in illustrator. And why understanding this property will make you more efficient in creating mobile game art. And with this knowledge you are on your way to creating your first vector shapes, and eventually your first game art.

After this lecture you will be able to:

Fully understand what are fill and strokes and that shapes created in Illustrator are either a mix of both or created by each of this property.

The Pen Tool - Understand paths and creating simple to complex shapes

In this lecture, I will introduce our main weapon for creating game art. This is an important tool everyone should master, as it will be easier when you make more complex shapes and your own mobile game art.

After this lecture,

You will be able to understand the full potential of the Pen Tool, paths in illustrator and its advantages and disadvantages.

Layers – Understand, Create and Manage your layers efficiently

In this lecture, you will understand the concepts of layers and the difference of the layer panel with the actual layers of the shapes you create.

After this lecture you will be able to: Know the difference of the layers panel and the actual layers of shapes in illustrator.

Blending modes - You only need two
Review of this section

In this lecture, You have learned the basic concepts or BIG ideas you need to know first before going deeper into illustrator and starting your own game art creation. It is VERY important to fully understand this concepts since they will be your core knowledge when we go into more advanced concepts.

After this lecture you will be able to:

Learn the basic and most important concepts in illustrator which you can apply to any kind of game art.

Core Concepts Quiz

This quiz aims to validate what you have learned so far in the section.

Workflows and Best Practices when creating Game Art

The importance of workflows and why learning the software is not enough

I will explain the importance of this section and why you need to master this workflows upfront.

Setting up your workspace - Your customized illustrator experience
Keyboard shortcuts - The first step to efficient and professional game art

In this video we will learn how to create and set custom keyboard shortcuts for our workflow.

Ok so to start with the shortcuts I use.

Pre-built shortcuts (already set as default)
  • P - Pen Tool
  • D - set any shape to default white fill and black stroke
  • M -for drawing squares and rectangles
  • L – for drawing circles/ellipses
  • Shift +M - to access shape builder tool.
  • R – to enter rotate mode and rotate my shapes
  • Ctrl + 7 - for masking shapes

  • Ctrl + D - to duplicate any action.

Custom Shortcuts

  • Shift + S - for screen blending mode
  • Shift + D - for multiply blending mode.
  • Ctrl + R for if I want to reflect or flip some shapes.
  • U – for rounded rectangle
  • Keys 1~10 to give set my layer transparency in increments of 10.
  • So in my setup its 1 for 100%, 2 for 20%, 3 for 30 % and so on.
  • Ctrl + 2 to lock any shape.
  • Ctrl + Alt + 2 to unlock any shape
  • Ctrl + 3 to hide any shape from the artboard,
  • Ctrl + Alt + 3 to unhide shapes.
Isolation Mode - Bring more focus on the artwork you are creating
Grouping - Organize your game art to avoid headaches
Locking and Hiding - be more efficient in organizing your game artwork
Shape Builder tool: Your Next best tool- Workflows and Tips
Masking - The feature similar to shape builder tool - Only non-destructive
Artbrush - The best tool for detailing your artwork - Practical uses and samples
Smooth Tool - Quick fix for your jagged curves + Pen Tool Review [New Lecture]

In this new lecture I will be discussing the smooth too. This tool is really essential if you are doing "quick fix" on your shapes and you don't want to redraw them. I also included a review of the core tool "pen tool" so that we can lessen the instances where we need to fix our shape and save more time in the process.

After this video you will learn how to use and when to use the smooth tool. And a review of the pen tool and the mindset you need inorder to predetermine the placement of your anchor points. This is a response lecture to one student who had created his own game art but struggled a bit on the curves part (which is ok for anyone starting out. Again I am here to help everyone, and feel free to post your questions in the discussion boards. And I will do my best to answer it fast or even make a brand new lecture. Just like this one :)

Exporting Mobile Game ready artworks

In this lecture I will teach you how to export your artwork. And some more tips on how to export artwork for different purposes.

Preparing your Sketches/lineart inside Illustrator
Review of this section
Workflows Quiz

This section aims to validate your understanding of the proven workflows in creating mobile game art.

Creating Your First Mobile Game Art Prop - Barbarian Axe

Putting everything together and creating your first game art prop

In this section, we will now create our first mobile game art.

Importance of reference and why your artwork is only as good as your refernce
Tools to use - Real world application of everything you have learned
Game Prop Series - Blocking out the design

In this video we are gonna layout the basic design and proportions of the barbarian axe

Shading the Wooden Handle and Axe Blade

In this lecture we are gonna start from our blocked out design and shade it for the final look.

Detailing the Barbarian Axe- Adding Scratches and Dirt

Its all about the details indeed and in this video we are gonna discuss how to do just that.
In this video we will be reapplying our knowledge of creating art brush to make the detail scratches for the Barbarian Axe.

Also please note that some type of game themes do not require much details and its your call to make the game art more cartoony(less detail) or more realistic (more details) and each style will be perfect for the theme that requires it.

Adding the final touches for our final Game Art

In this video we will finalize our game art and add chipped/dents to the blade and handle, overall border and shadow.
This are essential techniques which you need to learn and you can apply them to any of your next game art.

You will learn how to use masking to make worn out effects, use the offset feature in illustrator and add shadows the quick and easy way to your game art/prop

Review of this Section
Game Art Creation Series Quiz

This quiz validates your knowledge of real world mobile game art creation which you have applied in the previous videos of the game art creation series.

Material Design Study [New Section Added March 1,2015]

Material Study - Wood

In this lecture, we will be going in-depth on how to create materials that we usually see and can use for your next mobile game art. We will be discussing how to create wooden material.
And after this video you will be able to confidently create any wooden themed interface, weapon or prop.

Material Study - Rocks

In this video, I will go in detail how to create rocks material and how to populate your scene just by using one asset for fast start your game art creation process.

You will be more confident in reusing your assets after this video and will see that you can finish them in faster time.

Material Study - Gold Coins

In this material design study we will go in detail how to easily create gold coins by just using simple shapes, a bit of shape builder tool blending modes. I'll also show how easy it is to create a variety of color scheme from just one artwork. You just need to keep in mind the tips I will discuss in this lecture.

After the lecture, you will discover more ways to make artwork faster, confidently create different versions from it by just tweaking its color and have a keen eye for detail

Material Study - Metal [New:Added 4/29/2015]

In this final leg of material design study, I will go over and explain how to create metal looking materials for your mobile game art. The concepts I will discuss can be implemented on any kind of vector or game art that includes metal materials or other very shiny surfaces.

After this lecture you will be able to create your own metal materials in 2d style. And render metal properly.


What you have become after this course


Your final Exam - Your own original game art

Now that you have learned how to use adobe illustrator for game art, we will now put everything to that test.
You will now make and submit your first mobile game art. I am confident in your skills especially if you have gone this far. And I know you can now create one your self from scratch! And do not worry, just post any problems you might face in the discussion board, ill be hanging in there like a monkey waiting for your questions. - Rafael

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