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SEO Strategy 2024. SEO training to TOP rank your website!

Search Engine Optimization course on how to build an effective SEO Strategy and increase your website’s Google rankings
Anton Voroniuk
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What is search engine optimization (SEO)
Main SEO components and principles
First insights into SEO career and review of the SEO vacancies
What are search engines and how they work
Google ranking factors and search algorithms
How to use various types of SEO promotion
How to check the website for updates and remove the effec of the filter algorithm
Best manual and automatic ways to conduct competitive analysis
How to benchmark SEO performance and set SMART goals
How to optimize a website for technical SEO
How to conduct keyword research
How on-page SEO can help your website rank higher, bring in more traffic, and convert more visitors
Tips and tricks that can help you structure a website and improve its usability
Which SEO best practices to apply when working with content at every stage
How to strengthen your off-page SEO and increase your domain authority
How to improve your link-building activities
How to use the most popular SEO tools for your website
What is local SEO and how to use Google My Business?

Become an expert in Search Engine Optimization and learn to use the best SEO tools!

Creating an SEO strategy for your website is an important step for driving traffic and achieving a high search engine ranking. Without a proper SEO strategy, you will struggle to gain traction or generate traffic and sales for your business. Do you want to build a strong SEO strategy for your business this year?

This SEO course provides over eleven hours of useful lectures and explains the basics of powerful search engine optimization. You will learn how to use SEO tools to optimize your digital marketing campaign and how to create a successful SEO strategy that will help your website rank higher in the search results and attract more traffic.


  1. A clear understanding of SEO strategy and its crucial role in online success

  2. The fundamentals of SEO and why they’re more important than ever

  3. Difference between Old School and New School SEO approaches

  4. Understanding the role expectations of an SEO specialist

  5. Real-world exploration of current job opportunities

  6. Mastery of essential skills for becoming a sought-after SEO professional

  7. Unraveling the mechanics of search engines and their functioning

  8. Investigation into Google ranking factors, algorithms, and penalties

  9. Hands-on engagement with the Google Search Console

  10. Practical ways to make sure that the website isn’t blocked or filtered

  11. Most common SEO promotion practices

  12. Ways to find and analyze competitors with the help of automatic tools

  13. SWOT and 7P methods

  14. Assessment of website performance via comprehensive analysis

  15. Goal setting and creation of a foundational SEO strategy based on insights

  16. How to measure SEO performance with the help of AIOSEO

  17. Enhancement of a website’s technical components for improved visibility and user experience

  18. Effective utilization of a diverse range of tools for technical SEO excellence

  19. Discover how to use the ShortPixel tool to optimize images multiple times without losing their original quality

  20. How to conduct keyword research: from brainstorming to clustering and placing semantics

  21. Optimizing keyword analysis with the help of automatic tools

  22. How to create a user-friendly website

  23. Best ways to look for relevant topics to your niche

  24. Creating SEO-friendly content

  25. Exploring E-E-A-T principles

  26. Measuring content performance

  27. Creating content plan

  28. Why off-page optimization is important for SEO

  29. Main link building strategies, prospects, and tools

  30. What types of links you can incorporate into your strategy, including editorial, earned, and paid links

  31. How to identify high-quality sources of paid links

  32. How to leverage editorial links effectively for the growth and success of your business

  33. Building high-quality backlinks and earning mentions on other resources

  34. How to use Majestic’s tools to track and monitor your website’s Trust Flow and Citation Flow over time and analyze a website’s topical relevance and authority

  35. Examine backlink profiles using The Majestic Site Explorer

  36. Fundamentals of Local SEO

  37. Using AI for creating unique, engaging content

  38. Short answers to common SEO questions, including the impact of Google Ads and AI on SEO careers


  • We have over 14 years of experience in online marketing. Our Webpromo Agency has both Google Premier Partner status and Facebook Marketing Partner status.

  • We’ve collected a vast amount of digital marketing qualifications and marketing certifications (Google Analytics Individual Qualification, Google Ads Individual Qualification, Bing Ads Accredited Professional, Search Ads360 Certified, and others).

  • We’ve launched over 1,500 successful marketing strategies and campaigns throughout our careers.

  • Over 500,000 digital marketing specialists worldwide have enrolled in our online courses. Our free online events, blog, and YouTube tutorials help the SkillsBooster community stay in the loop and get all the tips they need to succeed in digital marketing.

  • Agnese Repule, one of the lecturers of our course, has been in SEO for more than 5 years. She deals with creating strategies, giving some advice to website owners about SEO, and teaching them how to improve organic traffic by spending no money. She’s also super passionate about content marketing and art.


  • Theory: 11+ hours of lectures with plenty of hands-on examples. Lessons range from 3 to 15 minutes and are easy to follow.

  • Practice Materials: Checklists, templates, and video tutorials to make the course more interactive and valuable.

  • Lifetime access to the course and any future updates.

  • Students’ Support: If you have questions, I will always be willing to answer them.

  • A free copy of the “Search Engine Optimization” chapter from my Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing book.

  • Complete the course and receive an Udemy certificate.


Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads, Keyword Planner, SimilarWeb, SEMrush, Chat GPT, Miro, Ahrefs Webmaster Tool, AnswerThePublic, Serpstat, SE Ranking, Majestic, ShortPixel, AIOSEO, QuillBot, RankMath and other important tools.


This course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Enroll in this SEO course right now and get your website to the top of Google!

The basics of SEO strategy and why businesses need it.

What is search engine optimization?

SEO Strategy: uses of search engine optimization and how it helps your campaign.

SimilarWeb service overview. Learn how to analyze traffic and study the market.

A practical overview of the SimilarWeb service.

Competitive analysis.

Learn how to use the SimilarWeb service to analyze traffic and determine how much traffic comes to competitors from search engines.

SemRush overview. Traffic analysis. Comparison with competitors. Niche research.

A practical overview of the SemRush service.

Detailed traffic analysis and comparison with competitors.

Study traffic on sites with a small audience.

The pros and cons of search engine optimization and PPC advertising.

The advantages and disadvantages of search engine and PPC advertising traffic.

Why you should use both search engine optimization and PPC advertising.

SEO checklist

Fill out a comprehensive strategy table as you go through the course!

To make this course as practical as possible, I have prepared a checklist template.

You can download this template in the lesson material section or by using the Google drive link provided to you.

While working through this course, you will learn about - technical optimization - content, keywords - and link mass building.

How to use the Miro board Checklist
How do search engines work?

How to understand search engine algorithms.

The factors that influence ranking.

How to study on Udemy effectively?

Website and Content: Level one of the SEO Pyramid

Website and Content: The Basics of SEO

What you need to be number one in search engines.

Specifications that affect search engine ranking.

How to check site availability? Uptimerobot service overview

Site monitoring services.

A practical overview of the Uptimerobot service.

What is a search engine index? Site visibility.

How to check whether a search engine sees your site.

What to look for when doing a site visibility check.

How to find or recover lost content.

A practical overview of the Web Archive Service.

Analytic tools to measure website loading speed and mobile friendliness.

How fast your site should load.

What to look for when analyzing mobile friendliness and download speed.

Practical overview of the Pingdom Tools, Pagespeed Insights, and Google Mobile Friendly Test services.

Basic SEO tools. Google Search Console Review

SEO analyzation tools and how they help your campaign.

A hands-on overview of the Google Search Console.

Learn how to analyze search results, site visibility, manual penalties, and security errors.

Website Audit with Ahrefs Webmaster Tool
Regular SEO Audits

Why just one SEO site audit is enough.

How to quick website improvements.

Traffic Analysis with Google Analytics.

A hands-on overview of Google Analytics.

Analysis of traffic sources and their dynamics.

How to correlate traffic data with Google algorithm updates.

Why you should use Google Search Console and Google Analytics in conjunction with each other.

How to measure search performance.

Any Site's Traffic Analysis with Ahrefs

Practical lesson on how to analyze website traffic of your competitors with a SEO tool - Ahrefs

Server response codes. 3 golden SEO rules that everyone breaks.

An overview of the 404, 200, and 301 server responses.

The 3 golden rules of SEO.

Server response services.

Content and uniqueness

Types of content.

How to find duplicate content.

Services that will help you check content uniqueness.

Video tutorial on how to use content uniqueness services.

How to search for popular topics? Exploding Topics
How to search what Content of competitors is popular. Buzzsumo
How to create SEO articles as a PRO?

What is the main issues of SEO.

How to create the best content.

How to put your edited SurferSEO content onto your blog with a few clicks.

How to collect search queries. AnswerThePublic
Ever living Content
Content Plan

Keywords: Second Level of the SEO Pyramid

How to choose keywords for your site.

How to collect keywords using the Google Ads Keyword Planner service.

Learn about keyword seasonality with Google Trends.

Learn how to take advantage of SEO software's paid features so you can collect keywords quickly and correctly.

Video tutorial on how to collect keywords.

How to use proxy for your SEO-promotion.

Learn why you need to use proxies and what can help you deal with them correctly.

Internal optimization. Where and how to place keywords.

Internal website optimization.

How to distribute keywords.

How the location of keywords affects ranking.

Other ranking factors to take into consideration.

Learn how internal optimization works with an in depth video tutorial

How to search for key words. Keywordtool.io
How to search for key words? Serpstat
SE Ranking, SEO tool. How to monitor keyword ranking?

A practical lesson on how to monitor keyword ranking with keyword research tool, SE Ranking.

How to make an effective SEO workflow

Powerful keyword research tool.

User-friendly keyword rank tracking tool.

Tools that tell you what you need to work on with your site.

Links: Level 3 of the SEO Pyramid

Links. Ahrefs service overview

Link analysis.

What is PageRank and how it works.

What services to use for link analysis.

A hands on overview of the Ahrefs service

Analysis of links. Majestic service overview

A hands-on overview of the Majestic link analysis service.

Analyzing your site and competitors

During this section we will look at how to conduct an effective competitor and link profile analysis

Case study. The analysis of competitors.
Evaluation of Donor Domains

During this lesson, we will go over each step of domain rating and how to make it simple and achievable. During the practical part of the session we will look at how to analyze competitors' content, backlinks, keywords, PPC with Ahrefs’ help, how to develop  SEO, PPC, and content marketing strategy to outsmart your competition.

Where to get links?

Where to get links: the white, grey and black approaches.

The types of link placements and how they differ from each other.

Linkbuilding tactics

In this lesson we are going to talk about the ways to get more links.

How to improve your link building activities? Linkchecker Service Overview.

Learn how to improve your link building activities, check your backlinks, get constant updates about link building efforts and budgets with the help of Linkchecker.

How to get links from trustable sources? PRNEWS Service Overview.

A practical overview of PRNEWS service.

Learn how to use PRNEWS to perform all white hat SEO link-building tactics such as content marketing, external content marketing, and outreach.

How to find On-page SEO errors quicker?

Practical lesson: SEO audit, fast issue check, comprehensive analysis, and website scraping with SEO tools Netpeak Spider and Netpeak Checker.

The Fourth Level of the SEO Pyramid: UX, Brand, Social.

The Fourth Level of the SEO Pyramid: UX, Brand, Social

Social media factors, brand signals, and behavioral factors.

Additional indicators that affect ranking.

How to monitor your company’s reputation on the web?

How to grow your brand advocates.

How to deal with irrational negativity.

Reputation management as necessary part of social media marketing.

Recap wrap-up summary of the course
How to Get Your Certificate?
How to leave a review for this Course?

Google My Business

Why GMB is Useful. Explore Benefits and Business Value.
Features Overview

Main characteristics of GMB


Practical lecture on how to register a company. Screencast on registration.


Several methods of verification. Tips on how to go through it.

Setting Up a Profile

Practical lecture on how to set up your profile. Screencast on seeting up a profile.

Multiple Locations

How to create a card for a company with several branches.

Adding Products and Services

Practical lecture on how to add products. Screencast on adding products.

Adding Images to GMB

Benefits of adding photos and videos.

Adding News and Promotions to GMB

Ways to keep your customers informed with GMB.

Booking Button

Additional feature of GMB.


Practical lecture on how to activate messages. Screencast on activating messages.

FAQ (Questions and Answers)

Another opportunity to interact with customers.

Opening Hours

Why updating opening hours is a key to customer's satisfaction.


How to place a menu on a company card.

Webpage on the Constructor from Google My Business

GMB constructor as a great solution for growing business.

Why We Need Reviews and What Their Advantages Are

Benefits of reviews: brand trust, organic traffic, conversion etc.

How to Get Reviews

Ways to get reviews: promo codes, review discount, QR code etc.

Tips for working with reviews

Practical recommendations on how to work with reviews

Aspects that Affect Ranking Factors of Google My Business

Learn more about what factors to take into account to rank higher.

Analytics Tool to Get Data.

Learn about statistics you can get.

Q&A and Additional Materials

SEO Tools
Content or Links?
How much anchors of internal links affect the ranking of the acceptor page?
How to grow in SEO professionally?
How to use data from Google Analytics to prepare KPI's?
Should I fill in the Title for internal and external links on the site?
What is your TOP-3 SEO tools?
What pages on the site should be closed from indexing?


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