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3DS Max Learn Basics Foundation Course

Start 3D, the right way within 2 hrs!
Anchit Kawaatra
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Create small objects in 3D like Golf Ball, Bed, Wine Glass for starters.
Understand what Spline Modelling and Polygon Modelling is.
Have enough knowledge to start modelling of complex objects and also understand high level courses on Udemy itself.

If you are viewing this course, you already know that 3DS MAX is an industry standard software for 3D. You can use it for modelling assets related to any industry be it for games, architecture, movies and whatever you can possibly think of.

If you know 1 3D software, you will easily be able to pick up others as and when required. So this course is for anyone who wants to start with 3DS MAX. You may be coming from no 3D background or might have knowledge of other 3D softwares and want to familiarize yourself with the interface on 3ds Max.

In this course, consider following points before making up your mind:

  • You can get access to this
    software as free trial (limited time) for the time you go through this course.
  • This course is short and to the point as it dives directly into the interface. 
  • It covers most basic concepts of 3D. At the
    end you will be able to create your own small models.
  • This is a project based course.  We will start from the very beginning and move to making atleast 4-5 models with best methods for your understanding. As you will have unlimited access, you may refer to the course anytime and rewind on basics and modelling methods.
  • All course models are available for download, so it is easy to stay caught up with the instructor.  
  • Videos
    are high-quality.  They are presented in FHD with crisp sound to help the student understand
  • All default settings are used in 3ds Max, so the
    student screen will look just like the instructor screen — no surprises
    or secret short cuts!  This course is very easy to follow.

Points to keep in mind:

  • You
    will have access to the instructor. He will answer questions for
    you directly and help wherever necessary.
  • This course will be updated with small models and shortcuts based on any particular student request or in case the instructor comes up with some assignment for you.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Create your own models in 3ds Max
  • Use built in poly modelling tools to create basic 3D objects.
  • Create a about 4-5 models following the instructor from beginning to end
  • Navigate around 3ds Max UI comfortably

What is the target audience?

  • Ideal target audience is beginners, who have no experience in 3D. This course is NOT for you if you are already proficient in modelling, lighting, materials and animating in 3ds Max. Students, aspiring game designers, architects, graphic artists, illustrators, etc. who have not done 3d modelling before, but want to add to their skill set for professional reasons or as hobby, please take this course.
  • Before you Get Started


    Before you start working on any model, you have to create a folder to store your project. This lecture explains why its important, how to do it and also how to setup units for your model, which also should be done before starting directly.

    Introduction to Interface

    Interface: Viewports

    This lecture explains the meaning of viewports and how to interact with them to get a layout based on your needs.

    Interface: Viewport Shortcuts

    This lecture gives you the shortcuts related to handling viewports which make your work faster.

    Interface: Toolbar

    This lecture talks about the base toolbar where you find your essential tools to start manipulating your objects. It discusses the tools you will be using initially to make and handle objects.

    Interface: Toolbar Shortcuts

    This lecture consists of some shortcuts for tools studied in previous lecture. Helps you work faster.

    Interface: Layers

    One of the important concepts of 3D is working in layers, similar to what you might know from Photoshop and such softwares. Worth the time.

    Interface Quiz

    Quiz to check if you have understood and are following the lectures on Interface Basics.

    Object Creation

    Creating Primitive Objects

    Building blocks of Modelling will be covered in this lecture. You will be introduced to how objects are created and how to modify the default properties of each object.

    Peep into Extended Objects

    In this lecture, you will be introduced to pre-defined objects present in the interface to make some work faster for us. A few of the objects consist of stairs, doors and windows. Hop in to learn more about them and how they are modified.

    Viewport Background

    Here I will tell you about having background images as reference to work to make different models. A lot of times you need reference to build your models. So this is how you do it!

    Object Create Quiz

    To check if you are following this section.

    Introduction to Spline Modelling

    Introduction to Splines

    This lecture gives you an introduction to splines.

    Handling Vertices

    Splines have some elements that can be used to control it's shape and size. This lecture introduces you to those points.

    Wine Glass Modelling: Modifier 1

    Here we learn to make our first models with the help of modifiers and splines. You will be making Wine glass as topic says and also a Flower Vase as Bonus. I encourage you to submit your assignments in Q and A section and share with others what you make.

    Spline Rendering: Modifier 2

    How to render Spline in 3D? How do we give surface to the hollow shapes? This lecture helps you understand this.

    Spline Quiz

    This will check how much you picked up during the class.

    Introduction to Polygon Modelling

    What is Polygon Modelling?

    What to do after making a box? How to make it editable? Is it divided into further points like spline? All these points are answered in this video.

    Altering Polygon

    How to alter an object after converting it to an editable form? Very important lecture and one you should go through a couple of times to understand. This is the longest video and I put all important points in 1 lecture for polygon modelling for ease of reference.

    Golf Ball Modelling

    Easiest ways to make a Golf Ball are explained in this lecture. Short and Sweet!

    Cane Decoration Ball Modelling

    Cane Decoration Ball, similar steps to Golf Ball but results in different output with a small twist. What that is? Enter the lecture!

    Bed Modelling

    Model a Simple bed and understand how what you learnt above can come handy. You might need to watch it a couple of times to really get the hang of it. But looking forward to your questions and reviews!

    Polygon Modelling Quiz

    Last quiz to see if you have picked up polygon modelling basics.


    Goodbye for this lecture and hope to see you in my soon to come lectures. Hopefully you will leave a good constructive review for this course so that I can make the course based on how you would like it! I had made this course too the point by diving into details right away. Looking forward to your reviews!

    Bonus Lecture : Coupons
    You can view and review the lecture materials indefinitely, like an on-demand channel.
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