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What is WebRTC and Why is it Important
How does WebRTC work
Build 2 Practical WebRTC Applications ( A Real time chat app and a Video Chat Application)
The different protocols used in WebRTC

WebRTC is one of the most revolutionary technologies of the present. It is widely used in popular applications like Discord, Zoom, Google Meet. The use cases of WebRTC go beyond communication as it is also behind gaming consoles like Google Stadia and can be used for untapped use cases like Peer-Peer File sharing.

WebRTC is not just the present, it is also the future as we shift more and more towards cloud infrastructure. The true potential of WebRTC is limited primarily due to the lack of knowledge around the subject. WebRTC is a culmination of the development of Internet technology over the last 20 Years. It uses several protocols that have existed since the year 2000. This makes it a very complex technology to learn. The goal of this course is to smoothen this learning curve while not losing focus on the concepts that make it such a powerful technology.

This is a very practical oriented course. We will be making 2 Real World Applications. A Real-time chat application as well as a Video Chat Application. Not just that, this is a never-ending course! WebRTC is a constantly evolving technology so this course will constantly be updated with new videos as more and more breakthroughs are discovered in the field of WebRTC.


Welcome to the world of WebRTC

WebRTC enables real-time communication on the web and mobile devices. It is one of the hottest technologies to learn right now. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started.

Prerequisites for the Course

You will need the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript to make the most of this course. If you have that covered, you're are all set to be an expert in WebRTC.

A Never Ending Course

A lecture explaining the state of this course today and for the upcoming years.

Why WebRTC?

Knowing the Why makes everything easier. In this lecture, we talk about why WebRTC came into existence.

How Does WebRTC Work?

A more clear picture on how WebRTC works under the Hood.

Project 1: Real Time Chat Application


A brief introduction about Websockets, an important technology that helps us make real-time applications.

Setting up the Environment

In this lecture, we will be setting up our workspace so that we can start working on our first project.

Setting up the Project

In this lecture, we will setup our project and install all the packages we need to get started.

Running our Express Server

In this lecture, we will learn how to start an express server and make it listen to a unique port.

Real Time Chat Application Github

In this lecture, I will tell you how to find the codebase of the Real-Time Chat project on Github.

Bringing HTML into the mix

In this lecture, we will learn how to configure our express server so that it sends back HTML files on client requests.

Design of our Chat Application

We will design our chat application with a basic UI.

Implementing Websockets

In this lecture, we will connect our server and client with the power of Websockets.

Finishing off our Chat Application

In this lecture, we will complete the development of our chat application.

Let's Celebrate, You made it.

Congratulations! You just made a Real-Time Chat Application.

Game of Protocols

Introduction to WebRTC Protocols

In this lecture, we will start our journey through the large collection of protocols that enable WebRTC to function.


Let's talk about our first protocol, Session Description Protocol.

Why Do We Need Turn Server (Story Mode)
Protocols in Action

In this lecture, we will see how all these protocols come together in a live demo.

Project 2: Video Chat Application

Setting Up Our Video Chat Application

In this lecture, we will setup our project and install all the packages we need to get started.

Video Chat Application Github

In this lecture, I will tell you how to find the codebase of the Video Chat project on Github.

Getting User Media
Getting Started with our Signaling Server

In this lecture, we will start implementing our Signalling Server.

Making a Signaling Server

In this lecture, we will learn how to send signals back and forth between our clients using our signaling server.

Setting up Client Side Events

In this lecture, we will write the logic for the events created, joined, and full on the client-side.

RTCPeerConnection and ICE
On Track Function

In this lecture, we will implement another function which is part of the RTCPeerConnection Interface, ontrack.

Adding Media Tracks

In the previous lecture, we learned how to display tracks received from the peer on the other side. In this lecture, we will focus on sending media tracks from our end to the end of the peer.

Creating an Offer

In this lecture, we will learn to create an offer at the end of the caller or person who created the room using RTCPeerConnection.createOffer()

Fixing our Mistakes

We made a small mistake while adding our Stun Server, we will fix that and also log our offer message to discover it's structure.

Offer and Answer

In this lecture, we will learn the dynamics between offer and answer along with their importance in making WebRTC work.

Finishing up our Video Chat Application

The lecture you have been waiting for. In this lecture, we complete the implementation of our Video Chat Application.

Summing Things Up

A Quick Summary of everything we learned in this section.

Until We Meet Again

Thank you so much for being a part of this course. This is not a full stop, it's a semicolon.

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