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Sales Funnel Masterclass: Master Sales Funnels in Marketing

Complete Hands Masterclass to build Sales Funnels without ClickFunnels! Increase Sales with Funnels Marketing Strategy
Passive Income Gen Z
7,864 students enrolled
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Proven 6 Figure Copywriting Hacks To Boost Your Sales Conversions rate, and to grow or expand your email list
How to create a Course wordpress WEBSITE Marketplace like Udemy and Skillshare using free Plugins and themes Only
Introduction to Magnetic Copywriting, you'll get the right tools to put customers in the right mindset to purchase and or take action on your Funnel
You will learn how to build a sales funnel from scratch using free tools only (Without clickfunnels), we will use Wordpress & Elementor and other plugins
You will be introduced to an in depth study of all Funnels, from the Classic Sales Funnel to the effective Bridge affiliate sales funnel
I will show you a proven Formula to engage with different people differently, and to drive them to take the required actions on your sales funnel landing page
We will build the sales funnel on worpdress using free tools, such as Elementor, Tutor LMS, Wordpress Classic Builder, Cartflows, etc...
We will present a Step-By-Step method how to create your, totally free, and fully functional & tested Sales Funnel before launch
Sales Funnels strategies and marketing tactics to improve your sales funnel scalability and to drive a huge number of customers for maximum sales conversion
We will build a Webinar Sales Funnel inside of the course, for a Trading expect looking to sell a high end Options Trading Masterclass
I will show you how to use and present Funnels as a problem solving solution to your customers
Funnels are a problem solving lead generation and Sales conversion machine, and that's why we will learn how to create solutions to problems
I will show you examples of Freelancers making thousands of dollars a month selling sales Funnels
We will explain the importance of COLD calling to get customers, and how easy it is
You will learn how to find your Target customers, and how to leverage Cold calling to get in touch and convert them into paying clients to boost your portfolio
You will learn the importance of traffic and different methods to get traffic to your Sales funnels
You will learn all the different stages of a Sales funnel, from the top of the funnel (TOFU) to the bottom of the Funnel (BOFU)
You will learn the importance of building an email list to lower the cost of facebook and other media ad spend (Money is the list)
You will learn how to create a squeeze page (Opt-in Page) as a leads generation magnet
We will teach you everything to know about lead magnets (From a Webinar lead Magnet, to an Ebook), you will also learn how to create an Ebook
You will learn the importance of A/B Testing to find out what works best, and to maximize more of what works to get higher sales conversion rates
You will learn an effective FACEBOOK ADS strategy to get High traffic and Conversions
Before building the Sales funnel, We will take you through a walkthrough and analysis of the Sales Funnel from the Opt-in & Pre-sell page to the Checkout page
You will learn the 5 Customer stages of awareness (It is important to treat different people differently based on where they stand of the awareness continum)
You will learn the importance of storytelling to engage with your target core audience, and how important it is in booting sales conversion rates
You will learn how to use unconscious programming to sell your product without efforts
The importance of the Attractive character, and why it is what makes the difference between a 4 figure business and a 7 Figure Business
You will also learn what is a Value Ladder, and how you can create a profitable Value Ladder for your Business
You will learn how to do demographics and Pyshographics customer research and Problem solving analysis
We will help you remove deadly misconceptions about Sales funnels
How to reverse engineer any competitor's sales Funnel, to create the Ultimate sales funnel Machine
The 7 Hacks to build a top funnel that converts
Secret and proven method to write high sales copy that converts like crazy
All the Classic sales funnel types, and how to know which Sales funnel type to select for your business model

Welcome to this 30-Hour+ Sales Funnel creation Masterclass Crash course.

This course is for :

  • Business owners, coaches, doctors, lawyers, Teachers, and Professionals, seeking to build a side business to generate income.

  • Professionals looking to build a sales funnel from scratch using wordpress, and free plugins

  • Beginners or Advanced learners seeking to Master Sales Funnel creation

  • Instructors seeking to build a course website marketplace like Udemy to market their courses

  • Online course instructors seeking to market their own course, to make more profit

  • Affiliate Marketers seeking to learn a ground-breaking method to sell products to customers using the Bridge Funnel

Sales Funnel Course Covering Everything You Need: Easily create your own or sell Sales Funnels as a freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer!

This one course walks you through every step to creating your first sales funnel.

Learn Step-By-Step How To Build Sales Funnels using Free Tools only :

How to create a sales funnel for yourself or someone else’s business!

How to create and optimize your Opt-in + Pre-sell Page and a product sales page!

– You will learn how to create and sell a digital product at no cost from your side!

How to track landing page and sales conversion rate!

How to automate the entire email sequence process!

How to increase sales conversion rate by marketing your offers in your emails!

This course is all about the results! If you don’t get any results within a period of 30-days, you get your money back!

No more endless searching and reading Blogs or watching videos. This course is a problem solution; you can take it anywhere and watch it at your pace in the privacy of your home or on the go! You can use a phone and internet access to watch worldwide.

How much do you earn yourself, and how much effort are you willing to put into this? The average student practically 10X’s their earnings by creating a sales funnel.

Put In A Few Hours Of Hard Work Now! You can peacefully Sit Back And Watch Your Sales Funnel work for you!

This is something you only have to set up once. Then it’s completely automated going forward!

You’ll wonder how you could have ever lived without it.

You’ll learn exactly how the new rich people get that way and how today’s smart money is made. This method of sales funnels is entirely free to use. It is fully automated to convert buyers long into the future.

This course is the best way to make your first sales funnel.

Learn from years of online sales experience; all the Trade Secrets and Sales Funnel Tricks/Tips are included in this course.

Let me share my sales funnel secrets with you.

Don’t go on wondering, “what would have happened if I did.” You won’t be disappointed.

If you’re looking to build a sales funnel from scratch using Freel tools only, go no further than this Masterclass.

Most instructors on Udemy are good, but most haven’t created a Masterclass on sales funnels that teaches you everything you need to know about sales funnels.

This course covers everything from :

  • Complete Introduction to Sales Funnels in depth

  • How to use sales funnels as a lead generation machine, and how important it is to capture emails to lower Facebook and media buying ad spend

  • How to get more customers, and a marketing strategy to lower the cost of customer acquisition as you go.

  • How to get traffic to your sales funnel using free and paid methods, and a complete study of the different types of traffic and how to market to each type differently.

  • The importance of building an email list and how to use a squeeze page along with a lead magnet to get emails from leads

  • We will explain everything you need to know about lead magnets and when it’s suitable to use each one.

  • We will build an Ebook together.

  • You will learn how to analyze a funnel’s sales copy and the secret formula to make it irresistible for leads to take action on your website.

  • We will explain the attractive character and how important that is to build a high converting opt-in + pre-sell and sales page.

  • You will learn the importance of a value ladder and how to create a good value ladder for your business.

  • We will also cover how to do in-depth customer research and problem-solution analysis.

  • You will learn the proven 16-word sales letter and how to leverage it to create highly engaging and converting sales funnel copy.

  • Different but effective marketing strategies to use to boost sales funnel conversion and customer engagement

  • You will also learn how to reverse engineer any competitor funnel and use reverse engineering to create the ultimate sales funnel.

  • In-depth lectures on sales funnel types and how to use a simple yes and no diagram to determine which funnel works best for your business model.

This course also contains a step-by-step guide on how to build a sales funnel from scratch using WordPress, Elementor, Tutor LMS, and a whole host of other free wordpress plugins.

Inside the course, you’ll also learn how to create an entire wordpress website course marketplace to sell your courses or even allow other instructors to sell their duration on your website since it’s a marketplace.

Depending on your convenience, you will learn how to create a course from scratch and make it a free or paid product.

I will show you how to use Woo commerce and payment gateways such as Stripe, Paypal, and Razorpay to allow customers to carry on with payment operations on your website.

Website security is a crucial part of an e-commerce business, and we’ll share with you some Paid Antivirus Plugins to use (Ithemes security) to allow a safe environment for customers to pay safely.

Backing up your Data is a vital part of a business. You wouldn’t want to create a big website only to lose all your data after 6 Months of hard work. For that, we recommend you, Backup Buddy, to protect and save your website data from restoring anytime you need in case you accidentally lose it or if a hacker plays with your Data.



A sales Funnel is a money-making machine, but first, you need to learn how to set up a sales funnel.

Inside the course, you'll learn everything about the science of Marketing & Sales funnels to Funnel creation using Wordpress and mostly Free plugins and themes.

The course also covers web design, copywriting, and Email Marketing automation using Mailchimp.

If you take this Funnel course Masterclass, you will learn how to write an auto-respondent email sequence from scratch and copywriting techniques to write compelling sales copy for great results.

Who is this Funnel Masterclass course for?

This Sales & Marketing funnel masterclass is for people seeking to learn how to create a Great Funnel from scratch using the most recent techniques.

If you're seeking to create a funnel from scratch using Wordpress, Free Plugins, and website themes, then this course is the right fit for you.

It's also an excellent course for creating a money-making machine.

A funnel is a money-generating machine that you only set up once and watch the money flow afterward.

What to expect from the course 9

This course is a complete sales & Marketing funnel masterclass. Inside the course you'll learn not only how to set and automate a funnel but also about the science of funnels and how to select the perfect fit funnel for your business.

We will also go through email marketing automation using Mailchimp, and the course contains bonus copywriting comprehensive courses that will enable you to write excellent and persuasive take-action sales copy.

We will only use WordPress to create the funnel, so there is no need to use clickfunnels if you don't want to.

You can make up to 5000 Dollars per funnel 10!

Yes, you can make a lot of money as a funnel developer.

Being a wordpress developer is not enough in today's world, so you have to come up with innovative ideas and create new freelance products to sell for more profit and cash flow.

Many companies are looking for freelance developers to create funnels for them, and this course will teach you exactly how to do that.

You will acquire a skill you can sell on freelance platforms such as Fiverr, freelancer, and Upwork, which is a perfect side hustle to carry around.

How to get More customers than you can Handle!

Here is WHY cold calling will get you a bigger Payday 11

Cold calling is a form of sales solicitation from businesses to customers who've never interacted with the salesperson making the call. It generally refers to phone-based conversations (cold calling) but technically covers in-person door-to-door interactions.

Cold calling is where you would need to live for a while until you develop a portfolio of customers that can allow you to earn money to live comfortably.

Email and phone cold calls are inevitable to market your freelance web development services.

The DREAM 100 Customers 12

The Dream 100 is a process for finding and infiltrating the online congregations of a specific target market. It was created by Chet Holmes and popularized by Russell Brunson, the founder of ClickFunnels, in his Secrets Trilogy… DotCom Secrets. Expert Secrets.

So go ahead and start creating your Dream 100 Customers list, and realize that the most crucial part is consistently doing it.

It is crucial to keep enlarging your customer email list to make the most money possible.

SOLVE A PROBLEM - No time for telling HUGE stories - 13

You get paid for solving a problem.

Building a sales funnel alone is not enough to make money because your sales funnel needs to solve a problem for your target audience.

You shouldn't expect to make money if it doesn't solve a problem.

Just as Elon Musk said, and it's so true, "We get paid in direct proportion to the difficulty of the problems that we solve."

So make sure that other than your sales funnel targetting a specific audience, it solves a real problem.

What is TRAFFIC? and how to get SOME!

3 Different types of TRAFFIC 14

Explore the different types of traffic :

  • Direct Traffic. As we mentioned, direct traffic is categorized as traffic that does not come from a referring website. ...

  • Organic Traffic. ...

  • Paid Search Traffic. ...

  • Social Traffic. ...

  • Email Traffic. ...

  • Referral Traffic. ...

Why this course might be a good fit for you 15

This course is a good fit for anyone seeking to create and optimize sales funnels from scratch.

Use the knowledge from the course to create sales funnels, and you can even sell them on Freelance platforms as a wordpress web developer.

It only takes website hosting to launch a website, and throughout the course, I teach you how to use FREE Plugins to create a simple opt-in + Pre-sell page as well as a webinar page, checkout page, and how to set up payment processes.

Introduction to Sales FUNNELS

Introduction to sales funnels (part 1) 16

A sales funnel also called a purchase funnel, is the visual representation of the customer journey, depicting the sales process from awareness to action.

Introduction to sales funnels (part 2) 17

A sales funnel can help you track your leads as they progress to becoming paying customers. A sales funnel is a tool used to track leads as they progress from prospects to customers. You can optimize your sales and marketing efforts by examining your sales funnel.

TOFU-MOFU-BOFU-Funnel phases introduction 18

Top of Funnel (TOFU)

TOFU content should focus on common issues that your persona faces. This content is purely educational and centers around helping your target audience — without explicitly promoting your own business.

EXAMPLE: If your business sells widgets, a TOFU offer might be The Definitive Guide to Using Widgets.

Middle of Funnel (MOFU)

MOFU content should be about your business, solution, and brand. In these offers, you want to help leads establish buying criteria. You’ll also want to illustrate what is most important to product/service satisfaction and why your products or services are the best choices.

EXAMPLE: If your business sells widgets, a MOFU offer might be My Brand’s Widgets vs. Brand X Widgets: A Side-By-Side Comparison.

Bottom of Funnel (BOFU)

BOFU offers present you with a unique opportunity to address exactly how your product or solution meets the specific needs of the prospective buyer.

BOFU offers free consultations, and demos provide an excellent opportunity to ask questions. They gain deeper insights into the buyer’s unique situation. With this knowledge, you can help your prospective buyer discover precisely how your product/service can meet her specific needs and challenges – including addressing any reservations she may have about buying from you.

TOFU-Content at the TOP of the FUNNEL 19

ToFu (top-of-funnel) focuses on a high volume of leads, with an emphasis on not pressuring potential customers by offering relevant information that addresses a need, question or problem they may have. Content for this stage may include blogs, white papers and eBooks.

MOFU-Content at the middle of the FUNNEL 20

MoFu (middle-of-funnel) is where the marketer positions their company as the best provider of a product to suit the customer's needs. This point may include targeted offers and content, such as podcasts, comparison charts and webinars.

BOFU-Close the deal at the end of the FUNNEL 21

BoFu (bottom-of-funnel) is the closing stage, where the marketer goes for the sale. While person-to-person contact is likely for the sake of building a relationship with the lead, content may include case studies, trials, live demos, and consultations.


Ensure your sales funnel solves a real problem before expecting profit or conversions.

People have genuine problems that they want solutions to, and your role as a marketer is to provide them with an answer to their problems.

Do not preach what you can't back up, so always make claims you know you can back up.

The last thing you want is to disappoint your target core audience by claiming to have the cure for a problem you can't solve. You will always be faced with reality, and the web doesn't forget.

Make your funnel UNIQUE and SIMPLE 23

Think of your funnel in three separate parts: the top, middle, and bottom. Decide what you want from each stage of the funnel; for example, maybe you want to increase your traffic at the top of the funnel, boost your engagement rate in the middle, and increase your conversions at the end.

We use lead magnets to encourage people to give us their emails 24

A lead magnet is a marketing term for a free item or service that is given away to gather contact details; for example, lead magnets can be trial subscriptions, samples, white papers, e-newsletters, and free consultations. Marketers use lead magnets to create sales leads.

Stages of a Sales FUNNEL RECAP 25

While the exact steps of a sales funnel can vary dramatically, it typically follows the same process: awareness, interest and evaluation, desire, action, and re-engagement.

Build your Email List on Steroids using Killer Lead Magnets

Lead Generation Magnet - Section 1 - Introduction

What is a Lead Magnet? A lead magnet is a marketing strategy that consists of providing an incentive to your website visitors in exchange for their contact information.

Lead Generation Magnet - Section 2 - Build your lead magnet on ROIDS!

What is a lead magnet 2

Lead magnets are essential assets in digital marketing because they help build email lists, develop customer relationships, and increase sales.

Think outside the BOX, to stand out from the competition 3

to explore ideas that are creative and unusual and that are not limited or controlled by rules or tradition To solve this puzzle, you'll have to think outside the box.

You need to stand out from the competition to compete in blue oceans rather than red oceans.

Lead Generation Magnet - Section 3 - Marketing BOOKS to read NOW!

Holy grail marketing BOOKS

Please find a list of Holy Grail Marketing books you can use to learn real marketing from marketing living legends,  such as Seth Godin and Gary Vaynerchuk.

It's also recommended to read the Book Blue oceans to remove the brainwashing that markets are saturated.

You'll take your marketing and sales skills to the next level by reading and studying the recommended books in the video.

The Psychological INFLUENCE of FREE CONTENT on people 5

Another powerful effect of using the free strategy is that it usually results in a far more significant customer base using the free products, who become proponents for your company. This expanded footprint or market share can significantly affect the price that acquirers or investors are willing to pay for your company. They recognize that even though these customers have yet to be monetized, they represent the excellent potential for future monetization. Twitter and Facebook are two perfect examples of this.

Lead Genration Magnet - Section 4 - AB Testing is KEY for MAX conversion rate

Importance of A-B testing 6

There are several benefits of A/B testing. A/B testing lets you increase user engagement, reduce bounce rates, increase conversion rates, minimize risk, and effectively create content. Running an A/B test can have significant positive effects on your site or mobile app.

A/B tests are helpful for understanding user engagement and satisfaction with online features like a new feature or product. Large social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram use A/B testing to make user experiences more successful and as a way to streamline their services.

Lead Magnet types 7

There are lots of examples of lead magnets, but here is a simple list :

  1. Whitepaper. A whitepaper is an in-depth thought leadership piece that shares unique data, perspectives, or advice with your audience. ...

  2. Webinar. ...

  3. Mini Guide or Ebook. ...

  4. Templates. ...

  5. Product Samples or Trials. ...

  6. Automated Evaluation. ...

  7. Real-World Evaluation. ...

  8. Training Videos.

Lead Generation Magnet - Section 5 - Use online TOOLS to scale Lead generation

Take Action NOW! 9

Take action Now.

Lead Generation Magnet - Section 6 - Study and research about your TARGET market

Identify your TARGET audience's ULTIMATE Problem 10

Tactics to Identify Your Target Audience

  • Start with your current customers.

  • Think benefits, not features.

  • Collect demographic data on your target audience.

  • Send out customer surveys.

  • Look for trends in online customer feedback.

  • Go niche.

  • Research your competitors.

  • Create a market positioning map.

Use FREE Online TOOLS to learn more about your Ideal customers 11

Learn about your customers to better serve them by creating the ultimate sales funnel.

You need to do in-depth research about your target core audience so that you can learn more and more about them.

Lead Generation Magnet - Section 7 - You can't DO everything!

Outsource Menial tasks to a High rated Freelancer 12

Outsourcing is one of the best ways to level up your business by accomplishing more in less time. Fiverr is a great platform to facilitate your entire outsourcing process because it connects you with affordable freelancers specializing in a specific deliverable.

Help other people grow by optimizing your time and focusing more on essential matters that require your attention.

Lead Generation Magnet - Section 8 - Learn how to CREATE and PROMOTE your EBOOK

Case Study Create your first EBOOK lead Magnet 13

An ebook is a book presented in a format that allows you to read it on an electronic device like a computer or handheld device. Several books that are available in printed versions can be found as ebooks. These include everything from bestselling fiction, and classics to references and academic texts.

Secrets to EBOOK Promotion for Maximum TRAFFIC 14

6 tips to help improve your ebook sales

  • Target an audience. Your book has a topic, and this topic is bound to be interesting to someone, somewhere in the world. ...

  • Edit and proofread. ...

  • Use a flashy cover page. ...

  • Promote your ebook online. ...

  • Publish on multiple platforms and in multiple formats. ...

  • Set a realistic price.

Lead Generation Magnet - Section 9 - Effective FACEBOOK ADS strategy to promote

Effective FACEBOOK ADS strategy to get high TRAFFIC and CONVERSIONS 15

Retarget previous visitors to your Facebook or Instagram pages. Facebook retargeting ads are shown to users who have visited your eCommerce website or interacted with your Facebook or Instagram page in the past. This Facebook ad strategy is a great way to nurture relationships you've already started.

Lead Generation Magnet - Section 10 - Just ONE LAST course before you are ready

Congratulations 18
Qualities of a Lead Magnet On STEROIDS 16

The 4 Elements of an Irresistible Lead Magnet

  • 1 | Well designed. Of course, as a designer, I have to mention this first ?. ...

  • 2 | Speaks to your audience's struggles. ...

  • 3 | Give them an easy win. ...

  • 4 | Make it specific.

Take more action -Fail more-learn more 17

"We learn more from our failures than from our successes. Not only do we find out what doesn't work so that we can adjust our future attempts, we learn about ourselves in the process and gain a bit of empathy towards others that might be struggling as well." People have studied failure.

Your opinion Matter, you're welcome to help us make the course BETTER!

Share and leave a Review

Your review matters, so please kindly leave an honest review.

The FUNNEL walkthrough and analysis

The funnel walkthrough (Part one) 2- Opt in & Pre sell landing Page 2

According to LibraryAware, “Opt-in pages, formerly referred to as subscribing pages, are webpages where patrons can “opt-in” to receive library communications, like newsletters or promotional emails that your library sends to specific interest groups,”

A pre-sell page is precisely what it sounds like: a landing page your visitors view before showing an actual product or offer. In many cases, the pre-sell page is the middleman between an advertisement (like Google Ads, for example) and your shopping cart.

The funnel walkthrough (Part two) 3 - Opt in & Pre-Sell landing Page 3

This part of the course walks you through the opt-in + pre-sell page.

I have chosen to mix the pages in one page because I saw that to be the right thing.

You can decide to do something completely different; in other words, you can create separate pages.

The opt-in + Pre-sell page aims to squeeze your target core audience's email addresses and contact information and lead them to the webinar page.

The funnel walkthrough (Part three) 4 - Opt in & Pre-Sell landing Page 4

This part of the course walks you through the opt-in + pre-sell page.

I have chosen to mix the pages in one page because I saw that to be the right thing.

You can decide to do something completely different; in other words, you can create separate pages.

The opt-in + Pre-sell page aims to squeeze your target core audience's email addresses and contact information and lead them to the webinar page.

The funnel walkthrough (Part four) 5 - Opt in & Pre-sell landing Page 5

This part of the course walks you through the opt-in + pre-sell page.

I have chosen to mix the pages in one page because I saw that to be the right thing.

You can decide to do something completely different; in other words, you can create separate pages.

The opt-in + Pre-sell page aims to squeeze your target core audience's email addresses and contact information and lead them to the webinar page.

The funnel walkthrough - Email Opt-in & Course Sales page 6

A webinar landing page is designed keeping the registration process in mind. Landing pages endure separately from web pages. They are the "landing" spot for visitors that have clicked on a link from a marketing advertisement, online media post, or promotion

The funnel walkthrough - Product Checkout & Thank You page 7

A Global checkout is the standard checkout that a customer sees after they add items to their cart and proceed to checkout. Having a custom-built checkout instead of the default WooCommerce checkout ensures that all your customer's questions are answered, and they don't feel anxious at any step of the checkout process.

The funnel walkthrough - Test the FUNNEL before Launch! 8

Funnel testing is a testing method that involves comparing not just two pages against each other, but multiple pages that are related and are all part of your sales funnel.

Thez 5 Customer Stages of Awareness You’re Probably Not Aware Of

5 Stages of Awareness You’re Probably Not Aware Of 26

5 stages of customer awareness, as outlined by Eugene Schwartz in his copywriting classic “Breakthrough Advertising”.

  • Unaware.

  • Problem Aware.

  • Solution Aware.

  • Product Aware.

  • Most Aware.

Click BAIT doesn’t work anymore – Do not LIE! 27

Clickbait Will Attract the Wrong Visitors

You need people to find your site and genuinely enjoy it, respect it and come back when they need your product again. Clickbait, based on vague adjectives and overblown promises, doesn't do any of that. Its viral potential attracts mostly first-time audiences

Let your product slip into the Customer's subconscious 28

Effective subconscious marketing takes meticulous planning, delving into your brand's message and uncovering the characteristics that make your selling points truly unique.

How to create engaging storytelling 29

If you're just getting started writing and telling stories, here are some storytelling tips that can help you strengthen your narratives and engage your audience:

  • Choose a clear central message. ...

  • Embrace conflict. ...

  • Have a clear structure. ...

  • Mine your personal experiences. ...

  • Engage your audience. ...

  • Observe good storytellers.

Keywords everywhere tutorial 30

Keywords Everywhere is a freemium chrome extension that helps you with Keyword Research. It shows monthly search volume, CPC, competition & 12-month trend data on 10+ websites. It also provides traffic, link metrics, and backlink data.

Keywords Everywhere are safe. It is used by over 750,000 people on Google Chrome alone, and boasts a 4.7/5 rating from 4,300 reviews. You can also see the extension has plenty of positive feedback on the Chrome Web Store page.

Stage 1 Unaware 31

People at this stage are not necessarily in need of anything. Looking at this differently, people are unaware of and don’t care about you. They don’t know you. And most importantly, people at this stage won’t buy from you.

Imagine you are a local pet shop that just opened last week. As you can imagine, many people don’t know you: your relatives, your neighbors, and a lot of pet parents. They are all part of this group. They can’t tell you, so it’s practically impossible for them to buy from you at this point.

But wait… How do I make a memorable FIRST IMPRESSION 32

Nine tips for making a great first impression

  • Make genuine contact. which is a non verbal form of communication. ...

  • Put people at ease by showing them affection once they visit your website.

  • Show your worth and display your credentials

  • Be authentic. ...

  • Be a good communicator. ...

  • Use positive language. ...

  • Be empathetic. ...

  • Do your research and come prepared.

The Attractive CHARACTER is what makes 7 Figure FUNNEL!

The attractive character- Backstory -33
  1. Backstory.
    This is the past story of the character, which is related to your product. For example, if you sell a weight-loss program, you want to tell a story of someone who was very overweight and now is not. Usually, it’s better if it’s you. However, it can be any person. A good backstory matters.

The attractive character- Parables-34

The best way to change someone's mind is to tell a good story. If you want to convince someone to invest in themselves by buying your product, you should tell the story of how you did the same in the past and how it changed your life. Tell how the investment, how the spending of real money, made an impact on your life. This type of selling is potent.

The attractive character - Attractive characters Have FLAWS 35

This might be difficult to do, but you must show the character's flaws. Even Superman has flaws - family problems and Kryptonite. And because of these flaws, we can empathize with him. People will not relate to a perfect person. They relate with someone who’s not.

The attractive character - Attractive Characters Harness the Power of Polarity

You cannot make everyone happy. What’s more, you cannot make everyone like you. And by trying to do this, no one will like you. The power of polarity is about sharing opinions on complex matters and sticking to them, no matter how much people may disagree with you. Some people will hate you, but others will start to love you and buy everything from you. No one will talk about you if you don’t show who you are.

The attractive character - Identity of the attractive character 37

The attractive character is the persona you are sharing with your audience. This persona is how you communicate with your prospects, audience, or list. Your attractive character helps you to attract customers, build a relationship with them, and grow your following.

The attractive character - Attractive character Storylines 38

The storyline of a book, film, or play is its story and how it develops. The surprise twists in the storyline are the film's greatest strength. Synonyms: narrative, plot. More Synonyms of a storyline.

The attractive character must have storylines to resonate with the target core audience.

Practise time- Let's do Attractive character research 40

Practise - Let's do Attractive character research 40

This is the practice section, where we will build attractive characters together.

Please complete the lecture, and make sure to ask any questions if you have any.

Ask questions in the Q/A Section of the course.

Practise - Let's do Attractive character research 40

Research is crucial in creating an influential attractive character to captivate the attention and encourage calls to action.

Complete the lecture to find out my weird character research and analysis technique.

Practise - Let's do Attractive character research 41

Research is crucial in creating an influential attractive character to captivate the attention and encourage calls to action.

Practise - Let's create the Elements for our Attractive character 42

As we know by now, the attractive character has four elements.

This lecture will show you how to create the 4 elements based on customer research.

Practise - Let's create the IDENTITY and STORYLINES for our Attractive character

This lecture will help you create storylines and the identity of the attractive character.

The value ladder - Importance of the Value Ladder 44

The value ladder - Importance of the Value Ladder 44

A value ladder (or sales ladder) is a tactic to help “ease” a customer into your final offer. Value ladders start with something small and easy to sell — like free offers — to build some initial trust and get the prospect interested in your brand.

How to send TRAFFIC to your FUNNEL! 45

Discover the various methods you can use to send traffic to your Funnel.

You can use these techniques easily to get traffic into your sales funnel and make some profit on sales.

The internet is the NEW TV 46

While television provide accuracy on exactly what is coming on and what time it's going to be coming on, the internet provides more information and knowledge.

Target customer research - Demographics and Psychographics 47

Target customer research - Demographics and Psychographics 47
  • Demographic information tends to focus on external or physical factors such as age, ethnicity, gender, location, etc., while psychographic information focuses on psychological factors such as motivations, beliefs, priorities, etc.

  • The most unique strength that psychographic segmentation offers is its inherent acknowledgement that people are different, and that they are often motivated by vastly different values, personalities, lifestyles, and/or attitudes. Demographic segmentation, on the other hand, tends to focus on somewhat generic data points (e.g., age, location, occupation, etc.) that can be misleading in terms of perceived commonality among people groups.

Help your target customer move from PAIN to PLEASURE 48

The pain-pleasure principle, developed by Sigmund Freud, suggests that peo- ple make choices to avoid or decrease pain or make choices that create or increase pleasure. The pain-pleasure principle is the core of all the decisions we make. Beliefs, values, actions, and decisions are built upon this principle.

Practise - Customers looking to lose weight - Customer analysis 49

Practise - Customers looking to lose weight - Customer analysis 49

Let's do customer research about customers looking to lose weight to figure out their psychographics and demographics.

Use your own experience to empathize with your target market! 50

For brands, empathy can be used to create customer personas, which can help to inform more effective targeting. In terms of marketing, however, it means asking what customers truly value rather than what will sell.

Practise - People looking to make Money online-Customer analysis 51

Practise - People looking to make Money online-Customer analysis 51

Let's do customer research about people looking to make money online and figure out their psychographics and demographics using what we've learned together.

How to find GOLD! 52

Pattern interupt – How to attract ATTENTION

Pattern interupt – How to attract ATTENTION 53

What is a pattern interrupt? Pattern interrupting is a way to alter a person's mental, emotional, or behavioral state to break their typical habits. Think of it as an unexpected act that jolts them into another form of mind.

Pattern interrupts are an especially popular in marketing videos, direct mail, and cold calls. It works like this: Just when a prospect is getting bored and zoning out, you hit them with something they're not expecting.

Types of TRAFFIC 54

Types of Traffic Sources

  • Direct Traffic. As we mentioned, direct traffic is categorized as traffic that does not come from a referring website. ...

  • Organic Traffic. ...

  • Paid Search Traffic. ...

  • Social Traffic. ...

  • Email Traffic. ...

  • Referral Traffic. ...

  • Other.

5 Customer awareness stages 55

5 Stages of Awareness: A Different Perspective

  • Stage 1: Unaware.

  • Stage 2: Pain Aware or Problem Aware.

  • Stage 3: Solution Aware.

  • Stage 4: Product Aware.

  • Stage 5: Most Aware.

Repeat customers are the recipe to get SUPER RICH! 56

Increasing your store's profitability starts with the customers you already have. Repeat customers are not only going to spend more at your store more often, but they'll also help the market to new customers, making them a powerful customer acquisition tool.

Copywriting Proven Method to 10X Sales Copy Conversion Rate

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