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Welcome to Fashion Design with Generative AI & Building Clothing Brand course. This is a comprehensive tutorial for fashion designers and entre...
2.5 total hours
Note: The main difference in this course compared to others is that we have not confined ourselves to explaining simple techniques. Instead, we hav...
11 total hours
In this course, you will discover how you can look your absolute very best, with YOUR personal COLORS. Make a harmonious, authentic impression &#82...
4 total hours
In this course, you will learn how to create a one-of-a-kind augmented reality cloth face mask that showcases your creativity and technical skills....
3.5 total hours
Dive into the most advanced 3D fashion design course from intermediate to advance. Learn 3D fashion software like CLO3D/marvelous designer, Blender...
3 total hours
This course takes you through from sketches to illustrator and then fashion tech packs. You will learn how to draw croquis by hand, draw your garme...
6 total hours
Are you a budding fashion stylist, fashion designer, or do you simply want to curate your wardrobe or personal style? If so, this course is for you...
2 total hours
Welcome to the Basics of Mastering 3D Fashion Design in Augmented Reality course, where you will learn:  basics of easy 3D modelling cust...
1 total hour
5.5 total hours
Welcome to a complete Fashion design course, the only Arabic course of women fashion design. In this course, you are going to learn about fashion d...
5.5 total hours
Merch by Amazon is Amazon’s newest platform for content creators. It allows anyone to create and sell shirts right on Amazon’s website ...
3.5 total hours
Welcome to this fantastic beginners online jewellery making class. Come join me in this class to master these skills so that you are able to unleas...
12 Lectures
2 total hours
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