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Understand what to make a channel about, how to brand it and know your videos style for success
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What to make a YouTube channel about in 2021
What channel type get paid the most on YouTube
Videos that make the most money (CPM & RPM)
How to brand a channel for recognisability, to gain subscribers & growth
Learn how to find what to make your videos about (for views and revenue)
Spy on competitors in same niche and learn from their success
Learn about creating a recognisable video style (which will increase views and subs)

Planning a channel for success is one of the most important areas of a youtube channel. Spending time here with ensure quick success, views, subscribers and monitization.

Find out what to make your channel about, work out your strengths, plan to create, get a solid branding… everything to need to launch with success.


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Introduction to Planning YouTube

Planning is perhaps the most important section in developing a YouTube channel. Being able to make an INFORMED decision about what to make your channel about (to make it a success, monetary wise or other) is crucial; you don't want to change direction once you've begun.

Matching your channel with the correct branding so viewers know what to expect and what best you should do to get noticed can increase subscribers and views. It's all here!

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What should your channel be about and Google Trends

Working out what your channel should be about is not quick decision. Even if you know what you want to make content about, getting it just right so you are niche enough to be followed and unique enough you are not swamped by competitors is important.

Here's some advice on how to hone in on exactly what your channel should be about, working out the hybrid nature of your channel, why people should follow you and making it as clear and as attractive as possible.

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Channel Branding and Image

Branding is key. What's your channel colors? What's your channel fonts? What messages am I sending with these elements I choose?

Every font, color, style, image has connotations. Selecting these correctly is integral in getting a well rounded channel image and brand; something you should cement now and not have to alter in the future.

Also, sections here regarding getting your channel strap-line and narrowing down your channel message will be useful in a later section when we come to build out your channel.

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Video Style and what it should look like

Plan how your videos are going to look. We go through the questions and other YouTube creators to get a better understanding of what's needed so you know what your video style will be. You need to have a solid idea of your video style so you can better plan your videos, production and editing and to make sure it sits with your channel branding and intended audience.

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Finding what to make your videos about (to make more money and get views)

What should you make your videos about to ensure you get maximum views? Here we explain it all, how to find topics and optimise those for maximum search.

Also, when you launch, to ensure you have enough content you'll have to schedule shooting and editing in advance and schedule this content and creation; we explain how to best achieve this here.

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Bonus Lecture

Click the link to now see the full course and what more you can learn to get a full understanding before you launch that perfect YouTube channel!

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