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Self Discipline will Change Your life for GOOD

Find freedom, Equip Yourself, Develop Habits with downloadable materials for your use - It is a packed course
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Successful people attributing their achievements to discipline
How to achieve mental focus
Setting priorities and dealing with distractions
How to form discipline promoting Habits
Utilising accountability structures to attain life goals
Benefits and unintended effects of Discipline
Tools and aid that can help with Self Discipline
Downloadable resources - Affirmations, Planner, Decision making tool
Improve your productivity
Provides guidance towards achieving life goals

This course is transformational.

It will change your life for good, help equip you with life long skills and bring personal growth to you, your family, work colleagues, community, school, college to everyone around you.

Your mind will be elevated and you will notice changes in your own life.

This course was designed from personal experience and experiences.

It covers:

– Helps set your mind free, inspires hope, expectation, develops a sound mind and mental focus

– This course will show you the importance and how to set priorities

– You will learn how to create frameworks, structure and routine that help you in life

– You will learn what practices promote accountability and the various insights you learn about yourself

– How to launch, reinvent, start again from setbacks or when going through tough times

– How to develop good personal growth and discipline promoting habits

– Downloadable personal development aids including: 50 Affirmations, Journal template and SWOT Analysis template

– Real world examples and illustrations


It is a course which was developed to help people and from personal experience.


I have designed and included some aids to help you get the best out of this course

– 50 Affirmations

– Journal

– SWOT Analysis

This course is for everyone, whoever, where ever they are in life, whatever they are going through in life.

My heartfelt hope is that you get the utmost benefit from this course and all the advantages of living a life with all the practices mentioned in the course yield results in your life.

Who am I - Baba Oyewole Course Creator?

Baba Oyewole


Why Discipline?

The introduction takes a look at why discipline? It aims to introduce it as the good practice it is.

One with abundant rewards and very little downsides.

It aims to create comfort around the topic before we delve into the benefits.

It draws on the need for discipline while extoling it's virtues.

Understanding Discipline and it's benefits

Understanding Discipline and it's life changing benefits
Discipline promoting Habits- Your Mind and Mental Focus

Freedom, Hope and Expectation

Freedom, Hope and Expectation
Discipline promoting Habits - Setting Priorities

Framework and Structure

Framework and Structure
Discipline promoting Habits - Creating a Framework or Structure

Protection and Predictable Outcomes

Protection and Predictable Outcomes
Discipline promoting Habits - Predictable outcomes

A base to launch life, projects, resets, remaking oneself

A base to launch life, projects, resets, remaking oneself
Discipline promoting Habits - Base to launch a life and projects

Accountability and valuable Insights

Accountability and valuable Insights
Discipline promoting Habits - Accountability and Insights

Developing good habits and the role of chance or luck

Developing good habits and the role of chance or luck
Discipline promoting Habits - Developing good habits and the role of chance



Extra Section - Forming discipline promoting habits downloadable aids

Extra Section - Good Discipline Habits promoting aids

This section holds the below detailed resources or aids to help with instituting Discipline within your life.

Living a more productive, more fulfilling and desirable life.

50 Discipline Affirmations

Affirmations are specially designed positive statements, spoken repeatedly to influence your mindset and empower the affirmer towards their desired life.

Affirmations help improve mental strength, introduce new positive ideas, reinforce existing positive ideas, all in the hope of creating positive outcomes.

They also help focus the mind on positive thoughts and desired outcomes.

Affirmations increase Your chances of getting the outcomes You truly desire and sometimes NEED to reflect in Your world or the world around you.

Please note, Affirmations are used as a part of a wider approach in striving towards a desirable life. It is also a process and requires dedication, discipline, adaptability and flexibility.

Not all affirmations are suitable for everyone.

They are fundamentally circumstance driven and need to be adapted to address the specific areas one is looking to improve for the associated outcomes.

This approach should improve the quality of life, for yourself and those around you. Affirmations should serve as prompts, reminders or leads but can also be used verbatim.

I would encourage you to also develop your own Affirmations and make them more personal.

Who are they for? They are for everyone and anyone. Whatever the situation or circumstance, there are suitable affirmations. The beauty is that they can be constructed/designed by anyone who needs them, including You.

Why? As the world seems to be a complicated space, being able to inject some form of influence into life

How can they be used? You can be as specific as you want to be. People use them to strengthen their mental health, improve their behaviour, improve relationships with others, improve their health, inner growth, renew commitments, earn more money, expand their minds and in so many other ways. Some people use them to moderate their language. They are very helpful towards leading a life of discipline.

Do they work? Affirmations help get people in the right mindset, one which they have designed, to work towards better lives. They are seen as a much needed channel for individuals to attempt to influence their own lives in the direction they want.

A journal - Monthly view

This journal can be downloaded for your use.

It covers 1 months worth of weeks and the following areas:

1.  Health

2. Finances

3. Relationships/Interactions

In the early pages we have made provision for your name, goals and objectives, a little user guide, month, monthly overview, notes and thoughts for the week.

It is a very useful, helpful journal that will promote a better life - planning, mental focus, protection, predictable outcomes etc. All major benefits of living a productive life of discipline.

It's explained in the short lecture above for your use. 

Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats (SWOT) Template

S.W.O.T analysis is a quick form of  analysis initially used in making business decisions, but can be applied to anything really.

S.W.O.T stands for:

S - Strengths

W - Weaknesses

O - Opportunities

T- Threats

It's explained in the short lecture above with illustrative examples for your use. 

You can view and review the lecture materials indefinitely, like an on-demand channel.
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