Vocabulary Tests for Academic Exams (TOEFL IELTS TOEIC SAT)

If you are looking for an item bank to revise your vocabulary, you are at the right place! (TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, SAT)
Focus on most important vocabulary items needed by any language learner.
Solve hundreds of multiple choice vocabulary questions from beginner to advanced levels.
Become familiar with academic vocabulary needed in any international language exam. (TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, TOEIC, YDS, YOKDIL)
Progress step by step from easy to more difficult questions.
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This course offers hundreds of English vocabulary questions within 6 Practice Tests, all prepared by professional exam developer and item writer, Ulku Kucukakin. The difficulty of the questions differ based on the level, and they help you see where your actual level is. Come and experience the quality of the questions yourself!

Sample Question #1 (A1 Level):

1.  Cyber Monday is the best time to buy a new computer as the prices of electronics drop to the lowest —-.

A) point

B) mark

C) option

D) offer

Sample Question #2 (A2 Level):

2.  The region has a large number of landlocked countries. They have no ports to —- the international markets, either for imports or exports, which causes them serious economic hardships.

A) assist

B) fascinate

C) access

D) indicate

Sample Question #3 (B1 Level):

3. In many parts of the world, decreased rain and snowfall, drought, and warming temperatures are diminishing water resources and making daily life difficult for —- communities.

A) conservative

B) agricultural

C) contemporary

D) harmful

Sample Question #4 (B2 Level):

4.  Often seen relaxing lazily under the California sun near a body of water, red-eared slider turtles are not native to the U.S. West Coast. They originally —- here as pets, and then were released or escaped into the wild.

A) restrained

B) fulfilled

C) substituted

D) immigrated

Sample Question #5 (C1 Level):

5.  Doctors today are not very likely to encounter a patient with “Gilder’s palsy,” but prior to the 19th century, this —- had to be considered when a patient displayed symptoms of tremors, irritability, increased salivation, and fatigue.

A) rumor

B) ailment

C) resolution

D) synthesis

Sample Question #6 (C2 Level):

6.  In this garden, I obtain every product of nature in its season; in the spring, it —- with roses, lilies, and violets of the deepest bloom; in the summer with pears and apples of every kind; and now in autumn, with grapes, figs, and pomegranates.

A) abounds

B) emulates

C) overtakes

D) whines

Answers: 1. A / 2. C / 3. B / 4. D / 5. B / 6. A

Easy Vocabulary Tests: A1 Level

This test offers A1 level (Beginner-Elementary) vocabulary questions.

Easy Vocabulary Tests: A2 Level

This test offers A2 level (Pre-intermediate) vocabulary questions.

Medium Level Vocabulary Tests: B1 Level

This test offers B1 level (Intermediate) vocabulary questions.

Medium Level Vocabulary Tests: B2 Level

This test offers B2 level (Intermediate-Upper Intermediate) vocabulary questions.

Difficult Vocabulary Tests: C1 & C2 Levels

This test offers C1 & C2 Level (Advanced) vocabulary questions.

Difficult Vocabulary Tests: C1 & C2 Levels

This test offers C1 & C2 level (Advanced) vocabulary questions.

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