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Effective Email Etiquette: Write Professional Business Email

Tactics for Effective Email Communication to Get Results by Improving Email Writing Skills and Writing with Etiquette.
Hadir A. Elbadry
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Know how to improve your formal emails writing skills.
See differences and similarities among the different email formats.
Avoid common errors in emails most people do.
Write strong efficient formal emails in English for professional needs.
Save time in writing and responding to formal emails.
Learn email etiquette and business writing techniques that get you best results.
Improve written communication within teams.

The course will help you learn tips and keys to master formal email writing skills through simple steps.

Writing More Effective Business Emails Using Research-Based Steps

  • Create powerful subject lines to ensure readability

  • Present options to reduce back & forth emails

  • Learn structure of different types of emails.

This course is unique because it will provide tips on writing more professional emails as well as lessons to improve your overall Business English writing skills. It will make you more powerful with your Business communication. You will be able to improve your emails of introduction, announcements, requests and emails that apologize or revise a request.

Content and Overview

  1. This course contains 12 lectures and  more than 1 hour of content. It is designed for any businessman, employee, or young professional.

  2. The content includes over 15 tactics about solid email writing skills that help you master emails to minimize errors and mistakes.

  3. The course is delivered in an easy format for busy professionals.

  4. Examples of how you can apply every tactic in the real world.

  5. Learn Dos and Don’ts in email writing strategies.

The course is technology-intelligent. This means that it doesn’t matter which email technology tool you use (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.).

*** By the end of this course, you’ll be able to communicate better with your business partners or formal recipient. You’ll improve your email writing skills, and email etiquette skills. You’ll also save time and increase your productivity in writing and responding to emails effectively.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the course for any reason, you may return the course within 30 days of the purchase date.

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Course Introduction

Course Introduction

This Lecture talks about the main rules to follow to write a professional email.

Email habits that make everyone hate you

Bad Email Habits that Make Everyone Hate You....The article tells you what to avoid to keep your email professional and tight.

General Information

General Information

Some questions to test the amount of knowledge ordinary person knows about Email Writing

Email Writing Hot Rules and Tips

Basic Rules of Formal Emails

The lecture talks about the course content and its different sections.

Using Google Email Provider

Lecture shows how to use the Google email (Gmail) to create and send formal professional emails.

Using Outlook Email Provider

Lecture shows students how to use the Outlook email (Outlook) to create and send formal professional emails.

Email Etiquette Rules

Lecture shows the students what to avoid and what to use while writing an official email.

Assign & Track Tasks in Emails

Tasks help track things you need to do. You can assign tasks to other people as well. This article shows you how to assign and track tasks in emails and how crucial they are.

Quiz / Section 2

Quiz / Section II

To measure how much information the applicant got from the section's lectures.

Formal Email Crafting & writing skills

Crafting your Email

Lecture shows how to craft and style a formal email.

7 keys to Writing an Email

the most important 7 rules and keys anyone should be aware of when creating an email.

Improve Email Writing Skills

Steps to improve your email writing skills.

Difference Between CC and BCC When Sending an Email

This Article shows the difference between The CC and BCC fields when sending email work similarly.

CC and BCC are both ways of sending copies of an email to additional people. However, you can also send copies of an email to additional people by specifying multiple addresses in the To field.

Section III / Quiz

Section III / Quiz to check to what extend the student understood the lectures in the section.

Types of formal emails you will always need

Application Email (Style & Content)

Lecture shows how to write an application email, to apply to an internship,a scholarship, or a job.

Request Email (Style & Content)

Lecture shows how to write a request email correctly and professionally.

Apology Email (Style & Content)

Lecture shows how to write an Apology email, to apologize to someone or for something you did.

7 Deadly Sins of Email Writing

Students will learn about the seven deadly sins to avoid committing while writing an email.

Bonus Lecture

For any business, strong communication with clients is a pillar of good customer service. Maintaining a positive communication stream with your clientele base is critical to success; if you don’t provide timely responses, you risk losing customers to companies who reply faster. How do you get a leg up on your competitors? Auto replies.

Section VI / Quiz

Section VI / Quiz

This quiz is to help the student know how much did he/she understand from the section's lectures.

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