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Mastery of fundamental Java programming concepts including data types, variables, arrays, and literals.
Proficiency in using operators and control statements is crucial for ensuring efficient program flow and logic.
Understanding Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) principles and Java environment essentials like JDK, JRE, and JVM.
Ability to design and implement classes, methods, constructors, and handle inheritance effectively.
Familiarity with serialization, networking, and communication protocols in Java applications.

Unlock Your Java Potential: Excel in Interviews and Beyond” is a complete guide to mastering Java programming and acing technical interviews. This comprehensive course covers all the necessary topics, including fundamental concepts like data types, variables, and arrays, as well as advanced topics such as serialization, networking, and Java environment essentials.

By engaging in a range of interactive practice tests, and coding exercises, and receiving expert insights, you will acquire the skills and self-assurance required to excel in interviews and secure your desired job in the tech industry. This course caters to both beginners looking to enter the world of Java programming and experienced developers who are aiming to advance their careers. Regardless of your level of expertise, this course has something beneficial for everyone.

Get ready to enhance your coding proficiency, improve your problem-solving skills, and distinguish yourself from the competition. Our comprehensive guidance and practical examples will help you establish a strong footing in Java programming, making you a highly desirable candidate in the job market.

Join us on an exciting journey to master Java programming. Enroll now and unlock your full potential in this dynamic field of software development. This is your first step towards a successful career in the world of Java programming. Don’t wait, enroll now to start your journey towards Java mastery.

Interview #1

The test will cover the following topics:

  1. Integer and Float Data Types

  2. Character and Boolean Data Types

  3. Enums

  4. BigDecimal

  5. Date and TimeZone

  6. Literals & Variables

  7. Type conversions, Promotions, and Castings

  8. Array

  9. Arithmetic Operators

  10. Bitwise Operators

  11. Relational Operators

  12. Assignment Operators and Operator Precedence

  13. Control Statements

  14. OOPs


  16. Class Fundamentals & Declaring Objects

  17. Methods

  18. Constructors & Garbage Collection

Interview #2

The test will cover the following topics:

  1. Overloading Methods & Argument Passing

  2. Access Control

  3. Arrays Revisited & Keyword Static

  4. String Class

  5. Methods Taking Parameters

  6. Command Line Arguments

  7. Recursion

  8. Method overriding

  9. The Object Class

  10. Abstract Class and Super

  11. Inheritance

  12. String Handling Basics

  13. Character Extraction

  14. String Comparison

  15. Searching & Modifying a String

  16. StringBuffer Class

  17. StringBuffer Methods

  18. Java.lang Introduction

  19. Java.lang – Integer, Long & Character Wrappers

  20. Java.lang – Void, Process & System Class

Interview #3

The test will cover the following topics:

  1. Java.lang – Object & Math Class

  2. Java.lang – Object & Math Class

  3. Java.lang – Double & Float Wrappers

  4. Java.io Introduction

  5. Java.io Byte Streams

  6. Java.io Character Streams

  7. Memory Management

  8. Java’s Built in Exceptions

  9. Java.lang – Rounding Functions

  10. Java.lang – Byte & Short Wrappers

  11. Java.lang – Character Wrapper Advance

  12. Java.lang – Boolean Wrapper Advance

  13. Java.lang – Miscellaneous Math Methods & StrictMath Class

  14. Java.lang – Runtime & ClassLoader Classes

  15. Java.lang – Class

  16. Java.lang – ThreadGroup class & Runnable Interface

  17. Environment Properties

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