Draw Will Smith using only the shade brush with Paintology

Improve your drawing skills and appreciation of tones with this drawing using the free drawing app Paintology
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Draw a Will Smith portrait using only the shade brush toll of Paintology
Improve your understanding of color tones
Learn digital drawing easily and rapidly using the traced method of drawing

We are going to draw a portrait of Will Smith using just the shade brush tool of Paintology and no other settings.

Along with the colors selected directly from the color bar to the right of the canvas, you can make drawings with little effort. This will help you to increase your drawing skills as well as appreciate tones which are important in drawing.

Digital drawing is not that different to drawing or painting in the traditional way and Paintology has been designed from the bottom up to focus on improving your drawing skills. With the traced mode of drawing, you can download any images of your choice to the canvas to draw which keeps your interest going while improving your drawing techniques.

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If you are interested in drawing, there is nothing better than drawing on your phone or tablet.

Now with the Paintology drawing app, anyone can draw. The app has been designed from the bottom up to cater to beginners as well as advanced artists. Drawing this app is not that much different to drawing with the traditional methods as this course will demonstrated.

We create this drawing of Will Smith using only the shade brush tool with no other settings except the brush size. Colors are easily selected from the color bar to the right, allowing you to focus on your drawing.

In this traced mode of drawing, you can upload any images of your choice to draw allowing you to rapidly improve your overall drawing skills. These skills you can take away to the traditional methods of drawing and painting too.

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Quick video guides to getting started with the Paintology app

Watch this short video on how to download the app on your phone or tablet

This video is a quick guide on installing the app and getting started with Paintology

Watch this video on how to load the ref image for the outline or blocking

Loading the reference image into the Paintology canvas to enable you find tones using the color picker and also create accurate outlines for drawings.

Watch this video on how to set the background canvas color

You can set the background color of the drawing using this feature. Make sure to do this prior to the drawing.

The shade brush tool allows you to make many types of drawings with ease.

The shade brush of the Paintology app is very versatile and allows you to make many types of drawings including portrait and also photo realistic drawings.

Watch this short video on using the color picker with the trace bar

This short video will show you how to pick out colors using the trace bar and color picker.

Drawing of Will Smith

The Drawing

In this drawing, we use the traced mode of drawing on the Paintology app.

If you are new to Paintology, please go through the short video guides provided in the previous section on how to use Paintology.

We used the shade brush tool to do this drawing by varying brush size and picking out the underlying colors from the reference image using the color picker. This is a very easy brush to use as you don't have to worry about the opacity, blending etc. You will be surprised at how quickly you can create drawings with this and with a minimum amount of skills.

Once you have done this drawing, why don't you download more portraits or images of your own choice to drawing in the traced mode. This can help you rapidly increase your drawing skills and appreciation of color tones.

Search for more courses by typing in Paintology in the search box of Udemy.

There are also many in app video tutorials which are organized by classes of levels and interests, there is something for everyone.

Don't forget to post your drawing to the community section of the app where we can join in the fun with thousands of other paintology users.

Hope to see you again soon in another course with Paintology.

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