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Introduction To Sacred Cacao Facilitation [Accredited]

Understanding the path of healing with Sacred Cacao, Becoming a beginner Cacao Facilitator
Finally Detached
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Define the aspects of a Cacao Ceremony
Learn the history of Sacred Cacao
Learn how to practice sacred cacao rituals & ceremonies
Learn the tools to help Integrate deeper cacao experiences
Learn how to approach cacao in a sacred way
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Welcome to Introduction To Sacred Cacao | Ceremony & Ritual [Accredited Course]

You are about to embark on a journey into the sacred plant medicine cacao, an ally for us to open our hearts.

This course is facilitated by healer & medicine women Maha Devi & Finally Detached. Maha has been trained in sacred cacao ceremony facilitation and she brings you this course to give you the skills to do this practice at home for yourself. This course will give you the confidence to approach this sacred practice with intention in you your own home and with others.

In this course, you will learn how to connect with cacao in a way that opens you up to the energies all around you. Maha Devi does a fantastic job of taking you into the deeper aspects of the connection with sacred cacao to help aid in self-healing.

The love that is here for you is boundless and this free course will help you to open your heart center and take you to a place that allows all things to flow to you with grace and ease.


Who is it for?

– anyone interested in understanding the history of sacred cacao

– practitioners & facilitators who want to learn the magic of cacao

– anyone who wants to add this healing practice to their daily routine

– anyone interested in connecting deeper to plant medicine

– anyone who wants to step into deeper aspects of themselves


What will you learn?

– history of cacao

– dosages for a ceremony

– contraindications for the medicine

– sacred cacao affirmations

– opening prayers

– setting sacred space & calling in the directions

– a sacred cacao morning ritual

– sacred cacao daily ritual

– tools for integration with sacred cacao

– the power of sound & cacao

– what to expect from cacao

– Medicine songs

– The tools required for a cacao ceremony & how to use them properly


What is included?

1. History and Cultural Significance of Cacao: Gain insights into the ancient roots of cacao usage, understanding its cultural significance in civilizations such as the Mayans and Aztecs, and its spiritual and medicinal use in these societies.

2. The Spiritual Properties of Cacao: Discover the spiritual dimension of cacao, its association with the heart chakra, and how it facilitates heart-opening experiences and emotional release.

3. Sourcing and Preparing Ceremonial Cacao: Learn about the importance of using ceremonial-grade cacao and how to source it ethically. You will also learn how to prepare the cacao drink, including traditional recipes and potential enhancements.

4. The Art of Facilitation: Master the essential skills needed to guide a sacred cacao ceremony. This includes creating a safe and sacred space, leading meditations, guiding group discussions, and managing the energy dynamics of the group.

5. The Role of Intention-Setting: Understand the significance of setting intentions in cacao ceremonies and how to guide participants in this process.

6. Emotional Healing with Cacao: Delve into the therapeutic aspects of cacao ceremonies, exploring how cacao can help release trapped emotions and promote emotional healing.

7. Post-Ceremony Integration: Learn how to support participants in the integration process following a ceremony, facilitating deeper understanding and long-lasting transformation.

8. Practical Application: Experience simulated cacao ceremonies to hone your facilitation skills and receive constructive feedback.

9. Health Considerations: Understand the potential health considerations associated with cacao use, ensuring the safety and well-being of participants.

10. Ethical and Responsible Facilitation: Learn the principles of ethical and responsible facilitation, respecting the sacredness of cacao and honoring the diversity of participants.


Accreditation: Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive an accreditation, validating your skills and knowledge as a Sacred Cacao Facilitator. Whether you’re embarking on a personal spiritual journey or seeking to enhance your professional wellness offerings, this course will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to facilitate transformative cacao ceremonies.


Discover the profound magic of sacred cacao ceremonies with our accredited course, “Introduction To Sacred Cacao Facilitation.” This comprehensive course will immerse you in the rich history, spiritual significance, and emotional healing potential of cacao, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to guide transformative ceremonies. Uncover the heart-opening properties of ceremonial-grade cacao, understand the importance of intention-setting, and learn how to create a sacred space for emotional release. This course is perfect for individuals looking to deepen their personal spiritual practice or for wellness professionals seeking to expand their service offerings. Embark on a journey of spiritual growth and emotional liberation today with our Introduction To Sacred Cacao Facilitation course. Get ready to unlock the power of the ‘food of the gods’. Accredited by a recognized authority, this course assures quality content and an enriching learning experience.


You will also be able to go behind the scenes by observing a live sacred cacao ceremony in action!


Once you are completed this course we would be honored to provide you with a certificate to prove your introductory knowledge of the sacred plant medicine cacao!


Your journey awaits:)

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