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ChatGPT Prompt Engineering: 50,000+ Prompts | Generative AI

ChatGPT, 38 Generative AI Tools, 10x Productivity+Creativity, 50K+ Prompts | ChatGPT, Generative AI, Prompt Engineering
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Course Details

Prompt Engineering is the skill that will be required to stay on the job in the future because automation using AI tools is increasing day by day and it is creating new job roles called Prompt Engineers.

You know that automation replaces workers and this will be the future. But some intervention is always needed so Prompt Engineers will be the first persons who will be preferred over others and this is about the prompting skills not only the job skills or knowledge.

Of course, skills and knowledge are an important part but you would need to have prompting skills along with knowledge and job skills.

Being a content creator, I have spent long hours testing and creating new prompts that I believe are super useful for everyone. 

So, if you want to learn Prompt Engineering then this course is for you.

In this course, you will find all the important prompting techniques and the answers to common questions you might have in your mind about prompt engineering. Also, if you don’t find the answer then you can message me anytime.

Also, you will get these things in the course:

1. List of 50,000+ prompts that you can easily copy and paste

2. Structure to create a Perfect Prompt

3. A list of 38 AI Tools

4. Access to questions and answers forum, where you can post your prompt engineering questions or anytime

5. You can also ask questions about ChatGPT not only about Prompt Engineering

6. You will get a project file that is very handy to recall all the prompting techniques discussed in the course

7. You will be notified first when any new content is added to the course

A brief overview of the Prompts List:

25 Prompts to prepare for the interview and preparation

64 Prompts to do Copywriting

55 Prompts to do Email Copywriting

41 Prompts to do Email Marketing

75 Prompts to Translate, improve vocabulary, and check English grammar

49 Prompts to write SEO-optimized content

45 Prompts to Manage Social Media

18 Prompts to ease your job as a Teacher/Professor

43 Prompts to make your educational life easy as a Student

25 Prompts to assist you in Programming

40 Prompts to do Marketing

21 Prompts to get LinkedIn Followers

29 Prompts to do better on YouTube

17 Prompts to create Courses

16 Prompts to help in Career Guidance

23 Prompts to work smoothly as an HR Consultant

16 Prompts to get Financial Advice

13 Prompts to write Resume and Cover Letters

40 Prompts to get Home Remedies for common ailments

30 Prompts to create Websites as a Web Developer

10 Prompts to Become a Twitter Influencer

13 Prompts to Become an Instagram Influencer

20 Prompts to Become an Excel Expert

36 Prompts for Parenting

202 Prompts for Advertising

181 Prompts for Digital Product Creation

82 Prompts for SaaS Product Development

65 Prompts for Product Managers

63 Prompts for Customer Service Managers

60 Prompts for Content Strategists

115 Prompts for English Language Proofreaders

61 Prompts for Sports and Fitness Instructors

58 Prompts for Sports Nutritionists

39 Prompts for Fundraisers

34 Prompts for Special Education Teachers

40 Prompts for School Principals

77 Prompts for Entrepreneurs

62 Prompts for Copy Editors

38 Prompts for Researchers

100+ Prompts for Game Designers

100+ Prompts for Poets

200 Prompts for Business Development Manager

290 Prompts for Operations Manager

79 Prompts for Sales Representative

131 Prompts for Business Analyst

62 Prompts for Executive Assistant

257 Prompts for Ghostwriter

294 Prompts for Market Research Analyst

100 Prompts for User Researcher

226 Prompts for Research Scientist

110 Prompts for CEO

199 Prompts for Financial Analyst

195 Promtps for Tour Guide

193 Prompts for Python Programmer

28 Prompts for Curriculum Developer

200 Prompts for Fiction Book Writer

90 Prompts for User Interface Designer

467 Prompts for Database Administrator

200 Prompts for Psychologists

266 Prompts for Career Counsellors

372 Promtps for Sales Executives

200 Prompts for B2B Sales Specialists

66 Prompts for Chief Marketing Officers

200 Prompts for Brand Managers

296 Prompts for B2B Marketing Strategists

395 Prompts for Content Marketing Managers

394 Prompts for Chief Information Officer

278 Prompts for Advertising Director

374 Prompts for Media Buyer

100 Prompts for Chief Human Resource Officer

411 Prompts for Administrative Assistant

263 Prompts for Chief Operating Officer

400 Prompts for Area Manager

200 Prompts for Branch Manager

300 Prompts for Country Head

268 Prompts for Relationship Manager

300 Prompts for Education Researcher

205 Prompts for Occupational Therapist

454 Prompts for Research Analyst

370 Prompts for ESL Teacher

444 Prompts for Education Administrator

382 Prompts for Dean

295 Prompts for Assessment Specialist

297 Prompts for Education Policy Analyst

195 Prompts for Physical Education Teacher

269 Prompts for Chief Financial Officer

385 Prompts for Supply Chain Manager

398 Prompts for Journalist

349 Prompts for Manuscript Evaluator

370 Prompts for Publisher

195 Prompts for Podcast Producer

399 Prompts for Novelist

368 Prompts for PPC Specialist

433 Prompts for Public Relations Specialist

439 Prompts for Biologist

462 Prompts for Chemist

659 Prompts for Physicist

420 Prompts for Astronomer

319 Prompts for Geologist

249 Prompts for Innovation Consultant

446 Prompts for E-commerce Specialist

389 Prompts for Payroll Specialist

311 Prompts for HR Analyst

274 Prompts for Labor Relations Specialist

272 Prompts for Compensation and Benefits Manager

149 Prompts for Performance Management Specialist

394 Prompts for Wellness Coach

316 Prompts for Succession Planning Specialist

310 Prompts for Risk Consultant

188 Prompts for Quality Control Analyst

339 Prompts for Economist

396 Prompts for Housewife

338 Prompts for Baker

389 Prompts for Nurse

365 Prompts for Dentist

273 Prompts for Accountant

377 Prompts for Political Analyst

433 Prompts for Surveyor

286 Prompts for Personal Trainer

198 Prompts for Detective

541 Prompts for Historian

301 Prompts for Forensic Scientist

193 Prompts for Real Estate Agent

830 Prompts for IT Technician

580 Prompts for Paediatrician

590 Prompts for Architect

311 Prompts for Logistics Manager

304 Prompts for Hotel Manager

472 Prompts for Non-Fiction Writer

300 Prompts for Academic Writer

419 Prompts for Business Writer

267 Prompts for Travel Writer

247 Prompts for Food Writer

144 Prompts for Creative Writer

362 Prompts for Elementary Mathematics Writer

185 Prompts for Motivational Speaker

338 Prompts for Python Technical Writer

72 Prompts for Goal Setter

96 Prompts for Study Space Organizer

199 Prompts for Workspace Organizer

96 Prompts for Study Scheduler

189 Prompts for Work Planner

186 Prompts for Time Manager

100 Prompts for Task Simplifier

310 Prompts for Healthy Recipe Chef

205 Prompts for Stress Manager

271 Prompts for Feeback Seeker

275 Prompts for Self-Discipline Practitioners

181 Prompts for Problem Solver

42 Prompts for Quick Learner

185 Prompts for Student Facilitator

195 Prompts for Teaching Planner

475 Prompts for Niche Finder

457 Prompts for Unique Selling Proposition Creator

322 Prompts for Buyer Persona Creator

320 Prompts for Storyteller

395 Prompts for Template Creator

468 Prompts for Business Plan Creator

275 Prompts for Marketing Strategist

348 Prompts for Sales Strategist

143 Prompts for Bid Strategists

313 Prompts for Pricing Strategist

279 Prompts for Legal Business Advisor

135 Prompts for Brand Story Creator

347 Prompts for Headlines Writer

197 Prompts for Call-to-Action Creator

100 Prompts for Product Idea Validator

116 Prompts for Negotiator

92 Prompts for Research Assistant

115 Prompts for AI Content Humanizer

31 Prompts for Patent Assistant

156 Prompts for Calculus Calculator

149 Prompts for Dissertation Writer

132 Prompts for TOEFL Teacher

35 Prompts for Flashcard Creator

145 Prompts for GRE and GMAT Guru

290 Prompts for Food Scientist

41 Prompts for Math Aptitude Solver

159 Prompts for Weight Loss Scientist

380 Prompts for Garden Master

106 Prompts for Fragrance Recipe Creator

177 Prompts for Gift Ideas Creator

56 Prompts for Brainteaser

67 Prompts for Google Sheet Formula Creator

165 Prompts for Business Name Generator

261 Prompts for Keyword Planner

88 Prompts for Lead Magnet Creator

140 Prompts for Research Paper Interpreter

199 Prompts for Research Reviewer

145 Prompts for Sales Funnel Creator

192 Prompts for Excel Template Creator

99 Prompts for Citation Helper

84 Prompts for Paraphraser

192 Prompts for Technical Documentation Writer

133 Prompts for Speech Writer

245 Prompts for Physiotherapist

238 Prompts for Company Secretary

178 Prompts for Content Reviewer

148 Prompts for Housekeeper

116 Prompts for Corporate Trainer

236 Prompts for Digital Detox Guide

103 Prompts for Lab-Grown Meat Scientist

139 Prompts for Anti-Aging Researcher

100 Prompts for Urban Forester

143 Prompts for GIS Specialist

195 Prompts for Emotional Intelligence Coach

154 Prompts for Gamification Designer

104 Prompts for USA Immigration Specialist

167 Prompts for Operational Excellence Consultant

100 Prompts for Performance Improvement Consultant

270 Prompts for E-commerce Specialist

154 Prompts for Relationship and Communication Advisor

207 Prompts for Productivity and Time Manager

511 Prompts for Wedding Planner

673 Prompts for Real Estate Agent

221 Prompts for Print On Demand Entrepreneur

164 Prompts for Mental Health and Wellbeing Practitioner

109 Prompts for DIY Craftsman

106 Prompts for Lead Generation Specialist

200 Prompts for YouTube Automation Guide

40 Prompts for Risk Manager

55 Prompts for English Pronunciation Helper

200 Prompts for Debater

40 Prompts for Cyber Security Specialist

256 Prompts for Public Speaking Coach

130 Prompts for White Paper Writer

235 Prompts for Latex Code Creator

20 Prompts for Fact Checker

187 Prompts for Diagram Creator

179 Prompts for Report Writer

128 Prompts for Software Requirements Specification Writer

100 Prompts for SOP Writer

185 Prompts for Penetration Tester

237 Prompts for Checklist Creator

125 Prompts for Anti-Money Laundering Analyst

245 Prompts for Pitch Deck Writer

Here are a few things that encouraged me to continuously improve this course

Mention on a LinkedIn post

Long story short that conversation with my colleague inspired me to study more about Prompt Engineering and thank you to Udemy and Nizamuddin Siddiqui for providing me a beginning step into the world of Prompt Engineering that I found it so much engrossing and every content is unputdownable. by Thithanan Sarojpaponpat

Mention on a Facebook Group comment

Nizamuddin Siddiqui. Dude I literally just purchased your course. And I talked a friend into buying it too. Seconds ago. Seriously. I just came into this Facebook group by chance. by Katherine Orho

Reviews that motivated me

My sincere gratitude to Udemy and Nizamuddin Siddiqui for this excellent course. This is one of the best courses an aspiring ChatGPT Prompt Engineering student can opt for. Every lesson is well-explained citing simple examples and readymade prompts. Mr. Siddiqui leaves no stone unturned while making this course flawless. by Parancheri Saheed H

This is an amazing course teaching prompt engineering by using ChatGPT. Many useful prompts were taught by the instructor and ready to be downloaded as well. Thumbs up. by Chik Soon Leong

A fantastic introductory course to prompt engineering for ChatGPT. includes a variety of entertaining and original ways to make prompts that make the most of ChatGPT by Michael F

This is the most comprehensive course so far, I have learned, about ChatGPT Prompt Engineering. Thanks. by Aishwarya R

Learning how to use ChatGPT to save hours on product creation was a Prompt Engineering. by Grace H

Wow. This class was so thorough! If you are trying to learn Prompt Engineering this is the course for you. by Leo S

This course will help anyone to get a very detailed overview and methods used in Prompt Engineering. by Andreia S

An essential course for anyone looking to enhance their skills in prompt engineering and ChatGPT usage. by Glen Mar S

Excellent Course which covers Basic and Advanced concepts of ChatGPT and Prompt engineering. by Juhász E

Incredible course around ChatGPT Prompt Engineering. Everything is exceptionally well clarified. by Alex C

My goal for you:

This course aims to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively use and gain advantages from the amazing AI tools that are transforming the way we handle our jobs, creativity, and personal lives.

You’ll have lifetime access to:

134 individual video lessons

7 hours of learning content

Updates to all future course materials

One-on-one with me in the Q&A section

If you want to improve productivity and creativity, create content like never before, and do a lot more things using generative AI then this is the course for you.

I’ll see you inside!


Course Instructor

How long do I have access to the course materials?
You can view and review the lecture materials indefinitely, like an on-demand channel.
Can I take my courses with me wherever I go?
Definitely! If you have an internet connection, courses on Udemy are available on any device at any time. If you don't have an internet connection, some instructors also let their students download course lectures. That's up to the instructor though, so make sure you get on their good side!
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