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HR Director’s A-Z Course: From App Skillset to Job Interview

Use ChatGPT + Canva to Master Application Documents and Optimize LinkedIn - Shine in Interviews and Improve your Salary!
Thomas Werzinger
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Tap into the combined expertise of two courses with our bundled offering: "Creating Your Perfect Application Documents" and "How to Impress in Job Interviews."
Supercharge your career prospects with top-notch job application training from the German-speaking region, now offered in English!
Benefit from exclusive insights and advice from a seasoned German HR Director, offering a wealth of knowledge accumulated over 15 years
Secure your dream job with over 4 hours of video content, over 70 lessons, 23 downloads, links, templates, and many sample phrases.
Engage in exercises, crafting your flawless application step by step. Your path to perfect documents starts here!
Unlock success with modern methods: Leverage the latest technologies and AI strategies to enhance your application process!
Prefer working in analog? No worries! All our materials come in template form, ensuring you can craft your application effortlessly, even without relying on AI
As AI shapes applicant preselection, equip yourself with winning strategies! Discover effective tips to overcome this hiring hurdle with confidence.
Optimize your LinkedIn profile for a lasting positive impression on potential employers. Master the art of professionalism for success with any desired company.
Cultivate the right mindset and follow your strategy towards your dream job. Strengthen your mental resilience and be prepared for every step on your Journey
Master the art of interview preparation! Gain insights on attire, body language, and voice modulation for a flawless performance and make a lasting impression.
Navigate challenges with ease: Mastering stressful questions and dealing with difficult interviewers!
Elevate your interview game with insider tips from a seasoned recruiter. Decode the interviewer's mindset and turn it to your advantage!
Discover the keys to captivate interviewers. Turn weaknesses into strengths, navigate uncertainties, and leave a lasting impression in your job interview!
Get a tried-and-true practical tool that has been proven for decades, enabling you to master every question perfectly—even those where you have no idea!
Access exclusive materials from an interviewer, including my set of 333 questions used to train recruiters. Gain invaluable insights for interview success!
Holistic Training: Guiding you seamlessly from document creation to interview mastery, step by step from A to Z.
Together to Success: I assist you in overcoming every application hurdle, ensuring you reach your professional goals with confidence.
Unlock success with live videos, tutorials, and practical training.
Complete the course and earn a top-tier completion certificate from the Growing Mind Academy – your key to a mega upgrade!


You’re sitting at the computer, and your heart is racing!

As you fill out the job application form, fear of rejection sets in, and you know the feeling of receiving a rejection all too well.

You’re no longer happy in your current job and want something new. But you don’t know where to start.

You feel like you lack the necessary skills to find the job of your dreams. It seems like everyone else is succeeding while you’re stuck in a loop.

Deep inside, you feel a longing for change and a fulfilling career.

You don’t want to remain stuck in a job that doesn’t fit you or doesn’t appreciate you enough. Where you earn too little or aren’t treated with respect.

You want to show what you’re made of and unleash your full potential. And for that, you need support.

That’s where I come in.

I’m Thomas, a HR professional for 15 years, involved in “application processes and interviews” every day!

With my Job Application Mastery 2.0, I guide you through the entire application process from A to Z. My trainings are up-to-date, allowing you to tap into the full potential available to us today.

I provide you with tools and strategies you need to achieve your professional goals.

I show you how to create professional application documents that will impress your target companies.

I prepare you for your interviews so that you can confidently make your mark. Stress and nervousness will be a thing of the past – I promise.

Together, we learn how to use modern technologies and methods to make the application process more efficient and successful, setting you apart from the competition.

You’ll learn from numerous practical examples and live videos how to use tools like Chat GPT or Canva effectively. No experience here? No problem! We start from scratch.

If you prefer to create everything yourself, you’ll receive numerous wording and design suggestions for your resume/cover letter & Co. available for download.

We’ve entered the digital age and use all available opportunities in the training. Job Application Mastery 2.0 gives you a decisive advantage in the job market. My insider knowledge as a HR professional and about 1000 conducted interviews gives it the finishing touch.


Begin your journey to a fulfilling career. Find a job that suits you and receive fair compensation that appreciates your dedication and achievements!

It’s time for you to unleash your full potential and follow your dreams. Take the first step and learn with me how to get closer to your professional goals!

In the “Job Application Mastery 2.0” seminar, you will learn:

  • How to effortlessly create professional application documents and know exactly what matters

  • How to analyze job advertisements and incorporate the most important keywords into your formulations

  • Where to get the best templates for resume and cover letter to minimize your workload

  • How to gain a clear advantage over other applicants with my insider tips

  • How to correctly interpret your job references to determine the grades you received in your past

  • How to prepare for your interview and reduce your nervousness and stress

  • How to act absolutely confidently and confidently in the job interview/application interview, convincing your interviewers

  • What questions to expect in the introductory interview and what your perfect answer looks like

  • How to handle all situations stress-free and efficiently solve tricky situations

  • How to research your salary and use information sources that almost no one knows

  • How to convince the other party of your salary expectations with compelling arguments

  • What levers exist that interviewers pay attention to and that only a HR professional can reveal And the best part: Everything I teach you, I summarize at the end in a practical tutorial for you.


Here you see a concrete example of how to create your perfect application documents. We will review everything what we have learned.

With your training, you get over 20 documents completely free of charge ready for download:

  • 333 questions for the job interview, which I use in my training for recruiters

  • Numerous wording suggestions for cover letters and resumes

  • Sample templates for the most important documents

  • A list of links to the most important addresses on the web

  • And as a Premium Upgrade, if you complete the course entirely or at least to 80%, you are eligible to receive a first-class completion certificate from the Growing Mind Academy, with all the details, you have learned.

Shape your future actively! Secure your spot in Job Application Mastery 2.0 and start your journey to your dream job. The best time to start is right now!

Book your spot on the way to your new professional perspectives. Join my exclusive seminar, which you won’t find anywhere else on this planet.

I’ll be by your side with enthusiasm and commitment.

Your Coach and Trainer – Thomas

Your Kickstart: Introduction and First Practical Steps

Dynamic Overview
Discover what awaits in your Training "Application Mastery 2.0"

Welcome to "Job Application Mastery 2.0" where we'll help you ace the art of job applications and interviews, turning them from challenges into victories!

How to get the most out of this Course

Unlock the full potential of this course with my top tips! I guide students on leveraging Udemy's technical features effectively, offering insights to maximize benefits. Elevate your learning experience and gain extra advantages with these strategic approaches.

Lessons from the Boxing Ring for effective Training

In this chapter, discover the parallels between the boxing ring and effective training methodologies. Learn valuable lessons as we explore how the principles of the boxing world can elevate your training sessions for optimal skill development and success.

Quick Wins: Your pathway to immediate Success

Accelerate your progress from the start with two impactful exercises, strategically designed to deliver immediate victories, even before your seminar fully kicks off. Equip yourself with actionable insights for an enhanced learning experience.

Quick Win No. 1 - Enhance Your Body Language in Job Interviews

With this short video that I prepared for you, I want to give you something that immediately enables you to use your body language correctly. Stick to it, and you will be able to significantly improve your performance in no time.

Quick Win No. 2 - Exercise Nr. 1 - Your Strengths

Do you know your greatest strengths and leverage them effectively in your application documents and job interviews? If yes, that's perfect. Otherwise, here's an opportunity for you to explore and articulate them for your benefit.

Quick Win No. 3 - Exercise Nr. 2 - Your Stories

Building upon the first exercise, I will now guide you on transforming your strengths into compelling stories that captivate interviewers. You will learn one of the most powerful techniques directly applicable to job interviews.

Your Evaluation

As we navigate through this course together, I'm eager to hear your thoughts and experiences. Your feedback is incredibly valuable, and I would be delighted if you could take a moment to share your impressions with me and other students.

Extra: 333 possible Questions in Job Interviews

In my 15 years in human resources, I have collected many interview questions. I am making them available to you. It's not about preparing for all of them, but rather providing you with plenty of opportunities to practice.

How? You learn the STAR method in the seminar. With this method, you can answer individual questions from the questionnaire, thereby sharpening your skills to respond correctly to questions and provide a perfect answer.

Your Seminar Compass: Navigating Overview and Motivation

Overview about your Application Mastery 2.0

In this chapter, we'll provide a brief overview of what's to come. Dive into the art and science of crafting compelling resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles that grab attention. Unlock insider strategies for navigating Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and learn to showcase your skills effectively. With modules on soft skills integration and interview preparation, this course is your comprehensive guide to standing out in the competitive job market. Get ready to master the art of self-presentation and land the opportunities you deserve!

Your Motivation

Why join? This training isn't just about acquiring knowledge; it's a vital catalyst for your personal and professional growth. Seize the opportunity to enhance your skills, gain fresh perspectives, and propel your career forward. Your participation isn't just about learning; it's about unlocking doors to new possibilities. Let's embark on this journey to success together!

About your Instructor, Thomas Werzinger

As a dedicated trainer in human resources, I bring expertise and passion to empower individuals to excel in their professional journey. If you'd like to learn more about me, take a quick look at this video. Otherwise, feel free to dive straight into the course!

Job Interviews Evolving Over Time – Let's Reflect!


A brief introduction to the chapter.

The Significance of Digitalisation

We have entered the era of digitization. Find out what this means.

What you need to consider in Video Interviews

Master the art of acing video interviews. In this lesson, you will receive a comprehensive overview of everything you need to consider in video interviews and virtual calls. Leave a lasting impression, and secure your dream job.

All the slides used will also be available for download later.

The Importance of LinkedIn and other Social Media Channels

Unlock the doors to professional success by understanding 'The Importance of a Well-Maintained Social Profile. Our training dives into the impact of your online presence on career opportunities. Learn to craft a compelling personal brand using Chat GPT, optimize your social profiles, and leverage platforms effectively. Elevate your professional visibility and open new doors to career advancement in the digital age.

Utilize ChatGPT and revamp your Social Media Presence

Now that you've learned how to use ChatGPT to perfect your social media presence, I invite you to give it a try yourself. Use your own profile as a reference and create a suitable headline and 'About Me' text using ChatGPT.

For the IT prompts, we used the following queries:

  1. Craft a headline for an IT specialist on LinkedIn.

  2. Write a summary for the 'About Me' section on LinkedIn for the 'IT specialist with a passion for technical innovations.' Keep it within 100 words.

Tip: Clearly communicate to ChatGPT at the beginning which keywords are important to you to get the best results.

Even if you don't have a social media profile today, this exercise and experimenting with different inputs can give you an initial feel for how ChatGPT works."

What's the story with ATS systems?

Navigate the job market successfully by understanding ATS systems! In this chapter, we'll unravel the mystery behind Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Learn how these automated gatekeepers operate, discover key strategies to optimize your resume for ATS success, and gain a competitive edge in your job search journey.

The Meaning of Soft Skills in Modern Times

Unleash the power of soft skills in your career journey! This chapter explores not just the significance of soft skills in today's workplace, but also how to strategically showcase them in your documents. From crafting a compelling cover letter to framing your resume, learn to artfully integrate soft skills. Elevate your application game, stand out to employers, and demonstrate why you're not just qualified – you're a well-rounded asset to any team. Soft skills matter, and so does how you present them!

The Changes in the Job Market

The Impact of the Labor Market on your Job Application Process

In this session, we'll explore key insights and strategies to navigate the dynamic job market, empowering you with the knowledge needed to enhance your application process. Let's dive in and elevate your understanding of how the labor market influences your career journey.

The changed Role of the Interviewers

On the side of the interviewers, the employee-driven market has left its mark. Stress interviews are a thing of the past. Instead, it is their task to win over applicants. We will discuss all the details in this lesson.

Today's Taboo Questions in an Job Interview

In this lesson, I'll tell you why questions like those about your strengths and weaknesses shouldn't actually be asked today. I'll also provide insider tips on how to handle them if they are still used.

Your Professional Toolkit: Perfecting Application Document Preparation


In this chapter, we will delve into the essential skills and strategies necessary to craft impeccable application documents for your professional journey. Whether you are honing your resume, mastering the art of cover letters, or optimizing your portfolio, this session aims to equip you with the tools and insights needed to make a lasting impression in the competitive world of job applications.

Common Mistakes in Crafting your Job Application Documents

In this lesson, we will summarize the most common mistakes I have encountered as an interviewer. Additionally, you will gain valuable insights on how to ideally phrase your salary expectations and which sources are well-suited for this purpose.

Analysis of the Job Advertisement

In this lesson, we will focus on the analysis of the job advertisement. I will show you how crucial it is to incorporate the mentioned keywords into your documents. Additionally, you will receive initial wording suggestions for the introduction and conclusion of your cover letter.

Practical Example for the Analysis of the Job Advertisement

This seminar is a blend of theory and practice. After I've shown you how to analyze a job advertisement in this practical session, you will have the opportunity to try it out yourself if you'd like. All exercises ultimately aim to help you create your own application documents.

Exercise 1: Analyze a Job Advertisement of your Choice
Mastering the Art of Crafting Impressive Application Documents

Today, we're learning how to make strong application documents. We'll focus on the practical 'how' – like telling your story in resumes, cover letters, and portfolios. Get ready for tips, examples, and exercises to boost your skills. By the end, you'll know how to turn your application into a compelling story. Let's get started and upgrade your application game!

Creation of the Cover Letter - Preparation and Overview

In this lesson, we will discuss the creation of your perfect cover letter. I'll show you what to pay attention to and provide you with some wording suggestions for the main part. You will learn that you can also effectively use the STAR method here.

Creating the Cover Letter with Chat GPT

In this detailed lesson, we will discuss the creation of your cover letter and how ChatGPT can assist you. You'll receive numerous wording suggestions that you can later use for your cover letters. These are also available for download. This means the seminar works for those who prefer using ChatGPT, as well as for those who prefer traditional and analog methods. Afterward, your second exercise awaits you: creating your cover letter.

Exercise 2: Preparation of your Cover Letter
Formatting your Resume with Chat GPT & Canva

In this very detailed lesson, we will discuss how you can design your resume, how Chat GPT can assist you in this process, and where to find the best templates. With numerous formulation examples, I provide you with everything you need to create your perfect resume. Afterward, the third exercise awaits you, so stay tuned.

Exercise 3: Designing your Resume
References, Recommendation Letters & Certificates

Gain a competitive edge in your career journey with my focused lesson on certificates, references, and recommendations. Learn to showcase your expertise, secure strong endorsements, and navigate the professional landscape with confidence.

Special: Insider Report - Insights into Approaches used by Recruiters

This lesson will show you the criteria recruiters use in the selection process. With this knowledge, you'll know exactly what to focus on. This added value can only be provided by 'real' HR professionals. After all, you buy your bread from the baker, not the carpenter.

Creating Impactful Video Applications

Transform your job applications with my course on video applications. Learn to create compelling video presentations that showcase your skills and personality. Stand out in the hiring process and make a lasting impression on potential employers. In this lesson, I'll tell you how to do it, what to pay attention to, the technical settings you need to follow, and important tips for being in front of the camera.

Extra: The 3-Point Lighting for your Video Application

For the best illumination, especially in a private setting, the 3-point lighting technique has proven effective. In this explanatory video, I'll show you once again how you can implement this.

Preperation of the Application Documents from Stefanie Müller

In our practical training, we will go through the creation of fictitious application documents for Stefanie Müller. We repeat what you have learned already and consolidate your knowledge. You won't learn anything new here, so this exercise is completely voluntary.

Summary Exercise: Creating your own Application Documents

Congratulations on completing the first three practice tasks! If you've successfully tackled those challenges, feel free to skip ahead. However, if you haven't, now is your golden opportunity to craft your job application materials. Armed with the knowledge you've gained so far, this is the perfect moment to showcase your skills and make a lasting impression. Don't miss out on this chance - seize it with confidence. Best of luck!

Managing Success: The Ultimate Job Interview Handbook


In this chapter, we will explore the critical elements that contribute to successful job interviews. From mastering the art of self-presentation to navigating common interview pitfalls, this chapter is dessigned to be your go-to resource for achieving success in the highly competitive job market. Whether you're a seasoned professional looking to refine your interview skills or a job seeker entering the workforce, this chapter will offer you proven strategies, insider tips, and effective techniques. Get ready to unlock the keys to a confident and impactful interview experience while effectively managing success throughout your professional journey.

Pre-Interview Organizational Tips: Setting the Stage for Success

Discover crucial organizational considerations in this lesson, guiding you on what to prioritize in your preparation. Delve into understanding company culture, values, and industry dynamics, equipping yourself with insights that will set you apart in the interview process. Uncover the key factors for effective preparation, ensuring you present yourself as the ideal candidate for seamless integration into the organization.

Crafting thoughtful Questions for your Job Interview

Explore the strategic formulation of thoughtful and insightful queries that not only showcase your interest in the role but also demonstrate your understanding of the company's values and goals. Elevate your interview game by learning how to ask the right questions, leaving a lasting impression on your potential employers.

Mastering Interview Note-Taking: Essential Considerations

In our 'Taking Notes' lesson, discover the strategic art of note-taking during interviews and unravel its profound impact on both your performance and the impression you leave on interviewers.

Special: Insider Report - how Notes Highlight your Interest in the Position

Find out here why, as an interviewer, I consider notes to be particularly important and how they contributed to my wife recently landing her dream job.

Managing Nervousness and Excitement with Professionalism: Tips for Success

In our lesson on managing nervousness and handling excitement, discover that these feelings are completely normal, especially if you haven't had many job interviews. Gain confidence and self-assurance with 11 essential tips carefully crafted to ease anxieties and empower you to present your best self. Join us in mastering the art of composure, ensuring a positive interview experience!

Navigating your Arrival in the Company

The day of your job interview is finally here. In this session, we'll thoroughly explore your arrival at the company and the best ways to conduct yourself. I'll share numerous tips to help you naturally impress your interviewers.

Showcasing Your Resume and Elevator Pitch: A Winning Presentation Approach

Crafting an impactful introduction is crucial during interviews, and your resume plays a pivotal role in this process. In this lesson, we'll delve into key considerations for a compelling self-introduction. Moreover, discover an effective strategy to distinguish yourself from other candidates — the Elevator Pitch.

Exercise 4: Develop your own Elevator Pitch
Effective Body Language Tips

In this lesson, you will learn how to use your body language ideally. By delving into this, we aim to sharpen your subconscious, allowing you to apply certain aspects automatically without having to consciously think about them. Already equipped with 2 quick tips, we'll now delve into additional strategies to further enhance your non-verbal communication skills.

The Voice

Discover the power of your voice with our transformative lesson. Unleash confidence, clarity, and charisma as you learn to use your voice effectively. Elevate your communication skills and make a lasting impression in any situation.

Strategic Responses: Mastering Answers to Common Job Interview Queries


Welcome to "Strategic Responses: Mastering Answers to Common Job Interview Queries." In this chapter, we will embark on a journey to enhance your interview skills by strategically addressing frequently asked questions. From navigating the classic "Tell me about yourself" to handling challenging situational queries, this course is designed to equip you with the insights and techniques needed to craft compelling and strategic responses.

The Significance of good Preparation for developing strong Interview Skills

Today, we're diving into a crucial aspect of the job hunt – the importance of thorough preparation for a job interview. Being well-prepared is not just about having answers ready; it's about anticipating questions, researching the company, and crafting a strategic approach to articulate your responses. In this video, we'll explore why this level of preparation is the key to acing your next job interview.

Question 1: Tell me about yourself!

Tell me about yourself! Stay tuned to discover effective strategies that will make your response stand out and leave a lasting impression on your interviewer.

Question 2: What are your Strengths and Weaknesses?

What are your strengths and weaknesses? Join me as we explore how to navigate this question with finesse, highlighting your strengths while addressing your weaknesses in a way that showcases self-awareness and growth.

Exercise 5: Define your Weakness
Question 3: Why do you want to work for our Company?

Why do you want to work for our company? Stick around as we break down the elements of a compelling response, emphasizing your alignment with the company's values, mission, and how your skills can contribute to its success.

Question 4: Tell me about a challenging Situation you've resolved!

Tell me about a challenging situation you've resolved. Join me as we explore the art of storytelling to effectively showcase your problem-solving skills, resilience, and the valuable lessons learned from overcoming workplace challenges.

Question 5: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Stay with me as we navigate through strategic ways to articulate your career goals, aspirations, and showcase how your vision aligns with the growth trajectory of the company you're interviewing for.

Question 6: Why did you leave your previous Job?

Why did you leave your previous job? Join me as we navigate the delicate balance of transparency and professionalism in crafting your response. Stick around to discover tips on how to frame your departure positively and demonstrate the value you bring to your future employer.

Question 7: How do you handle Stress?

How do you handle stress? Stay tuned as we explore effective strategies to showcase your resilience, time management skills, and ability to thrive in challenging situations.

Top 10 Additional Job Interview Questions: A Concise Overview

After addressing key questions, we're now delving into the next set of 10 common interview questions. Get ready for deeper insights and effective strategies that will empower you to navigate these queries with confidence and success in your interview preparation journey.

All the questions we have worked on can also be found for download. This way, you can prepare yourself perfectly for your upcoming conversations and take another quick look at them.

Special: Insider Report - How to Use Chat GPT for Question Preparation!

Get ready to revolutionize your interview preparation with ChatGPT! Unleash the potential of this advanced language model to craft compelling responses, anticipate questions, and enhance your overall performance in job interviews.

Handling unexpected Questions in Job Interviews

While you can't prepare for every question in a job interview due to their diversity, I've got you covered with a extra – 333 Questions for the Job Interview. Additionally, I'll share a comprehensive strategy to ensure you never get caught off guard, empowering you to confidently navigate any challenging situation during your interview.

Handling Stress Questions and inappropriate Interviewers

In this lesson, we will explore effective techniques for managing stress-inducing questions during interviews and addressing challenging situations with inappropriate interviewers. Learn strategies to stay composed, respond confidently to tough queries, and navigate interviews smoothly. This lesson provides practical insights to handle high-pressure moments and succeed in professional interviews.

The STAR Method - Additional Examples to reinforce your Knowledge

I am firmly convinced that it is beneficial for your learning process to receive instruction on key concepts from multiple trainers. For this reason, I have prepared an additional recording from YouTube by Richard McMunn for the crucial STAR technique. This will help solidify your knowledge. This lesson is completely voluntary; you can choose to watch it or proceed directly with the course as you prefer.

Nailing the Art of Salary Negotiation - Your Path to Financial Success


In this chapter, you'll discover how to impeccably prepare for this pivotal phase and present your salary expectations with confidence. Uncover essential strategies to enhance your negotiation skills, and let's navigate potential obstacles together.

Discover your Value: Unveiling the Secrets of your Market Worth!

In this lesson, I'll equip you with all my insights on discovering your market value. We'll not only discuss how you can effectively communicate within your network but also explore leveraging job platforms such as LinkedIn and tapping into local resources, including the websites of relevant authorities.

Expert Advice: Navigating your Salary Negotiation

In this session, I'll offer you some personal tips on key considerations when deciding on a new job. While salary is a crucial factor, it's just one piece of the overall package of benefits you'll receive. I'll delve into what I find essential in this lesson.

HR Insights: When is the Salary discussed!

Elevate your understanding and approach with this exclusive behind-the-scenes perspective.

Mastering Negotiation Tactics and Strategies - Key Points to Consider!

In this session, gain valuable insights from my role as an interviewer. Discover how candidates win me over and explore what I consider effective negotiation strategies.

Extra Perks and Additional Benefits

Your compensation package extends beyond the basic salary. Discover key aspects and negotiation strategies in this lesson as we wrap up the current chapter.

Concluding the Discussion


Discover how to craft a successful conclusion for your job interview. From skillful qualification summaries to smart questioning – we'll explore how to leave a lasting impression and pave the way for positive follow-up discussions. Get ready for valuable tips and strategies to maximize your interview conclusion.

Tips for a Positive Conclusion to your Conversation

For a positive overall impression, maintaining professionalism and interest at the conclusion of the conversation is crucial. Learn about the key aspects to focus on in this lesson.

Post-Interview Reflection and Follow-Up

As the job interview concludes and you return home, your seminar is nearing its end. In this lesson, we'll explore how to conduct a meaningful post-interview follow-up and extract valuable 'Lessons Learned' from your experiences.

Tips to Thoughtfully Finalize Your Decision

The final outcome of your decision is something only you can decide. My role is to support you in this process by offering advice akin to what I would share with close friends or family.

Navigating Rejections with Resilience: Strategies for Growth and Success

Maintaining a positive mindset is crucial, especially in the face of rejection. Discover how to make the most of it in our seminar's final lesson.

In this final lesson, I will share a list of links with you, where you can find references to all essential websites.

Closing Remarks

As we conclude, I'll share a few closing remarks before saying goodbye.

My Gift to You: Your personal Certificate

Discover how to obtain your personal certificate as a special token of appreciation for your participation. If you haven't already, I kindly request you to share your feedback at this point. Thank you sincerely.

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