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The Startup Masterclass – For Every New Entrepreneur

Learn how to start up your new startup and become a global entrepreneur and take a step forward to change the world!
Bihan Mahadewa
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How to Start a Startup
Understanding about failures and finding your passion
Making Decisions in Startups
A different course, uniquely distinguished from the average startup class and workshops
Creating a business plan, pitch deck and accounts
Get the basic overall ideas you need to have when starting a startup

The Startup Masterclass is finally here!

In this startup masterclass, the course brings the basic ideas of starting a startup, and why you should consider starting a startup. This course is brought to you with my 4+ years in running startups, serving over 100,000+ customers, and creating ventures that can run on its own. This course will bring you an extraordinary approach to running startups, and a different course from the general courses out there.

The following are going to covered by the course,

  • Finding your passion and Identifying whether the startups are for you?

  • Building your startup (Have the idea, Know the market, Make the documents)

  • Get funded by Investors (Pitch the Idea, Which kind of Investors you want to work with?)

  • Legal aspects & accounting of startups

  • Marketing, and getting the very first customers

  • Co-Founders & Company Growth

  • Startup Exits

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Starting a startup

What does being an Entrepreneur means to you?

This lecture is about finding whether startups are for you? Whether being an entrepreneur means something to you? Identify what it means to be an entrepreneur.

Self-Guide to Identify whether startups are for you

Before beginning this course, it's important to identify whether running a startup and creating a startup is something you want to do. This lecture discusses the necessities of running a startup, and the sacrifices that you need to make in order to make your startup successful.

Ask yourself these questions before starting the startup
Finding Your Passion

This lecture is about finding your passion because passion is the most important thing when running your startup. A startup without the passion of the founder is like a car without an engine. Or a human without a heart.

If you build the product, will the users really join you?

Now we are beginning the startup masterclass, this lecture discusses whether users will use your product if you create it?

A word of a wise man

Theoretical Stuff 101 - Big Buzz Words & Theories

Bootstrapping your business
Elevator Pitch
What is a Lean Startup

In this lecture, we are discussing the definition of a lean startup

What is an MVP

What is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and how can you achieve it?

Growth Hacking

What's growth hacking and do you need growth hackers on your team?

A Combination of Definitions of some Big Buzz Words

Let's build that Startup

Finalizing on Your Startup Idea

In this lesson, we are looking forward to finalizing your startup idea to make our way forward success.

Putting your idea to a paper ~ Pitch Decks & Business Plans

In this lesson, we are discussing how to put the idea you have in your mind using Pitch Decks and Business Plans

How to create a Pitch Deck & Business Plan
Does Location of your startup really matter?

In this lesson, we are discussing about the location of your startup and whether the startup location really matter?

A thought Accelerators & Mentors

In this lesson, I'm presenting an idea about accelerators & mentors, and whether you really need them to make your startup successful?

Finding Investors

Finding investors is a question any startup guy has. There are investors everywhere, but who should you select your investors, and how to and what to pitch to your investors?

Raising funding for the first time

Types of Business Models

Mobile App
Market Place

Legal aspect of startups

Types of Companies
How to form a company legally
Copyrights, Patents & Trademark Protection
Taxes & How they work

Growth and Sustainability

Getting your first few customers

When you have a released product, the next possible step is to get your first few customers to make money. How do we do that? That's what's discussed in this lesson.

Early Customer Interviews
Is competition real?

We are talking about the fundamental benefits of competition and how you need to compete in the market.

All startups are different
KPIs and Goals


Talking about Marketing
Identifying the target market
Instagram Marketing
LinkedIn Marketing

The rollercoaster ride

Product Growth

How to make your product a popular startup, and how to shift gears to run faster and be long-lasting in the market

Co-Founders ?

This lesson discusses whether you really need co-founders as an entrepreneur 

Identifying your skillset (Article)

How does someone identify their skills and what they know?

In Project Management, we learn something called a SWOT Analysis. A SWOT Stands for (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). Project Managers normally do this to identify whether the project that they are about to begin (i.e: a new building / a new business) is feasible in the long run. I suggest you strongly to create a SWOT Analysis not for a business but for yourself.

You don't need to do this in a professional way, just get a piece of paper and a pencil.

  1. Identify what are the strengths that you have and write them down. (Do not include the skills you are hoping to learn in the next 6 months and stuff)

  2. Identify the weakenesses you have within yourself that you stop you from success (Eg: If you don't know how to code, and you want to start a tech startup, you better find yourself a co-founder with tech background)

  3. Identify the competitive opportunities you have when compared to others in the same arena. If you want to start a agriTech startup, and you have 5+ years of experience or a Phd in Agriculture, that's a advantage you have.

  4. The threat thing is not going to validated for a person. In Projects a threat is like a natural disaster (floods / hurricanes). But you can draw yourself to a position and your business to hypothesis like the Covid-19 situation and identify how you would react to this kind of a situation.

Let's draw a SWO for the 19 year old Bill Gates who was just starting up. (Eliminated Threats because I don't think they work with humans)


  • Highly Skilled at Computer Coding

  • Highly Passionate about where technology is headed

  • Extream ability to focus and excel in a competitive environment

  • Achieved 1590 out of 1600 in the SAT test

  • Best in Mathematics


  • Network of Harvard

  • Undergrad at Harvard University

  • The technology is created by the young inventors at the time

  • Anyone with a great idea had lots of press coverage and ability to change the world


  • Has to complete the degree at Harvard (Or dropout?)

  • Don't know what people to work with

  • Extreamly weak on identifying the right set of skills and people needed to make a team

Maybe your extinction?

This lesson discusses between your extinction and plateau in this stage of running your startup

Do you really need to plan an exit?

The funny thing about exits

In this lesson, we are discussing exits and how to exit from your startup

Way to go forward

In this lesson, we are discussing about how to go forward from this course, and make your startup successful

Some books to read in your spare time about Startups
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