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Forex Trading: The Complete Guide for Beginners

Learn from a successful international trader if you are having a difficult time finding a working trading system.
Sandor Kiss
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Know the basics of trading and how option trading works
Learn why you should stay away from unregulated markets
Learn lots of powerful trading strategies
Keep risk at the lowest level with our money management system
Learn a powerful method on how to look at your money
Learn lots of information on the typical trading life-cycle
Learn why re-investing profits is important
Learn about trading patterns
Read charts, install and set up the meta trader, finding the right entry, etc...
Know which tools you need to get started (how to install & use them)
Analyze a real-time chart (with LIVE CASE STUDY)
Use basic indicators to analyze and read charts to get more insightful information before placing a trade
Discover my special custom indicator that will allow you to maximize profits
Set up a broker account and find the best ones in the marketplace
Do paper trading and information on when you should use it
Set up your personal money management system
Learn about safe trading, medium trading and "chess" management
My top tips on how many trades you should place per day
SET UP YOUR FIRST TRADE: In our live-trading session, you'll get a feeling for how to place an offer successfully!

This beginner-friendly, step-by-step course is designed for anyone (even seasoned, professional traders) having a difficult time finding a trading system that will actually make money consistently and easily.

You’ll learn from a successful international trader, who will show you how to make a lot of money with minimal investment using binary options trading.

Ultimately, you’ll be able to make as much as $340 by investing as little as $20 with the trading tips in this course.

Learn How to Make Successful Forex Trades and Generate Steady Profits

  • Understand How Options Trading Works
  • Read and Analyze Charts to Recognize Trading Patterns
  • Set Up a Trading Account and Money Management System

Master Trading Tools & Tactics to Make a Lot of Money with Minimal Investment

This course will not only show you how to trade, it will also teach you how to read charts accurately and start making money in your first 24 hours of trading.

You’ll gain access to valuable software that will help you find great trading opportunities as they happen so you never miss a chance to make money fast.

You’ll also gain access to weekly reports on news, tricks, and other ways to succeed with binary options, including how to identify and avoid scams.

Plus, in a live trading session, you’ll make your very first trade while learning how to place an offer successfully.

Contents and Overview

Because this course is designed with beginners in mind, you’ll start off by learning everything you need to know about trading options, including the trading lifecycle.

You’ll then dive into how to accurately read trading charts, as well as how to use basic and custom indicators to analyze them. In this way, you’ll gain more insight before you place a trade.

To ensure you always make the right trade and maximize your profits, you’ll also master how to recognize trading patterns.

After setting up a trading account, you’ll be ready to learn about paper trading, including when you should use it to make even more money.

To further minimize risk, you’ll even cover how to manage your money successfully using a proven, easy-to-use system.

When ready, you’ll move through a live trading session so you can apply what you learned to make your very first trade.

By the time you complete this course, you’ll have access to a variety of tools to make trades, manage your money, and reinvest your profits to make even more cash.

In addition to knowing what trades to make, you’ll also know how many trades to place every day, and you’ll be ready to invest your money intelligently so you can minimize risk and maximize profits.

Singapore Signals

Welcome to Singapore Signals

Welcome to the first video of my Option Trading course! I am Liam Schnell and will walk you through the basics of becoming a successful option trader!

Setting The Expectations

Before we dive right into trading techniques, let's step back for a moment and take a look at what trading really is as well as the goals of this course.

Tools You Need To Get Started

In this video we will discover, which tools you need to get started with option trading.

Trading Options 101

In this video we will cover what trading options mean, how options are build up and how you are going to trade options.

Chart Reading - Do it like Goldman Sachs
In order to trade successfully, you have to know how to read charts. This is what we'll focus on now!
Patterns, Support and Resistance Lines

In this case-study, we'll take a closer look at reading charts.

How To Use Basic Indicators

Discover how to use basic indicators to analyze and read charts and get more insightful information before placing a trade.

Custom Indicators: Profit Maximizers

In this video, we'll focus on my custom indicator that will allow you to maximize profits.

Set Up Your Account

Before you'll be able to trade, we'll have to setup an account. Let me show you how to do it!

Introduction to Paper Trading

In this session, we'll discover what paper trading is and when you should use it.

Money Management: Whys and Hows

Money is a tool to generate more money. In this session you'll discover the best money management strategies.

CASE STUDY: Your First Successful Trade

In this live-trading session, you'll get a feeling for how to place an offer successfully.

Closing Words

Congratulations! You made it until the end of this course! Now it's time to take action and apply what you just learned!

Software Section

LIVE Demo: Our Special Trading Software

Additional Case Studies

My Profitable Trade - June 18th

Ready for another live trading session? Then let me take you inside my account and show you my profits!

My Profitable Trade #2 - June 18th

Want to see how I turn more signals into profits? Great, because I am sure that you will enjoy this video.

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