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TEFL Course: Teach English Online As A Foreign Language

Understand the Nuances of Teaching English to Non-English speakers, Learner’s Psychology & Effective Teaching Skills.
795 Students enrolled
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If you love the English language this one is for you!

If you want to spread and share your knowledge in grooming others, then it’s time to go ahead with it.

Let’s start the exciting journey of TEFL with the exclusive course!!!

If you want to be a TEFL teacher, then there is no looking back for you as it is going to help you chase your dream and will transform you into your best self with this immaculately designed course. It will give you access to TEFL jobs around the globe in these competitive times. Once you complete the course you will have a complete idea about the teaching methodologies and the skills needed to be a TEFL trainer and guide the students in their journey during the course.

Knowing how to teach English as a foreign language will be at your fingertips as you progress with the course and will own it after its completion. It will equip you with all the necessary expertise that will help you find your way into the class of students who come from different backgrounds.

It will not only refresh the grammar knowledge of the students but also make sure that they have full command after they are through with the course and that will happen because of your command over the TEFL course The course will lead the way in making you learn how to prepare your students an expert in English. Learn the way that can change your teaching style and turn you into a professional TEFL trainer with our course.

The course is designed and taught by experts from the industry and who will take you through an exciting excursion and pave open new ways and opportunities with this incredible course irrespective of the fact whether you are a beginner or an experienced. As an organization, we provide comprehensive job guidance to the students who have a vague idea about the job opportunities. Our aim is to make our learners have the most reliable support that one can have for his/her career.

The benefits one gain after the completion of the course

  • Get proficient in Interacting with the students in the teaching and learning context

  • Acquire the knowledge of language analysis and awareness

  • Get the teaching skills and have overall professional development

  • Get the knowledge of teaching Receptive Skills

  • Understand how to teach Productive Skills

  • Get complete knowledge about assessment and testing

  • Learn to teach people of all age groups

  • Comprehend current TEFL teaching methodologies

  • Understand to plan engaging English language lessons

  • Be able to get the knowledge of teaching different types of students

  • Acquire the skills to effectively organize and manage an English class

  • Be equipped with the knowledge to understand the learners

  • Get the understanding of assessing students

Reasons that make the course better than its contemporaries

  • Get Complete guidance from the accomplished tutors

  • Training imparted on latest teaching methodologies

  • Experienced tutors who pay individual attention to each students’ individual needs and requirements

  • Can get you a rewarding career in teaching in India and abroad

Words of appreciation from our Students

  1. So far the best learning experience I have had in my whole life. I was very skeptical about taking up the course and I was really anxious about my career. I love traveling and it’s a dream that I want to cherish for a lifetime, teaching throughout the world with the TEFL certification and was the perfect decision for me. The teachings in the sessions were amazing and very helpful I’m grateful for it.”- Ali Mohammed Irfan

  2. A brilliant course for people like me. Truly an enriching experience. I had my doubts deep down but also had an inclination and desire to become a teacher but had no clue where to begin until I joined the course. The best part is the way it is explained by the trainers. It got clear and easy for me. It was really enriching and the trainer took a special interest in each participant. Thanks a lot for it.”- Simin

  3. I had very high expectations and I’m satisfied with the course. The course is very intensive, informative but fun at the same time. The activities, games and all the practices were very useful. It helped me a lot to be a better teacher. I am new to the teaching field and had many doubts about whether I will be able to understand it or not but it was easy to grasp. I like the method of training. But altogether a good course by Henry Harvin”- Prakhar Khatri

  4. t’s more comprehensive than I had originally thought and thus it is highly recommended as I have a great time while doing this one. Every lesson mentioned in the video is enriching. This course offers additional information to learn and good approaches I can use to the learners. The course moves at a great pace and the experienced faculty makes it more interesting. The course has built up my confidence and I am so happy that I did the Course.”-Sneha Goswami

  5. The course is very well-designed and it was a very good experience for me. Got to know more about lesson planning and classroom management. The classes were really interactive. I really enjoyed this course. I found it interesting and informative with lots of detail and examples and the faculty was very experienced and helpful”- Vaibhav Samarth

How long do I have access to the course materials?
You can view and review the lecture materials indefinitely, like an on-demand channel.
Can I take my courses with me wherever I go?
Definitely! If you have an internet connection, courses on Udemy are available on any device at any time. If you don't have an internet connection, some instructors also let their students download course lectures. That's up to the instructor though, so make sure you get on their good side!
Course available for 2 days
Course details
Video 7 hours
Certificate of Completion
Full lifetime access
Access on mobile and TV

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