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8 Beautiful Ruby on Rails Apps in 30 Days & TDD – Immersive

Lookalikes of Instagram, Tumblr, TaskRabbit, etc, w/ fundamentals of Rails (no Scaffolding).
Yonathan Ayenew
49,746 students enrolled
English [Auto]
Build Portfolio of 8 Apps like Instagram; Tumblr; ESPN/Hacker News; Evernote (Document Storage); TaskRabbit/CraigsList; iMDB; Todolist; Project Manager, etc.
Idea to Implementation (Wireframe to live application) done 8 times.
Quickly build versatile Rails Web Apps so you don't have to hire expensive developers ($2K+/per project).
Earn Money from new skills by getting development gigs on freelancer sites.
Learn how to make beautiful, interactive and versatile web apps using Rails - the most popular web framework.
Reach a comfortable intermediate to low-advanced level after 30 days of steady work.
Troubleshoot a variety of common errors
Ability to add functionality w/ Users, Forms, Image Uploading/Rendering, Voting, Syntax, Styling etc.
Solid understanding of the MVC (model, view, controller).
Add jQuery Plug-ins (like Masonry jQuery and raty.js)
Use HAML syntax to embed Ruby code as a cleaner alternative to .erb
Test Driven Development (TDD) using Rspec
Add bootstrap elements and Responsive design
File storage and manipulation (like Evernote / Google Docs)
Setup Secure User Logins
Launch on Heroku (live server)
Custom Image uploading for social media applications (Tumblr, Instagram, iMDB)
5-Star Rating Systems (iMDB-like social-centric apps)
Sorting and Filtering by Categories
Comfortable with Git & Github
Beautiful design (using Sass, a little bootstrap, jQuery libraries)

Build your Rails portfolio with 8 super cool web applications in Ruby on Rails. Use it to begin seeking jobs as proof of what you can do, or feel confident to launch projects.

I know the frustration of learning how to code. Trust me. I’ve been there.

But how did I go from “aspiring developer” to winning hackathons with 150 people and building web applications for a living? Simple. I learned by doing. By building different applications over and over again.

“Spent over £2k on a Rails course and it wasn’t half as good as what this course is offering for free. Ta ” – Lyndon Joseph

“This class was simply amazing. I learned a lot and I know how to code now! I’m excited to put in the work to master the new skills I’ve learned. Thank you.” – Montalis Anglade

The 8 app in 30 days course is THE most comprehensive crash course you’ll find in Ruby on Rails, styling/design, and best-practices — or your money back. You can begin with zero skills and become a fee-earning Rails developer in just 30 days.

Zero-to-launch 8 TIMES as you code and own:

  1. Instagram Web App replica w/ design
  2. Tumblr Web App replica w/ design
  3. Evernote or Google Doc – File Storage replica w/ design
  4. ESPN Fan Forum or Hacker News replica w/ design
  5. iMDB (or Broadway Web App) replica w/ design
  6. TaskRabbit (or Craigslist) replica w/ design
  7. Project Manager replica w/ design (jobs board) replica w/ design
  8. Todolist (productivity app) replica w/ design

It gets even better!

Enter to win a the super popular Sublime Text License Giveaway!

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Worth ~$70!

“Completely hands-on, no-nonsense, Do-It-Yourself Approach adopted from start to finish. This is not just another Ruby on Rails course, its much better than that. Thanks for putting so much into this course, you’re the man! ” – Osazeme Usen

The best way to absorb unfamiliar concepts is to begin with the large picture in mind and work down to details. This course has been designed to show you new concepts (variables, loops, conditionals, gems, e.t.c.) ONLY AS YOU APPLY THEM and NEVER in theory.

~20 Hours spread over 30 days of clear coding instruction where we will delve into the full process of zero-to-launch!

Chinese Proverb: “I listen, I forget; I see, I remember; I do, I learn!”

What else?

  • A friendly, informal community to support you every step of the way
  • Personal contact with me, the course tutor ([email protected])
  • Lifetime access to course materials
  • Hands-on learning to lock that knowledge in
  • A deep understanding of how to code, design and build powerful websites

I will never leave you hanging!

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what you do professionally. I guarantee that ANYONE can benefit from this course, whether it’s earning a bit of extra cash on the side, changing career altogether or just the freedom to bring ideas to life.

More from former students have this to say:

“Good clear instruction. There are materials floating around online, but Yonathan has put them together in an order that makes sense.” – Jonathan Grove

“Yonathan’s tutorial and style of teaching is really relaxed and to the point. A lot of rails tutorials out there either show you too much or too little. His tutorial was the right mix – focusing on getting stuff up and running really quick.” – Manuel Da Costa

This course is both for students who have no experience in programming at all and also for students who have tried Ruby on Rails in the past but want to take their skills to the next level.

Intro to 8 Apps in 30 days!

Quick Intro -- Please Watch.

Why Rails?

Why Rails is so popular and easy to learn

Why is Rails by far the most popular framework for web development? It's versatile, easy to understand and allows you to add functionality quickly.

Install Rails

Easy Install for Ruby, Rails, Git, Sublime Text and Terminal

Use Installrails.com to quickly install Ruby, Rails, Git, Sublime Text and Setup your command line (terminal).

Stylesheets for Course

Adding Stylesheets to the Application

Copy and Paste Stylesheets and/or Assets (images) to 'application/assets/stylesheets' directory

Sublime Text Giveaway/Contest

Sublime Text Giveaway

New contest is started every 45 days!


Quick Intro - Ruby Basics
Using iRB -- Interactive Ruby Shell (IRB or irb)
Interactive Ruby Shell (IRB or irb) is a REPL for programming in the object-oriented scripting language Ruby. The abbreviation irb comes from the fact that the filename extension for Ruby is ".rb", although interactive Ruby files do not have an extension of ".irb".
Numbers in Ruby
Strings in Ruby
Booleans in Ruby
Arrays in Ruby
Symbols in Ruby
Hashes in Ruby
Variables in Ruby
Methods in Ruby
Conditionals in Ruby
Iterations in Ruby

(PRACTICE ROUND) Getting Familiar with Rails

Practice Round 1 - Rails Setup, Getting Familiar with Tools
Practice Round 2- Rails Setup, Getting Familiar with Tools


(MVC) Model - View - Controller

Model (ActiveRecord) -- It maintains the relationship between the objects and the database and handles validation, association, transactions, and more.

Controller (ActiveController) -- The facility within the application that directs traffic, on the one hand, querying the models for specific data, and on the other hand, organizing that data (searching, sorting, messaging it) into a form that fits the needs of a given view.

View (ActiveView) -- It is a presentation of data in a particular format, triggered by a controller's decision to present the data.

Project 1- FileCabinet App (Evernote Lookalike)

Welcome to FileCabinet - Introduction
Launch FileCabinet & create static landing page

Create 'Welcome' Controller to create static view landing page. Add routes to application.

FileCabinet - Doc Controller, Model and more routes

Define actions in the Doc controller. Create Model for main object in application (Doc) and create RESTful routes.

FileCabinet - First View File for Doc Model

Add HAML & Simple_form Gem to application, define 'new' and 'create' methods in controller and create view files to create documents.

FileCabinet - Display single and all documents

Show and Index actions defined and view files created for each.

FileCabinet - Edit/Update & Destroy Documents

Edit, Update and Destroy actions added to complete CRUD (create/read/update/delete) ability. View file for Edit Action was also added.

FileCabinet - User Model w/ Associations

User Model (with Devise Gem) and associations to Doc Model in both controller and model.

FileCabinet -- Document restrictions (visible only to creator) & Styleeshets

Add Stylesheets to App and restrict Doc viewership to user who created it.

FileCabinet - Styling and Navigation

Add Navigation and styling to Docs and Welcome View Pages

FileCabinet - Document Index Page Styling

Improve look of document index page.

FileCabinet - Document Show Page Styling

Show page styling and improve formating of text

FileCabinet - Document New, Edit, Log In/Sign Up Pages Styling

Style and improve Edit and New page templates. Add custom styling to Devise view files (Log In and Sign Up)

FileCabinet - Congratulations - Closing Comments

Project 2 - Tumblr App

Welcome Tumblr - Introduction
Tumblr - Create Post Model, Controller

Define Index and New Actions in Post Controller and create corresponding view files.

Tumblr - Ability to Create and Show Posts

Complete the Create Action so Posts are saved when they're created. Add Show view file to display created posts.

Tumblr - Display all Posts in Sequence

Add Index View Page to display the Posts in descending order.

Tumblr - Navigation, Styling and Structure of Application

Add Styling, Images, Navigation and Structure to Application

Tumblr - Add Validation to Posts (i.e set post parameters)

Make sure posts have minimum requirements (so empty posts are not saved). Index page layout is also improved.

Tumblr- Edit and Delete Post Functionality (Complete CRUD)

Edit and Delete actions in Controller with View Files.

Tumblr - Add Comments to Posts Page

Create Comment Model, Controller and define its actions.

Tumblr - Delete Function for Comments
Tumblr - Comments & Post dependency

Comments must be deleted if Posts are deleted.

Tumblr - Static Page

Create 'About' Controller to create static view page.

Tumblr - Add Users to App

Add User via Devise Gem and Authentication. Also, add more styling.

Tumblr - User Restrictions

Changing View Files for Signed In and Logged Out Users.

Tumblr - Congrats - Closing Message

Project 3 - Instagram App

Welcome to Instragram - Introduction
Instagram - Launch App with Pics Model & Controller

Add Pics Model & Controller. HAML, Simple_Form, Bootstrap-Sass Gems.

Instagram - Ability to Create Posts

New and Create Actions using Simple_Form template. New and Create actions are defined in the Controller.

Instagram - Displaying Posts

Index and Show View Files after defining actions in the controller.

Instagram - Edit and Deleting Posts

Define Edit, Update and Delete actions in the controller. Create Edit View File.

Instagram - Add User Model and Association with Pics Model

Use Devise Gem to add User run migration to add User_Id to Pics Model (it creates association).

Instagram - Styling and Navigation to App

Paste in Stylesheets. Add Navigation to 'Views/Layouts/Application.html.haml'

Instagram - Style New & Edit Forms

Work on making stylesheets take effect on the New and Edit Pages

Instagram - Image Uploading

Paperclip Gem and ImageMagick installed to upload images.

Instagram - Layout Changes and Styling

Masonry-Rails was added to allow us to use the '3-image-per-row layout' instead of the single image/row. Will be explained in depth in the last video

Instagram - Upvoting/Liking/Thumbs Up

Acts_as_Votable gem for Upvoting/Liking

Instagram - Settings Page

Style the Settings Page

Instagram - Sign Up Page Styling
Instagram - Log In Page
Instagram - Congrats - How to Change Web App layout.

Project 4 - HipTime App (Todolist lookalike)

Welcome to Hiptime - Introduction

Introduce what we'll build

Hiptime - Launch app add Gems to Application

Add Simple_Form and Bootstrap gems to application right after launching.

Hiptime - Item Model and Controller. Added Routes

Add Routes for Items and use Simple_form to create 'New Item' template.

Hiptime - Continue working on CRUD ability (Create and Read)

Finish the 'Create' action and the ability to display all items created on the index page.

Hiptime - View Files for Show and Index Actions

Complete ability to display all items on Index Page and corresponding show page for every item.

Hiptime - Edit and Destroy CRUD ability

Edit View page added for Edit Action

Hiptime - User Model using Devise Gem

Devise gem is installed and first user is created.

Hiptime - Navigation

Navigation in Views/Layouts directory.

Hiptime - Associations between Models

Run Migration to add user_id to Items table.

Hiptime - User Restrictions

Restricting Index View (List of Items) to Current User. Display 'Welcome Page (Landing)' when person not signed in.

Hiptime - Ability to Complete Tasks

Add Completed_at column to Items table as datetime. Define 'completed' in controller and model.

Hiptime - Stylesheet and 'Task Complete' ability

Add Stylesheet and use Font Awesome to add checkmark to 'complete' tasks.

Hiptime - Congratulations - Closing Statement

Project 5 - ESPN Forum Web App (Hacker News lookalike)

Welcome to ESPN - Introduction
ESPN Forum - Launch Rails App with Message Model and Controller

Message is the main model of the app. We created its Controller and added RESTful routes.

ESPN Forum - Add Gems for View Files and Styling
Simple_Form gem and Bootstrap-Sass gem were added.
ESPN Forum - Ability to Create New Messages

Create and New Actions are defined in Messages Controller and corresponding View Files are made.

ESPN Forum - Ability to Display Messages Created

Define Index and Show actions in controller and add corresponding view files.

ESPN Forum - Ability to Edit and Destroy Messages

Define Edit, Update and Destroy methods in Messages Controller. View file for Edit action is created.

ESPN Forum - Add User to App

Add User Model to app with Devise gem.

ESPN Forum - Add Navigation and Styling

is added in Views/Layouts/Application.html.erb

ESPN Forum - Association between Models

Run migration to add User_id to Messages table. Associations are also made in the Model (has_many, belongs_to). Messages controller is also modified.

ESPN Forum - Comments (responses to Message)

Comments Model, Comments Controller and Nested routes for Comments (under Messages)

ESPN Forum - Displaying Comments in Message Threads

Create comment view files as partials (_comments.html.erb and _form.html.erb) and render them on Messages show page.

ESPN Forum - Edit and Delete Comments

Define Edit, Update and Destroy methods for Comments.

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